Wittemberg Cemetery Rules


1.    Wittemberg Cemetery is a non-perpetual care cemetery.

2.    Rules and by-laws are displayed in bulletin board located at back of cemetery, copies may be obtained from the treasurer.

3.    All monuments or stones must be installed to cemetery specifications. Installers of memorials must abide by Iowa Code Sec. 27, New Section 5231.305 dated July 5, 2005.

4.    No permanent plantings without board approval. No object to be placed that hinders maintenance. No glass containers.

5.    Christmas flowers and decorations must be removed by April 1 each year

6.    Memorial Day flowers and decorations to be removed by July 15 each year.

7.    Opening and closing of internment space is not included in purchase price of a lot or space. All burials must have a grave liner. A $25.00 location fee, will be charged at time of internment.

8.    Cremated remains may not be scattered any where in the cemetery. the cremains must be in a container and buried within a burial space. The location must be approved by the Sexton and location recorded in the official cemetery record book. A $25.00 location fee payable Wittemberg Cemetery is required. Four cremain containers maximum, for each burial space.

9.    A person selling their lot or burial space must notify Wittemberg Cemetery Association's Treasurer, to insure correct transfer of title in official record book. If new deed is requested, there will be a $25.00 issuance fee.

10. Wittemberg Cemetery Association will regulate the uniformity, class and kind of memorials and memorialization and structures within the cemetery.

11.  Any vandalism or defacing, occurring to the interment spaces, memorials or memorialization is the sole responsibility of the lot owner, for repairs and replacements. Wittemberg Cemetery Association assumes no liability for such acts.