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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Mixed Townships
Part III - Page 41

James A. Oldham, Fairview Twp.

James A. Oldham
B. Canton, Ill., Sept. 6, 1851
Settled in Jasper Co., 1866

Frederick C. Strater, Fairview Twp.

Frederick C. Strater
B. Jasper Co., Feb. 19, 1866

John William Strater, Deceased

John William Strater
Born in Germany 1830
Settled in Jasper Co., 1855
Died Dec. 18, 1897

Herman C. Strater, Fairview Twp.

Herman C. Strater
B. Jasper Co., Feb. 6, 1860

Chas. W. McDuff, Fairview

Chas. w. McDuff
B. Marion Co., Ia., 1863
Came to Jasper Co., 1889

Hodgen Barnes, Fairview

Hodgen Barnes
B. England Nov. 5, 1823
Settled in Jasper Co.
Spring of 1869

Geo. W. Brown, Fairview Twp

Geo. W. Brown
Born in Jefferson Co., Ia
Feb. 19, 1841
Settled in Jasper Co. 1868

Benjamin Whisler, Fairview Twp.

Benjamin Whisler
Born Lancaster, Penna. 1820

H. L. Churchill, Fairview

H. L. Churchill
B. Wisconsin May 13, 1849
Settled Jasper Co., June 1866

Joseph Kissick, Hickory Grove Twp.

Joseph Kissick
Hickory Grove

Mrs. Margaret Abplanalp, Deceased

Mrs. Margaret Abplanalp
B. Switzerland, May 20, 1832
Settled Jasper Co., 1865
Died Aug. 23, 1899

John Abplanalp, Hickory Grove Twp.

John Abplanalp
Hickory Grove
B. Switzerland, June 28, 1823

Henry Mowry, Powesheik Twp.

Henry Mowry

James W. Downing, Mound Prairie Twp.

W. James Downing
Mound Prairie
B. in West Virginia, 1833
Settled in Jasper Co., 1869

J. R. Eldridge, Lynn Grove Twp.

J. R. Eldridge
Lynn Grove
Born in Illinois 1835
Settled in Jasper Co., 1857

H. C. Meredith, Richland Twp.

H. C. Meredith
Born in Jasper Co., 1854

Cora Meredith, Richland Twp.

Cora Meredith
Born in Illinois, 1864
Came to Jasper Co., 1893

James H. Stier, Mingo, Ia.

James H. Stier
Mingo, Iowa
Born in Newton, Iowa
Aug. 18, 1877

William Ebert, Mariposa

William Ebert

Geo. W. Miller, Mound Prairie

Geo. W. Miller
Mound Prairie
Born in New York, 1833
Settled in Jasper Co., 1853

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