Iowa Cemetery Laws and Procedures

Prepared by the Jasper County, Iowa Cemetery Commission.

This site is for the use of township trustees and cemetery associations to assist them in developing policies and procedures for nonperpetual cemeteries.

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Iowa Code 523I- Iowa Cemetery Act

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Iowa Code 331.325 Control and maintenance of pioneer cemeteries

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Required Rules and Procedures View .pdf version  
Sample Documents      
Ownership Transfer Certificate View .pdf version .rtf  file
Fees Document View .pdf version .rtf file
Iowa Certificate of Interment View .pdf version .rtf file
  • Sample 1 - Excel spreadsheet with extra information
  • Sample 2 - Manual with just the required information

Sample 1
Sample 2

Excel file
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Sample Maps
  • Sample 1 -  Detailed
  • Sample 2 -  Simple X in space
  • Sample 3 -  Name in space
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Actual  Documents (FROM associations)      
Fees Document View .pdf version  
Certificate of Interment - Sugar Grove Cemetery View .pdf version  

Record Keeping - Wittemberg Cemetery

    .jpg file (graphic)

Mapping - Wittemberg Cemetery

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Record Keeping - Sugar Grove Cemetery View    
Cemetery Rules - Sugar Grove Cemetery   .pdf version  
Cemetery Rules - Wittemberg Cemetery View   .rtf file
Monument Requirements - Wittemberg Cemetery     .rtf file
Cemetery Restoration and Tombstone Care

The difference between preservation and restoration


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