Certificate of Interment Rights

For Sugar Grove Cemetery, Mound Prairie Township

This is a Nonperpetual Care Cemetery operated by
The Sugar Grove Cemetery Association


Certificate Number:                                                                                                                             

Name of Purchaser (s):                                                                                                                         

Name of Seller:                                                                                                                                   

Interment Spaces:                    Section:                        Lot:                  Grave Numbers:                       

Purchase Price:                        $                                 

The purchase price shall be cash at the time of purchase.  All sales are final and binding by both parties.


Of the total purchase price, one hundred percent (100%) shall be deposited in the Associationís Maintenance Fund and devoted to the cemeteryís care and maintenance.

Conditions of Interment:

1.           The interment space is to be used for interment purposes only and the Purchaserís rights are limited by and subject to the Associationís rules and regulations as now existing or as amended in the future. A copy of those rules and regulations are enclosed.

2.           This certificate of interment rights conveys only a right to be interred in the interment space and in no way is any real estate title conveyed to the Purchaser. Furthermore, only one interment will be permitted per grave space unless specifically authorized by the Association.

3.           Services related to interment in the interment space are not included in the rights conveyed and are subject to the Cemeteryís service charges. These charges are outlined in the Rules and Regulations, although the cost may change over time.

4.           The Cemetery must receive the following information at the time of interment. The notice must include the name of the deceased, the deceasedís birth date, the deceasedís date of death, next-of-kin, funeral establishment and any other required information.

5.           Purchaser has the right to sell and convey the interment space, but any transfer of ownership will be recognized by the Association only after it is recorded with the Association Clerk and a new certificate of interment rights is issued to the new owner.

6.           The Association shall use the Purchaserís address for any official notices concerning the interment space. The purchaser shall notify the cemetery of any change in their address.

7.           The terms and conditions described herein are binding upon the Purchaserís heirs, successors and assigns and enforceable only by the Cemetery.


Purchaserís Signature:                                                                                                                              


Purchaserís Address:                                                                                                                               




Cemetery Representative Signature:                                                                                                          

                                                        Clerk, Sugar Grove Cemetery Association    




Written inquires or complaints  should be mailed to: Iowa Securities and regulated Industries Bureau, 330 Maple Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50319.