Jackson County
Orphan Census Records

These records were transcribed for Internet use by Ann Miller from old copies of the Jackson County genealogy newsletter. Thanks also go to the original transcribers.


Name Age Birthplace
??lson, Jens 17 Iowa
Bauer, Adolph 15 Dubuque
Bopp, Henry 15 Butler Co., IA
Brooks, Clara 9 Jackson Co, IA 
Brown, Adolph 14 Switzerland
Brown, Fred 11 Kansas
Busch, George 8 Des Moines, IA
Busch, Minnie 13 Des Moines, IA
Busch, Rudolph 6 Des Moines, IA
Foster, Otto 10 Scott Co, IA
Gerdes, George 12 Nenraska
Hohnse, Emil 19 Germany
Hohnse, Paul 20 Germany
Kellig, August 11 Fayette Co, IA 
Kelling, Albert 6 Fayette Co, IA 
Kelling, Bernhard 8 Fayette Co, IA 
Kelling, Rena 16 Fayette Co, IA 
Kelling, Willie 13 Fayette Co, IA 
Kitzing, Bertha 13 Kentucy
Knospe, Emilie 9 Illinois
Knospe, Fritz 8 Illinois
Knospe, Karl 6 Illinois
Knospe, Marie 18 Illinois
Koch, Frank 4 Clinton, IA
Koch, Freda 7 Clinton Co, IA 
Koch, John 5 Clinton, IA
Koenicks, Anna 7 Wisconsin
Koenig, Paul 12 Germany
Korenicks, Nellie 11 Wisconsin
Kosh, Willie 11 Michigan
Kruegeman, Christ 12 Wisconsin
Kruegman, Henry 14 Wisconsin
Kupferschimidt, Will 13 Dubuque
Kusche,Paul 16 Dubuque
Kusdre, Ida 15 Dubuque
Langschwager, Marlie 10 Jackson Co, IA 
Langschwager, Rosa 7 Jackson Co, IA 
Lenius, Anna 3 Buchanan Co, IA 
Lenius, Herman 13 Germany 
Lenius, Mina 6 Buchanan Co, IA  
Lenius, Richard 8 Buchanan Co, IA 
Lenius, Theodore 8 Buchanan Co, IA 
Lenius, Walther 11 Buchanan Co, IA 
Lenlius, Martha 10 Buchanan Co, IA 
Loh, Katie 9 Butler Co, IA
Maas, John 8 Clinton Co, IA 
Maas, Louie 10 Clinton Co, IA 
Meyer, Henry 16 Wisconsin
Monk, Katie 19 Germany 
Mosuhs, Gertrude 5 Dubuque
Mosuhs, Margaretta 7 Dubuque
Olverman, Lena 14 Germany 
Olverman, Mare 9 Delaware
Rither, Marie 10 Jasper Co, IA
Rither, Nanette 17 Germany 
Schwargle, Gerhard 10 Dubuque
Strain, Esther 10 Clinton Co, IA 
Strain, Ida 8 Clinton Co, IA  
Strain, Mabel 6 Clinton Co, IA 
Theil, Fred 11 Colorado
Thell, Eddie 13 Kansas


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