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Jasper County, Iowa

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button   ALLUM Family - Includes Allum and Fields families of Jasper County

button   Anthony Family History. - Robert and Mary Thrush Anthony Family

button   Benskin Family - Includes Thomas Benskin and Lydia Benskin Hitchler families of Jasper County.

button   Bryson - More Family - Submitted by Reid R. Johnson at johnsongen01@aol.com. Reid has lots more information.

Cover - "History of the Scott Bryson Families" Inside of Hard Cover
Photo - Residence in Allamakee County Photo - The History of the Scott and Bryson Families
Photo and page 105 - Thomas More and Thomas and Isabella (Bryson) More Families Page 106 - continued
Photo & Page 107 - Photo of Isabella (Bryson) More and continued history Pages 108 & 109 - Marriages and Deaths
Page 110 - Deaths, continued

button   Chapman Family History - Roswill Riggs and Phoebe Stansbury Chapman Family

button   Clement Family History - David and Catherine Hollis Clement Family

button   Dammeier Family History - Dammeier Families in Jasper Co. traced back to Germany.

button   Dearinger Family History - Jacob Dearinger (1787-1873 Galesburg; Jasper Co., Iowa) and Nancy Cook (1795-1879 Galesburg; Jasper Co., Iowa)

button   Dunn Family History - Family of James Monroe and Caroline Fugard Dunn.

button   Descendants of Richard Thomas Endfield - by Alice Endfield

button   Eychaner Family History - The Eychaners of Jasper County Iowa. Written by Richard L. Kenyon. Please note that Richard L. Kenyon is deceased and his e-mail address will no longer work.

These chapters cover the two Eychaner families (cousins) who settled in Jasper Co, IA in 1866, and traces their Eychaner ancestors back to New York at the time of the Revolution. A great wealth of information is included, including both biographical and genealogical detail. As usual, it was compiled from documented sources, all of which are cited. Much of the information is from original sources which were in the collections of relatives in the early 1960's. All of them are now deceased.

Introduction Chapter 2 - William Riley & Henrietta (Aulls) Eychaner
Chapter 3 - John Milton & Lana (Hamm) Eychaner Chapter 4 - John Conrad & Anna (Spoon) Eychaner
Conrad & Catherine (Boody) Eychner
John and Mary (Och) Eychaner

button   Hanke Family - Descendants of Edward and Margaret Armour Hanke

button   Hayes Family History - Thomas and Esther Nyhart Hayes Family

button   The Hinshaw Family Association - Surnames: Hinshaw, Frost, Jones.

button   Lois Hinshaw - A Memorial to Lois Hinshaw by Richard Kenyon

button   Hitschler - Hitchler Family History - G. William Hitchler Family

button   Hunt Family - William Hunt - Nancy McNeil

button   Houck Family History - John and Eleanor Berry Houck

bullet   Kennedy - Descendents of of Jesse R. and Elizabeth Jane Dodson Kennedy.

bullet   Kinyon/Kenyon, Bleakney, Milligan, Carey, Scott, Schmidt, Beals, Herring - A series of biographies on early pioneer interrelated families. "Some Jasper County Pioneers" written by Richard L. Kenyon. Please note that Richard L. Kenyon is deceased and his e-mail address will no longer work.

Chapter 1 - Kinyon, Loren and Iris (Milligan) Chapter 2 - A Milligan Album
Chapter 3 - Josephine "Josie" (Scott) Schmidt/Chinn Chapter 4 - William H. and Estella (Beals) Milligan/Gibson
Chapter 5 - John and Mary (Carey) Scott Chapter 6 - Jacob and Maria (Hopton) Milliken
Chapter 7 - David and Chelley (Herring) Beals Chapter 8 - David and Sophia (Torrance) Scott
Chapter 9 - William T. and Anne (Dawson) Carey Chapter 10 - Jacob and Mary Herring
Chapter 11 - Benjamin Franklin Bleakney Chapter 12 - A Bleakney Album
Chapter 13 - Madison S. Kinyon Chapter 14 - Vallejo Kinyon
Chapter 15 - Ira Kinyon Chapter 16 - Francis/Frank vallejo Kinyon
Chapter 17 - Don and Jean Kenyon Chapter 18 - Ruth (Kinyon) Deer

bullet   Kenyon/Kinyon Family - represents chapters of a book "The Kenyons of Jasper County Iowa," written by Richard L. Kenyon. Please note that Richard L. Kenyon is deceased and his e-mail address will no longer work.

Introduction- "The Kenyons of Jasper County Iowa" Chapter 1 - Nelson Kenyon
Chapter 2 - Silvester S Kenyon Chapter 3 - Mathew S. Kinyon
Chapter 4 - Fernando Kinyon Chapter 5 - Almeda (Kinyon) Vance
Chapter 6 - Armitta Kinyon Chapter 7 - O A "Dick" Kenyon
Chapter 8 - Devella (Kinyon) Hoff Chapter 9 - Lyda (Kinyon) Crawford
Chapter 10 - Ella (Kinyon) Eychaner Chapter 11 - Bert kenyon
Chapter 12 - Ad Kenyon Chapter 13 - Charles Kinyon
Chapter 14 - Lula (Kinyon) Campton Chapter 15 - Virginia Kenyon
Chapter 16 - Lee and Naomi Kenyon  

bullet   Lane, Emmanuel and Mary Jones - Local families are Kenneth, Ted, Leo, Philip and Don Lane

button   Miller Family History - Local families include Hitchler, Emmack, Brock, and Hardenbrook

button   Moffitt Family History - Hugh Moffitt born 1774 in Ireland

button   Harrison Newton Family History.

button   William & Jane de Bruin Paltzer Wedding Picture - 1889 - Submitted by Jeffrey G. Klein of Reseda, CA

button   Pink Family History - Frank and Susan Riffer Pink

button   Schmidt, Heinrich Jakob - Klos and Pink Families

bullet   Russell-Davis Wedding - Wedding of Thomas Russell and Nellie Davis, 1890.

button   Stotler Family willing to share information on the Stotler family of Newton - Ken Stotler.

button   Vowell Family History - Anderson Vowell born 1801 in Tennessee

button   Wilson, Robert White - Submitted by Donald M. wilson.

button   Wooddell Family History - John and Dorothy Cowman Wooddell of Prairie City

button   Yowell Family History - John Van Buren and Elizabeth Core Yowell of Prairie City