Iowa Old Press

Waukon Republican and Standard
Waukon, Allamakee co. Iowa
October 18, 1933

Highest Masonic Honor to Howe
To Horace A. Howe of Waukon has come the highest honor it is possible for a member of the Masonic order to win, election to the thirty-third degree. Mr. Howe was one of seven elected in Iowa this year, and it is believed the second in the history of Waukon or the county. Judge C.T. Granger was named to the same honor many years ago.

Mr. Howe became a member of the Blue Lodge in Waukon in 1897. He holds membership in both the York and Scottish rites. He belongs to the DeMolay consistory at Clinton and has a life membership in El Kahir Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine at Cedar Rapids.

Maud News Letter
-Mr. and Mrs. Ludvig Larson and Joyce, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Larson left Saturday for a visit with their mother, Mrs. Anna Larson, and sisters, Mrs. Albert Engen and Mrs. Annie Johnson at Thief River Falls, Minnesota.
-Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Moe visited at the George Gibertson hoome Sunday.
-Mr. and Mrs.Clarence Knudtson and son visited at the Ole and Gilmore Statsvold home Sunday evening.
-Mrs. Tilda Sunderman assisted Mrs. Adolph Fossum with the shredders Tuesday.
-Mrs. Alfred Bergh and Helen, and Gilbert Bergh were callers on Mrs. Clarence Knudtson Saturday afternoon.
-Theodore Gjefle is attending to farm work duties at the Paul Larson home during their absence.
-Carl Prestemoen was a caller at the Arthur Prestemoen home Sunday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Olvin Prestemoen and family motored to Cedar Falls Sunday, Miss Olga Grangaard is attending the State College there.
-Victor Larson, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Larson, was operated on at the Decorah hospital on Thursday for appendicitis and is getting along as well as can be expected.
-Irna Swebakken, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Swebakken, has been reported quite ill at the Decorah hospital.

News of Irish Ridge
-Mr. and Mrs. Ed McAndrew assisted with shredding at the Jim Geraghty farm on Saturday.
-Mrs. R.F. Levenhagen and son Lawrence, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mielke were callers at the Elmer Peters home on Thursday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Leo Needham and father, Pat Needham, were Waukon callers on Friday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wilkins and children of Cherry Mound were Sunday visitors at the Ted Wilkins home.
-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hertrampf and daughters, Gretta and Pauline, were Wednesday evening visitors at R.F. Levenhagen's.
-Joseph Geraghty of Monona spent Sunday at the John Grady and George Schofield homes.
-Mrs. Frank Mielke spent Friday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Brown, at Luana.
-Mrs. Ed McAndrew assisted her mother, Mrs. Mayme Geraghty of Monona, with house cleaning a few days the past week.
-Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Moser and sons, Malcolm and Wyman, and Mr. and Mrs. Al Dale and baby of Baton Ridge, Louisana, spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Glen Hagensick home.
-Mr. and Mrs. Will Aird and family of Ion were Thursday evening visitors at the Glen Hagensick home.

Quandahl Quidnucs
-Mrs. Grant Hanson, Bobby and Donald, were Spring Grove callers Monday.
-Mrs. O. Tilleros and Mrs. J. Quanrud spent a pleasant afternoon with Mrs. M. Goodno Monday.
-Oscar Schjeldahl of Hayness, North Dakota, returned home Friday after visiting relatives and friends here several days. He was called here by the death of his mother, Mrs. Brynhild Schjeldahl.
-Albert Nesheim is busy shredding corn with Martin Bjorgo on the Waterloo Ridge.
-Iver P. Iverson called on Adolph Augedahl Friday.

Bee News and Notes
-Mrs. M. Magnusson and Mrs. Mary Morken of Bee spent last Monday afternoon with Mrs. S. Goodno.
-Bennie and Arthur Rosendahl assisted Mr. Campbell of Albert Lea, Minnesota, drive a herd of cattle that had been pastured in this vicinity, to Spring Grove Thursday.
-Mrs. Halvorson of Waterloo Ridge spent a few days visit this week at the Olaf Overhaug home.
-Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bulman and the former's father, J. Bulman of English Bench, were Saturday visitors at the Ridge Martin home.
-Mrs. S. Goodno and daughter, Myrtle, visited with Mrs. Lewis Vongroven and family Friday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Magnusson and son Merlin, and the former's mother, Mrs. Magnus Magnusson, motored to Lansing Sunday.
-M. Magnusson returned home last Monday from Chicago, where he and Reverend Havnross attended the Century of Progress.
-Mr. and Mrs. John Bulman and family of English Bench wee Sunday visitors at the parental Sylling home near here.

Oak Ridge Personals
-Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Levenhagen and son Larry of Irish Ridge visited with their daughter, Mrs. Elmer Topel, Thursday afternoon.
-John Seglar visited Sunday at the Chares Topel home in Scot Hollow.
-Irene and Donald Franck of Watson were visitors of their former schoolmates Monday.
-Mrs. Grover Timmerman and son Delbert were supper guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Schlitter, Wednesday evening.
-Mrs. Fred Kruse assisted Mrs. Lawrence Moses with cooking for the shredders Wednesday and Thursday.

The Waterville World
-Mr. and Mrs. Joel Ellefson, accompanied by the latter's father, A.T. Gronna, motored to Mankato, Minnesota, for an over Sunday visit with the former's son, Alton, who is a student at Bethany College.
-Miss Monica Kinley, a student nurse at St. Francis hospital, La Crosse, was a weekend visitor with her friend, Miss Esther Spinner.
-The J.G. Bulman family were in receipt of a message the past week conveying the sad news of the death of his brother, Arthur Jay Bulman of Havre, Montana, on Wednesday, October 11th. He had been a resident of this place for the last twenty years.
-Mrs. Mayme McGuire arrived Friday from her home in Dubuque for a severl days visit with her aunt, Mrs. Nellie Grimsgard. Mrs. McGuire will be remembered as Miss Mayme Belton, daughter of Mrs. Mary Belton.

News Notes of Dalby
-Muranda Olson was an overnight guest at the home of Beulah Christianson Wednesday night.
-Mrs. Henry Hermanson went to the Bil Slattery home where she is spending a few days.
-Mrs. Otto Odegaard was a Sunday visitor at the Alfred Nesteby home.
-Mr. and Mrs. Knuppe and daughter Frances of Ossian visited at the George Olson home Monday.
-Lorraine and Harriet Knudtson spent part of last week at the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schmieden.

Teacher at Sand Cove Under Fire
Did Miss Della Freilinger, teacher of the Sand Cove district in Iowa township, strike Miss Laurrayne Hammell, eight year old pupil, knocking her down, injuring her, and causing her hearing to be impaired? And did Miss Freilinger thus employ methods of inhuman cruelty in punishing a pupil? And should Miss Freilinger's certificate to teach be revoked as a result of such alleged brutality? These are the questions that County Superintendent Isabella McCormick had to answer the past week.

Such charges had been launched by Mrs. Louis Hammell, stepmother of Laurrayne, and the case was tried Saturday before Miss McCormick in the court room. At the close of the case the county superintendent took the matter under consideration and announced that she would later make known her decision.

Mr. and Mrs. Hammell testified that a four year old sister of Laurrayne came home from school on April 17, 1933, and told her parents that the teacher knocked Laurrayne down. Her story was corroborated by Laurrayne. Another student, Walter Boltz, 15, was put on the witness stand. He testified to substantially the same story, saying the teacher shook Laurrayne, the struck her with her right hand and then with her left, the latter blow knocking her down.

Approximately 75 persons were in the court room Saturday to hear the trial, nearly all of them being from the vicinity of the school which Miss Freilinger has taught for more than two years. Included in the audience were practically all of the pupils of the school.

Mrs. Hammell was represented by Attorney Arthur E. Sheridan and the teacher had Attorney H. Haehlen as her counsel. The proceedings were recorded by Emmett Doughterty, Judge Taylor's court reporter.

Miss Freilinger said on the witness stand that on the day in question she had had some difficulty in getting Laurrayne to do her problems in arithmetic. She said she requested Laurrayne to work five more problems during the first period after recess in the afternoon. During that time Miss Freilinger had a class of 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. Laurrayne approached the teacher's desk and asked for help and was told that she must wait until the teacher was through with her recitation. According to the teacher's testimony, Laurrayne twice thereafter repeated her violation of a rule of the school, not to bother the teacher during class. The third time Laurrayne came to the desk, Miss Freilinger again told her to wait, but made it more emphatic by taking hold of her and starting to shake her. Laurrayne pulled away and in doing so, tripped over the iron of a desk and sat down; and after the other children began laughing at her, she started crying.

Several pupils corroborated their teacher's testimony and appeared eager to testify in her behalf. Members of the school board testified that this was the only complaint they had ever heard either from pupils or parents against Miss Freilinger.

The Freilingers and Hammells are neighbors, living about a mile apart, and the question of hiring in Miss Freilinger's place, a sister of Mrs. Hammell entered the case.

The Hammels sought to show that Laurrayne's hearing had been impaired by the blows Miss Freilinger dealt her. They said however, they had never taken her to a doctor in regard to her hearing.

Among the adults who testified were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hammell, Mr. and Mrs. Con Hammell, Nick Colsch, Joe Burke, 'Cory' Moore and Miss Della Freilinger. Pupils were the Hammell children, Walter Boltz, Cleo Garret, Dorothy Garret, Leo Moore, LeRoy Colsch, Roy Ward and Hazel Moore.

Teacher is Exonerated
County Superintendent Isabella McCormick today handed down her decision in the Hammel-Freilinger case, exonerating Miss Freilinger, saying that the evidence offered failed to substantiate the allegations.

[transcribed by S.F., March 2014]


The Democrat
Waukon, Allamakee co., Iowa
October 18, 1933

Freak Discovery Reveals Souvenirs of Waukon's First Electric Lights
Souvenirs of the very first electric lights to be installed in Waukon came into possession of Bert Hendrick last week in a very unusual manner. In the severe wind sotrm of a month ago one of the tall pine trees on the Hendrick property was bown down. Mr. Hendrick and his son Paul set out to make use of the tree as firewood, and after first cutting the trunk into logs about three feet long began splitting the wood into smaller pieces. Upon splitting open one section of the trunk that had been approximately 30 feet above the ground, the men struck upon two electric light insulators which were lodged very nearly in its center. The tree had grown around these insulators until it had attained a growth of some 18 inches in diameter. After ascertaining what it was that was lodged inside of the growth, the workers proceeded with care and thus were able to extract one of the insulators without damaging it in any way, although the glass of the second one was cracked by the wedge and sledge hammer with which it was necessary to probe into the wood. Besides the glass insulators there was also some wiring that had become enclosed by the growth. The insulation covering the wire was in absolutely perfect condition , having been preserved largely because of a secretion of pitch from the tree had entirely covered it. The pine tree was located directly east of the Hendrick home and the electric light wires had been attached to it for the purpose of lighting the Hendrick yard 40 years ago. Electric street lights were installed in Waukon at that time, and it was then that M.B. Hendrick had his home and yard wired, marking the first private residence to possess the "luxury" of Thos. Edison's great invention.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Regan Celebrate 55th Wedding Anniversary
On October 14, 1878, Charles Regan and Miss Mary Ann Waldron were united in marriage at the Lycurgus Catholic church by Rev. Slattery, and Sunday surrounded by children, grandchildren and great grandchildren at their home in Waukon, they were privileged to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary. Both are active an din excellent health and their large circle of acquaintances trust they may be [paper torn] observe many more such happey events. Mr. Regan is one of the few remaining native born residents of Makee township and will be 80 years old on December 4th. Mrs. Regan was born at Morrison, Ill., on August 29, 1858. She came to this county when a child and it has since been her home. They became the parents of six daughters and four sons and during all these 55 years that they have trod life's pathway together they have never lost a loved member of the family by death. The children are Charles, Jr., Daniel, Mrs. P. Rikos and Mrs. Frank Baxter of Waukon; Mrs. Ed Ryan, Jefferson township; Peter J., Mrs. Edward C. Keating and Mrs. J. Devore, Chicago; Cornelius, Alma, Wis., and Sister Cornelius of Danbury, Iowa. There are 35 grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Mrs. E.C. Keating and Miss Elin Rolfe of Chicago, and the former's son, Rev. Edward Keating of Ottumwa, Iowa, joined relatives residing hereabouts in a dinner party at the home of the honored twain Sunday. Friends dropped in to extend congratulations and well wishes and the day was one of social enjoyment and long to be remembered.

More Area and Local.
-Mayor and Mrs. Ludvig Larson, daughter Joyce, and Mrs. and Mrs. Paul Larson of Jefferson township, motored to Thief River Falls, Minn., Saturday, for a few days' visit with relatives.
-Mrs. E.G. Sladek and daughter Jean returned Sunday to their home at Iowa City, after visiting here with her sister, Mrs. E.W. Hastings. The Hastings family motored with her to Independence, where her husband met her.
-Leroy Coppersmith, the Dorchester merchant, accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Lewis Coppersmith of Los Angeles, were over night guests Tuesday at the Boyd Smith home. Mrs. Coppersmith came from California and joined her son Ray at Chicago, where they visited the World's FAir. They have since visited relatives at Newton, Des Moines and other points. Mrs. Coppersmith, remembered as a resident of Dorchester for many years, enjoys excellent health for one of her age, 85 years.
-Leslie Goepel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goepel of Round Prairie, has taken over the management of the Mid-Continent Petroleum Oil station west of the Kaveny IMplement building. He succeeds Ben Klein, who will drive one of the oil trucks for Len Hansmeier in place of Reuben Bauercamper. Ray Walsh will assist Mr. Goepel at the station.
-The Normal Training club under the instruction of Miss Alice Wachal and accompanied by Supt. Rickansrud held it's picnic upon Mt. Hosmer last Tuesday.

French Creek
-Miss Lois Ashbacher has been numbered among the sick the past week.
-Jim Lycett recently purchased a new Chevrolet coupe from the local dealer.
-Robert Hartley, a Waukon highschool student, spent the weekend with home folks.
-Lorraine Ashbacher spent Sunday afternoon with her little school chum, Lorna Mae Wild.
-Mrs. Matilda Buntrock had as her guests Sunday her son Arthur, wife and daughter Jean of Westgate, Iowa.
-Miss Lucile Snow of Preston, Minn., spent a few days this week at the homes of her uncle, Gus and E.L. Wild.
-Kermit Wild and Jerome Ashbacher enjoyed themselves Sunday hunting ducks at Big Lake near New Albin.
-Geo. Verthein recently put up a new windmill, J.L. Hirth doing the work. George says that windpower is cheaper than gasoline power.
-Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hartley and daughters, Ramona and Charlotte, spent Sunday with Mrs. Hartley's parents, the Frank Thies family of near Caledonia.
-Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ashbacher, accompanied by the former's mother, motored to Lansing Sunday to spend the day at the Mrs. Mathilda Scharpind home.
-Frank Murphy and sister, Irene, accompanied by their uncles, Thomas and Edward Quinn of Chicago, visited one afternoon last week at the Mrs. Eva Mauss home.
-Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wenig and daughter Lucile of Charles City, came Saturday for a few days' visit with Mrs. Wenig's sister, Mrs. Harold Ashbacher and family.
-Messrs. H.O. and O.E. Buntrock and their wives and sons, Dale and John, visited Sunday at the home of the former's mother, Mrs. Matilda Buntrock, and son Allen.
-The Chas. Wild family, accompanied by Mrs. G.P. Hartley, motored to Rochester, Minn., Monday to visit the later's husband, who is recuperating from an appendicitis operation there. [He] is getting along fine, will be able to come home in another week, which will be pleasing news to his many relatives and friends.
-A number from these parts attended the wedding Thursday, Oct. 12, at the Congregational church at Church, of Miss Eleanor Wild and Elmer Bechtel. Eleanor was formerly a French Creek girl, the second daughter of the late George Wild, Jr. We wish them much success and a long and happy married life.

-Dr. Tena Wenig was a caller on Mrs. Jos. Kumpf on Monday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kumpf and Alton had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Kumpf Sunday.
-Mrs. Augusta Meyer, mention of whose serious illness was made in last week's issue, passed away at La Crosse last Wednesday evening.
-Quite a number from here attended the funeral of Mrs. Augusta Meyer, held at Eitzen Sunday.
-Julius Goodno visited on Saturday afternoon at the home of his sister, Mrs. Albert Shefelbine.
-The Wilfred Smith family, who have been living north of town, moved into the vacant rooms in the Russ Lane building.

English Bench
-Allan Buntrock was a Waukon caller Saturday.
-Fred Bulman marketed hogs at Waukon Saturday.
-The John Sadler family visited Sunday at the Fred Weymiller home.
-Mrs. George Verthein and son Willard were Waukon shoppers Saturday.
-W.E. Beardmore of Caledonia, is putting up a new double corn crib for Reobt. Weymiller.
-Mrs. Ada Martin and daughter Gladys, were Friday dinner guests at the John Sadler home.
-John Beardmore was a week-end visitor with his brother, Judge T.A. Beardmore and family at Charles City.
-Fred Harlow and sister, Mrs. Bessie Slaymaker of Lansing, visited old time friends on the Bench Sunday.
-Carnival dance at Dreamland, New Albin on Friday, October 20. Music by Frank Beardmore and his melody boys.
-The Frank Thies family of Eitzen were Waukon callers Saturday and visited in the afternoon at the Charley Beardmore home.
-Gladys Martin spent a day last week visiting Violet Shefelbine's school and was entertained over night at the Frank Howe home.
-The George Shefelbine family moved into their remodeled home last week. There is a big improvement from the old house and now makes a lovely country home.
-Marvin Spiegler, Gene Bulman and Gilman Beeler, are working nights this week with the rock crushing gang, putting crushed rock on highway 13 from the state line to Waukon.
Several little girls spent Saturday at the Charley Beardmore home. The occasion being Aloris Beardmore's birthday. Each little guest brought Aloris a lovely gift and all enjoyed the games. Lunch was served the following guests: Eileen Bulman, Shirley, Mae and Lorraine Beardmore.

Big Foot
-Andy Wilson visited at the W.W. Gast home Sunday morning.
-Miss Alyce M. Gast spent Sunday evening at the E.L. Palmer home.
-Charlie Brown and family and John Thias visited in Postville Friday afternoon.
-Mr. and Mrs. Shard of Guttenberg visited at the Leslie Nichols home Thursday.
-Mrs. John Campbell and daughter Ferne, visited at the Leslie Nichols home Wednesday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Elgie Ferguson of Monona, were dinner guests at the Elmer Hefner home Sunday.
-Miss Norma Gronna of Waterville stayed over night at the Theodore Jacobson home last Sunday.
-Misses Beatrice Nichols, Phyllis and Alyce M. Gast visited at the Charlie Brown home Friday evening.
-Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Palmer and son Creighton of Harpers Ferry, visited at the Wesley Thias home Sunday.
-Mr. and Mrs. A. Davis and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flack of Cherry Mound were dinner guests at the Harold Flack home Sunday.
-Mrs. Ollie Hillesheim and family of Aurora, Illinois, came Sunday evening to visit her sister, Mrs. Charlie Brown and family.
-Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gruver visited at the Chas. Palmer home in Waukon Friday afternoon. Lee and Veryle Palmer returned with them to spend the week-end and help Mr. Gruver.
-Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Gronna and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Monserud and family and I.I. Satrang, all of Waterville, and Miss Selma Leikvold of Waukon, were dinner guests at the Theodore Jacobson home Sunday.
-Many from this vicinity attended the birthday dinner at the Rossville church Sunday in honor of Rev. Van Nice. There were 93 present and everyone had the pleasure of eating a piece of the birthday cake made by Mrs. Gruver.

Sunshine Hill
-Monica Cahalan visited home folks Sunday.
-Lois Blackwell spent the weekend with her parents.
-Joe Worth was a Waukon business caller Saturday.
-Mesdames Carl Davis and Mary Fox assisted Mrs. J.J. Broderick with shredders Saturday.
-Ed. Riley and Colette McCoy of McGregor were callers at the Melvin Martin home Sunday.
-James Cahalan and Joe Worth were business callers at the J.J. Broderick home Friday evening.
-Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wilkins and family visited at the F.E. Wilkins home on Irish Ridge Sunday.
-Mesdames Allan and Ralph Blackwell and little Miss Mary were Waukon shoppers Friday.
-Eugene Worth was taken to the inebriate institution at Independence Saturday by Sheriff J.P. Baxter.
-Thelma Livingston of Paint Rock came Friday to spend the week-end with her sister, Mrs. Joe Wachter.
-Jananne and Bobbie O'Brien of McGregor spent a pleasant weekend with their aunt, Mrs. Allan Blackwell.
-Mr. and Mrs. Carl Davis motored to Dubuque Sunday and visited at the John Ryan home. Hazel Walsh accompanied them home.
-Mr. and Mrs. Ross Dull and family and Mrs. John Blackwell and family of McGregor, visited at the R.E. Blackwell home Sunday.
-Mrs. Niel McCormick left the latter part of the week to attend the Century of Progress at Chicago, returning Tuesday evening.
-Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly returned home Tuesday evening after spending the past ten days with their daughter, Mrs. James McCormick.
-Mrs. Daniel Cahalan received word of the serious illness of a relative, Will Shannon at Great Falls, Mont. The neighbors all extend their sympathy.

Frankville [Winneshiek co.]
-John McManus of Ossian, was in town on business Thursday.
-Dr. Kiesau of Postville, was a business caller in town Monday.
-Frank Tehel was a business caller at the J.E. Kneeskern home Wednesday.
-George Kurse and John Schutta were at Postville on business Saturday.
-Mrs. F.T. Bulman and son Donald, were callers at Decorah Monday morning.
-Henry Moose came down from Decorah Tuesday after a short visit with relatives.
-Earl Hammell and Glenn Letchford enjoyed a fishing trip at New Albin, Monday and Tuesday.
-J.E. Kneeskern and daughter Inez were business callers at Castalia Sunday morning.
-Mr. and Mrs. Myron Martinson of Nordness, visited at the K.W. Waters home Sunday morning.
-Donald Bulman, from near Ossian, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.T. Bulman.
-Clarence Crabtree and family and Mrs. John Schutta were visitors at Decorah.
-Layton Hammell came home from Cedar Rapids to spend the week-end with home folks.
-Mrs. Callie Letchford of Estherville came for an extended visit at the Sherman Bollman home.
-Francis Everett is building several living rooms on the back of his garage.
-Hollis Enyart and family from near Postville, were guests at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wright Enyart.
-Ole Krogsund of Decorah, and Otto Dohlin of Glenwood, were business callers at the J.E. Kneeskern home.
-Mrs. Ambrose Waters and son, Edward, Postville, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Kneeskern Tuesday afternoon.
-Misses Dora Thompson, Ellen Miller, Sarah Miller and Prof. Rollins attended a tri-county institute at Decorah Monday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Powell and daughter Mildred, visited his sister, Mrs. Harvey Cowell and family near the Red school Sunday.
-Lewis Christopher, who is at a reforestration camp near Rochester, spent several days last week with his mother, Mrs. Dan Higgins.
-Mrs. Nellie Spaun, and Mrs. Archie Jones and daughter Marjorie, motored to Waterloo Friday for a short visit with relatives.
-Dean Kneeskern and family attended a farewell party for her brother Roy, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schultz near Castalia, Monday evening.
-Vernon Schoonmaker accompanied by his mother, mrs. Dan Higgins motored to Janesville, Wis., Sunday. Mrs. Higgins remained for an extended stay with her husband and Vernon, returned home the same day.
-Mrs. Stella Sodama, left Monday for a few days' visit at West Union and Fayette and from there will leave for her home in California, after a month's visit with her father, Henry Chamberlain.

The Home Project meeting met at the home of Mrs. Leo Birdsell Thursday. A picnic lunch was served at noon which was enjoyed by all. The lesson for the day, given by Miss Geraldine Brainard, was on "nutrition." The following officers were elected for the coming year: Chairman - Mrs. Ruby Birdsell. Publicity chairman - Mrs. Harriet Letchford. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Albert Depping, Friday, November 24th.

-Miss Margaret Hutchinson went to Chicago for a visit to the Century of Progress.
-Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Eaton motored to Minneapolis Monday and remained over night at the home of his brother, A.J. Eaton.
-W.C. Decker, Frank and Fred Hausman and Lyle Simon went up into northeastern Minnesota last week on a several days hunting trip.
-Miss Virginia O'Donnell of Lycurgus, is spending this week in Waukon with her sister, Rose Lavern at the home of their aunt, Mrs. Jas. Riley.
-Mrs. Wm. Duval will entertain the members of her bunco club at her home on Thursday afternoon.
-Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Ryan and children motored from Cedar Rapids Sunday and spent the day with his home folks, the Roger Ryan family.
-Arthur Siekmeier and family of Forest City, Iowa, were over Sunday visitors with relatives, the Anton Nolting family of Ludlow, and Fred Fogt's of Union Prairie.
-Miss Eunice Kjorlaug, who attends St. Olaf college at Northfield, Minn., was an over Saturday night visitor here with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. P.F. Kjorlaug.
-Mrs. B.G. Bassler and Mrs. Leo Martin and baby daughter Marylin of Dubuque, who spent the week-end at Harpers Ferry, were visitors here Monday with their sister, Mrs. Ed. Hoag.
-Eugene Worth of Fairview township, was brought before the commissioners of insanity last week and adjudged of unsound mind caused from the continued use of liquor. He was taken to Independence Sunday by Sheriff J.P. Baxter for treatment.
-P.J. Mahoney went to Chicago to spend a few days taking in the sights of the fair.
-Mrs. Lloyd Godfrey and baby Mary Frances arrived Tuesday from Des Moines for a visit at the parental Jas. Quinn home.
-Horace Howe returned from Rochester, Minn., to look after business affairs for a few days. He reports his wife gaining a little each day.
-Miss Mildred Fogt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fogt, of Union Prairie, is assisting at the Dravis cafe, having assumed her new duties Monday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Merten of Garner, Iowa, motored to Waukon Saturday to spend the weekend with her sister, Mrs. Leo Phillips and husband.
-Mrs. Wilson Bailey of near Harpers Ferry is recovering from an operation performed at the local hospital for the removal of her appendix.
-Miss Lois Bassett returned Thursday from a six weeks absence. She enjoyed a trip on a palatial river steamer to New Orleans and then by bus to Chicago, where she has since been visiting friends and taking in the sights at the World's Fair.
-Miss Miriam Opfer spent several days with home folks last week. The heating plant in the school at Slater, Iowa, where she teaches had to be renewed and the school was closed. She returned Sunday, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Opfer, accompanying her as far as Cedar Rapids in their auto.
-Supt. B.K. Orr and Prof. Geo. Patschke attended the Northeast Iowa Teacher's association at Cedar Rapids.
-Dr. and Mrs. Paul Nierling were here from Iowa City for a weekend visit.
-Mrs. H.E. Pluemer, Mrs. Geo. Nehms and Miss Rita Tyan were La Crosse visitors Saturday.
-Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Niehaus went to Guttenberg Monday to spend a few days with relatives.
-Rev. L.L. Bond went to Dubuque to attend a meeting of the synod of the Presbyterian church.
-Andrew Thompson came from Minneapolis to spend the week-end with his wife and baby at the J.C. Ludeking home.
-Mrs. F.H. Klees returned Sunday from attending a synodical meeting of the Presbyterian church at Carroll, Iowa.
-Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Johnson and son James were week-end visitors at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Johnson.
-Mr. and Mrs. Leland Echard moved from his mother's home to rooms in the J.H. Connor residence in the south part of town.
-Miss Lucile Welch, who is employed in Chicago, is enjoying a two weeks vacation with home folks, the Joe Welch family at Lycurgus.
-Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Aldrich moved Friday from the Bert Bulman home to an apartment in the E.W. Goodykoontz home on Allamakee street.
-John G. Johnson was at a Prairie du Chien sanitarium last week taking treatments. During his absence his wife visited at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Bulman at Frankville.
-Mrs. Lillian Steele and sons have rented the front apartment over Pluemer & Bakke's furniture store, which they will occupy when the Sherman Hart family move into their new home on Allamakee street.
-Tollef Johnson, daughters Misses Jeanette and Hulda, and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kosbau and daughter Jeanette motored to Iowa City to visit Miss Ruth Kosbau, who is a student nurse at the University hospital.
-Chas. Regan Sr., departs Sunday for Chicago to spend a week or more visiting at the home of his daughter, Mrs. E.C. Keating, and take in the sights at the Fair. In spite of being nearly 80 years of age, he anticipates enjoying the trip immensely.


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F.E. Wood. Shoe Re-Building Shop. We've got what it takes to rebuild those shoes, the modern way with modern machinery.

Majestic - The Radio of Today. Sold by Martin Bros., $22.50 and up.

-The St. John's Lutheran Ladies' Aid society will meet Oct 25, at the church parlors. Mesdames Lewis Hanson, Wayne Todd, L.T. Hermanson, C.N. Sandbeck, Nels Johnson and Paul Bakke will be hostesses.
-Mrs. Jas. Brawford arrived last week from Spirit Lake, Iowa for a visit with her brothers, A.L. Bert and Howard Grimm, and her sister, Mrs. Frank Kilpatrick. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Grimm were also here from Darlington, Wis.
-G.A. Henderson of Seymour, Iowa, spent last Wednesday here on business, and visiting his sister, Mrs. Bert Hendrick.
-Mrs. Forrest Edwards and three daughters motored from La Crosse for a several days visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Alexander.
-Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Watkins went to Chicago to attend the World's Fair and visit their son and family.
-Mr. and Mrs. Glenn De Graw and two daughters, arrived Saturday from Mason City, for a weekend sojourn with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McWilliams.
-Wm. Neubauer and family have rented the Henry Ryan residence in the northwest part of town, Mr. Ryan reserving a room for himself. Mrs. Neubauer s a cousin of Mrs. James Collins.
-The Allamakee County Schoolmasters club will meet this evening at Harpers Ferry. Officers for the ensuing year are E.T. Rickansrud, Lansing, president; R.J. Caroll, Postville, secretary-treasurer.
-Mr. and Mrs. John Krieger arrived Saturday from Climax, Mich., for a visit with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. M.C. Buettell and family. John spent his youthful days in Ludlow township, leaving there 23 years ago.
-Fred Beall, who has been living on the Frank Dunning farm in Jefferson township, has purchased a lot of Geo. Hall in Hays Addition to Waukon, on which he will move a house he owns as a home for himself and family.
-Mrs. Anna Heffern is a visitor this week at the Jos. Larkin home in Paint Creek township.
-Geo. Schmidt of Monticello, Iowa, was a visitor here over corn day with his sister, Mrs. C.C. Little.
-Miss Lydia Hansmeier went to Elkader last week to assist with the household affairs of her sister, Mrs. Leo Colvin, who has been ill.
-Mrs. Fritz Anderson of Albert City, Iowa, arrives this week for an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. P.A. Anderson. The former is a trained nurse.
-Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Hirth and daughter Beatrice attended a meeting of the National Association of Photographers at Hotel Russell-Lamson at Waterloo Sunday.
-Assistant postmaster Jess Toney accompanied City Mail Carriers J.H. Danaher and Merle Barthell on their routes Tuesday and today on a tour of inspection as required by the post office department at Washington, D.C.

Merle Baxter underwent an operation at the University hospital at Iowa City Monday for the removal of a bone in his left foot that has caused him considerable discomfort of late. His sister, Miss Mary, accompanied him to Iowa City, returning Saturday.

Friends of Dr. Will Brownell of Fort Collins, Colo., who spent his youthful days here, may be interested to learn that his only daughter, Miriam Louise, will be married on October 28, at four o'clock, at the First Presbyterian church in that city, to Dr. George E. Garrison.

Paul Helming, Andy Laughlin, Nels Johnson, T.J. Ward, P.J. McCauley, J.D. O'Meara, well known farmers of this vicinity, and Wm. Cahalan of Waukon Juction, accompanied stock shipments to Chicago the past week and remained for a few days' visit at the fair.

Coroner J.L. Bresnahan reports that further investigation of the place where the body of P. Wallum, powder man for Nolan Bros., was found last week, revealed the skull and dynamite fuse buried in the dirt several feet away and the planks above the culvert showed signs of an explosion. All doubts as to the deed having been committed with suicide intent are therefore banished.

Mrs. J. Dahly, who with her family resides with her father, Steve Arnold in Jefferson township, met with an accident Monday that will compel her to remain quiet for several weeks. Her husband was taking the shell from a 22 calibre rifle when it was accidently discharged, the shot entering her right foot and splintering a bone. She was brought to the local hospital, where she is receiving care.

Vernas W. Meyer and Miss Beulah Harris, both of Postville, were united in marriage by Rev. Van Nice at his home on October 10. Victor Meyer and Ruth Harris were the attendants, and on Monday, October 16, two couples from La Crosse were united in marriage at the residence of Rev. Van Nice. They were Mrs. Farold Feng and Francis Peiffer, and Theodore Johnson and Miss Emma Quadzenski. Both of these couples will make their home in La Crosse.

Clement Deeny escaped what might have been a serious auto accident last Wednesday evening near Rossville when he lost control of the car and it went into a ditch. He sustained minor cuts about the face, but the front part of the machine was badly wrecked.

This Week's Question: "What household invention of recent years do you think has been the greatest boon to housekeepers?"

The Answers:
Mrs. Alfred Pederson, Housewife, Rossville: "I know what it is to have a large wash, as there are six of us in the family. Before I had a machine I rubbed clothes on a board the biggest part of the day, and was all tired out the rest of the day. Now I do a large wash in about two hours, and the very nicest part is, I am not the least bit tired."

Mrs. W.T. Kaveny, Housewife, Waukon: "The greatest boon to me in my housework is my electric refrigerator. I think I would part with my furniture and all the rest of my household possessions before I'd give up the refrigerator."

Mrs. Carl Davis, Housewife, Sunshine Hill: "I think the radio has been on of the greatest helps to the modern housewife, because it is both beneficial and entertaining. Beneficial because of the recipes given, as well as the many useful household hints, together with the markets and news sketches. I know a good many housewives that got a real thrill from the recent broadcast of the World's Series."

Mrs. Charles Greiser, Housewife, Church: " The household invention that has helped the housewife most in recent years is the washing machine. What was once a day's work has now been reduced to an hour's work.

Mrs. H.J. Larson, Housewife, Elon: "I believe my gas range has proven to be the greatest benefit to me in doing my housework. I not only do my cooking, canning and baking on it, but I also use it as the only means of heating my kitchenette."

Mrs. Arthur Greenly, Housewife, Lansing: "There are so many wonderful developments of recent years that it is difficult to select one. It does seem to me that the vacume cleaner does more necessary disagreeable tasks than any other household servant, and does them in a sanitary way."

Mrs. Walter Gast, Housewife, Monona: "A power washing machine seems to me to be the greatest labor saving device for the housewife."

Thompson Farm Sale Brings Good Prices
The farm auction sale on the George Thompson place, two miles north of Rossville yesterday which was extensively advertised in last week's issue of The Democrat, was a fine success.

Trial Jurors Drawn For November Term of District Court
Trial jurors for the November term of district court have been chosen as follows:
Waukon - Lena Glynn, Alfred Hansmeier, R.E. Lesan, Paul Magner, John Verthein Jr., Hans Vold and Gertrude Williams
Lansing - Glenn Clark, Stewart Cooper, Fred Harlow, Francis Hurm and Leonard Sandry.
Postville - Henry Lange, Ed Nelson and Ed F. Thoma
Paint Creek Township - Alfred Anderson, Carl McCormick, Lola Oleson and P.S Swebakken.
Center Township - Clifford Anderson and Egbert Bakkum.
Iowa Township - Tade Boltz and John Wiemerslage.
Makee Township - Harold Gruber
Ludlow Township - Wm. Krumme
Taylor Township - Will Monserud
Lafayette Township - Henry O'Neil
Union Prairie Township - Bernard Onsager
Jefferson Township - Gilmore Stadsvold
Franklin Township - George Swenson
Union City Township - John Waters and Fred Wiemerslage
Waterloo Township - Edwin Wenig and Leo Woolstrum
Fairview Township - Lee Wilkins

Gets 30 Day Sentence for Muskrat Trapping
Charles Rouster of New Albin, was sentenced early this week to 30 days in the county jail by Justice of the Peace Ed. Bensch of Lansing for trapping muskrats out of season. He was hailed nto court by Deputy Game Warden George Kaufmann.

J.J.J.'s Entertain For Two Fall Brides
The Just Jolly Junior Club are hostesses at a 6:30 dinner at the Model cafe Thursday, honoring two recent brides, Mrs. Emmet Fahey, nee Miss Beatrice Magner of Union Prairie township, and Mrs. Earl Robinson, nee Miss Marcella Olson, this city. A social evening will be spent at the home of Mrs. Urban Magner of Waukon, during which the guests of honor will each receive a gift. The following will be in attendance at this pleasant affair: Mrs. Cyril Elliott, Mrs. Urban Magner, Mrs. Emmet Fahey, Mrs. Earl Robinson, and Misses Nellie and Julia De Greve, Lucile Howes, Marie Dougherty, Esther Lane, Mary Teresa Pigott, Ellen McCullough and Mary Olson, Margaret Walsh and Mrs. Earl McCormick.

Parole Granted
Martine Bechtel, 25, Ludlow township, who was sentenced on August 18th last to serve six months in the county jail for stealing six sacks of timothy seed from Fred Krumme's barn, was paroled Thursday by Judge Goheen to his father, Fred Bechtel. He had served about two months of his sentence.

State Fish Truck in Collision
A news dispatch in Tuesday's Des Moines Register relates: "The Iowa fish and game commission inadvertently stocked a small creek with sun fish, blue gills and black bass Monday when its truck collided with another loaded with hogs north of Oskaloosa. Both vehicles crashed through a guard rail into a gully, dumping their loads into the stream below. Fred Wilson of Lansing, fish truck driver, and Earl Wynmore, New Sharon hog trucker, were unhurt. Wilson and a score of volunteer fishermen recovered most of the fish. The hogs, owned by Clarence Keyes, were rounded up." Mr. Wilson was sent to Lansing several weeks ago to replace Parker Dunham as truck driver after the latter had swerved one of the state trucks into the Wolfe beer truck on highway No. 9 between Waukon and Decorah. The collision at that time resulted in George Clancy and "Bud" Wolfe sustaining serious injuries.

Drum Corps Announce New Staff
At an executive meeting of the Drum Corps officers last evening, the following staff for the coming year was appointed: General manager, C.W. Phillips; business manager, F.G. Worley; drum major, Herbert Hanson; drum instructor, Bernard Schwarzhoff; assistant drum instructor, D. Cowan; bugle instructor, Rolland Roggensack; assistant bugle instructor, Carl Klemme; and supply sergeant, Rolland Roggensack. A committee of five outside persons not affiliated with the Corps was named to cooperate with the Drum Corps executive committee in planning for various events in the future. The committee includes Ludvig Larson, A.T. Nierling, C.H. Megorden, Kenneth Fellows and P.J. Mahoney.

Horace Howe Becomes a 33rd Degree Mason
One hundred and eighty-nine Masons were elected to the honorary thirty-third degree at the session of the supreme council of Scottish Rite Masons at Washington, D.C., yesterday. Among those named from Iowa to be honored with this degree, the highest in Masonry, we find Horace Howe of this city. Mr. Howe will be invested with the rank of a thirty-third degree Mason at a later date. The only member of Waukon Lodge No. 154 who had been invested with this honor was the late Judge C.T. Granger. Seven Masons from Iowa, including Mr. Howe, were also elected.

Waukon Grid Fans to Journey to Iowa City for Homecoming Game
Waukon will contribute its share of spectators to what is certain to be the biggest football crowd in years at Iowa City and possibly the largest crowd in the history of the school when this year's surprising Hawkeye eleven meets Wisconsin in the annual homecoming game next Saturday. Those who will go to Iowa City for the contest in hopes of seeing the sensational sophomore, Dick Crayne, get loose for some long runs are Dr. and Mrs. E.W. Hastings and children, Wayne, Dorothy and Eleanor; John Rominger, GB. Richter, Don Steele, Bob Anderson, Dr. J.S. Cameron, Dr. R.H. Wheat, Dr. J.E. Cassidy, R.M. Warnock, Mr. and Mrs. George Patschke, Mr. and Mrs. B.K. Orr, Miss Lois Grimm, Miss Marie Olson, Miss Phyllis Jacobsen, Paul Hendrick, Ernst Jurgens, Mrs. Harry Orr, Miss Merle Ronan, Mrs. Bert Grimm, Miss Frances Steffen, Miss Miriam Depping, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon O'Brien, R.C. Vaughn, Miss Frances Hogle, Miss Margaret Hutchinson, Jim TAylor, John Dotseth, Jim Brennan, Warren Ahlstrom, Abner Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Eaton, Kenneth Fellows and doubtless several others who are undecided at this time.

"Call to Axes"
The call to arms has been sounded by Commander H.G. Ludeman of the local American Legion Post - or rather we might say "the call to axes." He has announced that the first wood chopping detail will leave from the S&D cafe next Sunday at one o'clock p.m. The source of the fuel to be secured for the needy is on the Bruce Headington farm two miles north of Lycurgus. It is there that the Legionaires likely will raise a blister or two on their hands without complaining too much as their work will be for the fine cause of helping to keep the Allamakee county poor warm this winter.

Licenses to Wed
Ed Kosbau, Waukon and Eva Nelson, Decorah
Leon A. McFarlane and Evelyn Olson, Madison, Wis.
Theo. Johnson and Emma Quadzinski, LaCrosse
Sven Hesla and Elsie Vorseth, Waterville
Francis Peiffer and Farold Freng, LaCrosse
Elmer Bechtel, Church and Eleanore Wild, Lansing

Correct Guess
Alton Hanson, son of Michael Hanson of Round Prairie, made a correct estimate of the number of kernels of corn placed in a jar in Smedsrud Bros & Hanson's grocery window on corn day. The corn was taken from three ears and there were 2185 kernels in the jar.

Harpers Ferry
-Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Cavanaugh were business callers at Waukon Monday.
-Misses Irene and Mary Cassidy were week-end visitors at the home of their parents in Lafayette.
-Mr. and Mrs. Leo Martin with Mrs. B.G. Bassler, Dubuque, spent the week-end at the J.H. Hogan home.
-L.L. Boardman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meyer and Nellie Powers spent the week-end with relatives here.
-Connie Brennan and Mildred Hogan returned Tuesday morning from Chicago, where they spent the week-end seeing the Century of Progress.
-J.H. Hager of Waukon brought a consignment of pork to Harpers Ferry to be distributed to the needy families here by the local manager J.J. Rellihan.

Postville News - by Gustave Dietsch
-Miss Amy Miller of the Palm restaurant, spent a two weeks vacation taking in the sights at the Century of Progress exposition in Chicago, and visiting her aunt, Mrs. Howard Wyckoff at Pittsburg, Pa.
-Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Swenson and family of Newton, Iowa, were here for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sander O. Swenson in Post township. Lloyd is a salesman for the Maytag Washing Machine company.
-We hear that Leonard Hammel is planning to quit farming and will move to town where he will establish a new filling station on the lot now owned by Victor Pearson located next to the Ed Thoma residence in the south part of Postville.
-Miss Marjorie Deering of Henderson's Prairie, a daughter of M.C. Deering, received thrid prize for the Holstein calf she had on exhibition at the Waterloo Cattle Congress. She had to meet the comptetition of thirty-four other exhibitors in that class.
-Mrs. Evan Swenson is at the Postville hospital with a broken bone in her left wrist. She fell down the cellar stairs last Tuesday and struck the cement floor with such force that the wrist bone was broken, and she suffered numerous other bruises.
-Edward Burdick of Omaha, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Burdick
-The stork delivered a fine eight pound baby boy to Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Folsom on Henderson's Prairie.
-Eldo Dahl of Buffalo, N.Y., was here visiting his parents, Mrs. and Mrs. August Dahl. He is working as a street car conductor.
-Crystal Koenig, ten-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Koenig of Castalia, is a patient at the Postville hospital. She is suffering from a ruptured appendix.

Dresser-Smith Wedding
On Wednesday afternoon of last week Mrs. Marie Swenson-Dresser and Ira P. Smith, both well known parties of Post township, were united in marriage by the Rev. R. F. Galloway at the Presbyterian parsonage. The newlyweds left for a short wedding trip and are now at home on their farm near town. The best wishes of their large number of fiends are given to them.

Harris-Meyer Nuptials
Two young Post township people were united in marriage last Tuesday at Waukon by the Rev. R.L. Van Nice. They are Miss Beulah Harris, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Obert Harris, and Vernes Meyer, a son of Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Meyer. The young couple will make their home with the parents of the bridegroom. The witnesses were Ruth Harris, a sister of the bride, and Victory Meyer, a brother of the bridegroom.

Pioneer Postville Woman Dies After Extended Illness
Mrs. George Oldag passed away at her home last Fridaynight at the age of 77 years. She had been ailing for almost a year. Funeral services were held at St. Paul's Lutheran church Tuesday afternoon. The Rev. R.B. Garten officiated and burial was in the Postville cemetery. She was born in Mechlenburg, Germany, July 9, 1856, and with her parents came to Postville 60 years ago. She was married to George Oldag and seven children were born to them. For many years the family lived on their farm in Grand Meadow township, and later retired and moved to Postville. She is survived by ther husband, three sons, Edward, Otto and Henry Oldag of Postville, and four daughters, Mrs. William Willman, Mrs. Arthur Schultz, Mrs. John Schroeder, all of Postville; and Mrs. Shipton of Clermont. There are also 18 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren, and two brothers, William and Adolf Foels, to mourn her departure.

Lansing News - by Doris Veit

-The L.O. Terry family spent Sunday in Decorah visiting relatives and friends.
-Miss Dorothy Carrol of Caledonia has been visiting at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Peter Zabolitzky since Wednesday.
-Hans Johnson, owner of he Reedsburg Brewery, Reedsburg, Wis., was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spinner, Jr., from Tuesday until Thursday.
-Mrs. F.J. Nachtwey returned from St. Paul Thursday, where she had attended the National convention of the National Council of Catholic Women.
-Mr. and Mrs. Geral Parker from Pittsburg, Penn., have taken several rooms in the E.H. Feuerhelm residence. Mr. Parker is one of the workers on the nine foot channel-project.
-Linus Teff accompanied by his sister, Miss Leona, returned from Chicago Sunday. Miss Teff drove to Spring Green, Wis., that same day to be at her place of employment Monday morning.
-P.G. Miller of Devils Lake, N.D., arrived with his brother, R.G. Together with Mrs. Miller they went to Des Moines Wednesday to visit friends and relatives.
-John Thompson and his son Paul drove to Chicago Monday in the V-8 to attend the World's Fair. Oscar Thorson of Des Moines arrived Sunday afternoon to work in Mr. Thompson's place while he is gone.
-Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stirn and family returned from Omaha, where they had been guests of friends. ON Saturday they took Miss Florence Stirn to La Crosse to commence work on a nursing assignment.
-Mr. and Mrs. Julius Boeckh drove to La Crosse Monday afternoon and returned with Wm. Thorpe of South Lansing, who has been a patient at the Lutheran hospital. "Billy" is now able to walk about on crutches.
-The work of cleaning the river bank extending from Wolfe's produce south to Ehrlich's fish market will be finished soon. It has served a twofold purpose, not only have men been employed but the view of Lansing from the river is greatly enhanced.
-Herman Vader and son Carl returned to Whiting, Ind., Saturday after having visited at the Will Gaunitz and Chas. Gaunitz homes. Ed Gaunitz accompanied them as far as Chicago where he will see the Century of Progress.
-Miss Vera Steiber was moved Wednesday from the Decorah hospital to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Webster, several miles from Luana. Miss Steiber is recovering very rapidly but she is still under the doctor's close supervision all the time.
-Ben Swebakken and Ed. McDonald of Waukon, were in Lansing Saturday distributing a portion of the 1,900 pounds of salt pork given to Allamakee county by the State Emergency Relief Committee to provide for needy families in this vicinity.
-Miss Rose Zabolitzky was surprised on her birthday Sunday evening at her home. At two tables of bridge Miss Dorothy Carrol received high score and Murvel Duchien, low.A lovely cake had been baked and a lunch was served by the hostess, Mrs. Peter Zabolitzky.
-John and Kathleen Dunlevy returned from the World's Fair Saturday, on Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Leo Huflschmidt arrived from Chigaco, and on Minday Mesdames Will Albert, A.R. Fredrickson, P.E. Rethwisch and O.J. Kock came back from their trip to the Century of Progress.
-B.F. Henry came to Lansing Friday to return with his wife who is caring for Mrs. Will Barnes. Since the lady received another stroke on that day Mr. Henry stayed over the week-end and went back to Dubuque alone on Sunday. Mrs. Elizabeth Warren is also helping at the Barnes home.
-G.M. Kerndt and his sister Anna left for Chicago via the Burlington Wednesday to spend a week at the World's Fair.

Herman Olson Receives Wound from Accidental Discharge of Shotgun
Herman Olson, high school student in Lansing, last Wednesday afternoon was the victim of the second accidental shooting to occur within a period of eight days in Allamakee county. Fortunately the injury was not fatal like the first one, but it again served the warning that one can not be too careful in the use of firearms. Herman, in company with Theodore "Snip" Hare, was in a boat opposite the state house near Big Lake when the accident happened. He had placed his double barreled shotgun upside down in the bottom of the boat. Upon raising it the hammer caught on the decker of the craft and the gun went off, part of the charge lodging in the muscles of his right arm. The victim was immediately reushed to Lansing where it was necessary for a doctor to take six stitches on the inside of the muscle and four on the outside of the arm.

Allamakee Women to Go To Dubuque for Catholic Action Week
Numbers of women from all over Allamakee county are planning to attend the annual meeting of the Arch-diocesan Council of Catholic Women which will be held Tuesday, October 24th, the first day of the great Catholic Action Week in Dubuque. Among those who have announced their intention of attending are Mesdames George L. May, William Lager, Dennis Higgins, Ella Martin, JOhn La Tronch, Misses Margaret Hurley and Gretta Lager of New Albin and Mesdames Moritz Kerndt, L.T. Hufschmidt, W.E. Albert, P.E. Rethwisch, John W. Thornton and Franz J. Nachtwey of Lansing.

Lansing News - by Doris Veit
-N.J. Ahlquist returned to Minneapolis Wednesday after having spent a week visiting his sister, Mrs. Eric Eastman.
-Mr. and Mrs. L. Greenberg of Winona, Minn., were Sunday guests at the M. Ehrlich residence.
-Henry Rettinger of this city and Vic Irons of New Albin were business callers at Waterloo Monday.
-Mrs. Mary Ann Bohrer went to Waukon to spend several weeks at the Morris McCarthy home.
-Clem Stirn of Houston, Texas, arrived Sunday evening for a visit at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Stirn.
-Mrs. Henry Logas was called to La Crosse, Wis., Monday by the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. Ziegmier.
-Henry Kennedy and lady friend from Chicago came Sunday for a visit at the Will Guider and Dunlevy homes.
-Norman Martinson, local Ford dealer, went to Minneapolis Monday via the Burlington to return with a new V-8.
-Wayne Bieber, who is traveling as an oil salesman in the western part of the state, was a week-end visitor with his family.
-Mrs. Louis Hogan with her son, Marland and daughter, Mrs. Willis Hartman, drove to Hazelton, N.D., Thursday to visit Mrs. Hogan's sister, Mrs. Lena Gankte.
-Frank Middendorf of South Lansing traded his Ford coach for a '29 new Ford sedan at the Ford garage Friday.
-George Clancy was removed from the Decorah hospital to the home of his sister, Mrs. Roy Erickson, Saturday. He will have to remain there two weeks before he will be able to be back with the folks in Lansing.
-Alice Murphy, intraining at the St. Francis hospital at LaCrosse, came Saturday evening for a stay until Sunday afternoon with home folks, the Gus Murphy family.
-Oscar Sorlie accompanied his sister, Miss Randina, as far as Chicago Saturday, where he will view the Fair. Miss Sorlie continued on the Washington, D.C. to resume her duties in the treasury department.
-Mrs. H.M. Matteson and Wm. Bakewell left Saturday morning by train for Chicago to attend the Century of Progress exposition.
-Ralph Thorsten accompanied by Mrs. Christ Anderson drove to Fort Dodge Tuesday evening to return home with Mrs. Helga Leach, who had been at Auburn for several weeks taking care of her daughter, Mrs. Bernard Howard, who had been ill. Mrs. Leach spent a couple of days at Fort Dodge enroute to Lansing, visitng old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Hogie Simonson.
-Mrs. G.H. Rippe of New Albin arrived for a brief stay at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ed Cooper, Sr.
-Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Kelleher became the parents of an eight pound baby girl Sunday, October 15. Congratulations.

A Narrow Escape
Alfred Magnusson, janitor at L.H.S. had a narrow escape last Monday. He was hanging up screens on the inside of the gymnasium when the ladder on which he was standing slipped and fell to the floor. Mr. Magnusson received a sprained wrist which has handicapped him greatly in his work, his wife having to assist him in sweeping the building last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bechtel Celebrate Golden Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bechtel celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last Sunday, the affair being a most happy occasion as they were joined by all their children and families who live in or near Lansing. The "bride and groom" were married at the Congregational church in New Hampton on October 15, 1883, by Rev. Hess. Since then they have made their residence in Lansing and have brought up a fine large family that has been a credit both to themselves and to the community. Those present at the anniversary dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bieber and family, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Bechtel and family, Carl Bechtel, Mathew Bechtel, and Adeline Bechtel, all of Lansing. Another daughter, Mrs. Ed Sankhauser of Fredericksburg drove to Lansing for the occasion and was accompanied by her two children, together with a sister of Mrs. Bechtel's from Lawler and a friend, Donald Vistie. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bechtel of Church were also in attendance. A purse of money was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Bechtel as a remembrance of the day, and numerous congratulatory messages were received from the children who lived at some distance and were unable to be in attendance.

"Pest" the large Chesapeake pet dog, owned by Mrs. Helga Leach, has passed on to the happy hunting grounds for mongrels. He was born in Lansing five years ago and ever since that time had been a loyal and devoted companion to his mistress.

-Wm Tobin went to Chicago Saturday for a few days sojourn.
-Miss Bernice Coughlin went to Milwaukee Friday for a visit with friends.
-Mrs. Elmer Saberson went to Chicago Saturday to join the visitors at the fair.
-Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Lee and son Thomas returned Thursday from a seek's visit at the Chicago fair.
-Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Klingle motored to Cresco Thursday and spent the day with his brother John and family.
-Misses Minnie and Lydia Nagel are spending this week in Chicago visiting friends and attending the fair.
-Thos. Ahearn, daughter Mary, and his sister, Mrs. Mary Delaney departed Sunday for Chicago to take in the sights at the fair.
-Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Hart are among the World's Fair visitors from Waukon this week, they having left Friday via Postville.
-Mr. and Mrs. Arthur O'Brien, managers of the Foley hotel, motored to Chicago Friday to spend a few days at the Century of Progress.
-Mrs. C.C. Little went to Monticello, Iowa, Saturday, having received the news that her mother was suffering from an infection in her hand.
-Mr. and Mrs. Harry Decker and baby of Waverly, Iowa, arrived Friday for a week-end visit at the home of her brother Will and with friends.
-Rev. and Mrs. W.O. Johnson attended the Baptist state convention at Muscatine the past week and also visited at their parental homes at Moline, Ill.
-Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Webster, daughter Ruth, and Mr. and Mrs. Max Walker motored to Decorah Sunday and spent the day with Mrs. John Williams.
-Mrs. J.J. Arnold entertained a few lady friends at a quilting party Thursday in honor of Mrs. B.F. Dasher.
-The Pioneer bridge club will commence the season's social meetings Monday at the home of Mrs. J.H. Hager.
-George Carter and Leonard Herman, accompanied by their wives, motored to Cedar Rapids Thursday to purchase holiday goods for their drug store.
-Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Stoneburg went to Chicago Saturday for a few days' sightseeing at the World's Fair. Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Nierling accompanied them.
-Mrs. Lydia Lemme and daughter Clara moved Monday from the former Chas. Goeke home on West Main street to Mrs. Maude Scharf's residence on East Liberty.
-Hessel Toney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Toney, had the misfortune to sprain his hip while employed last week at the rock quarry near the Toney farm home.
-Mrs. H.A. Howe's many friends are pleased to learn that she is making a satisfactory recovery from her recent operation at St. Mary's hospital at Rochester.
-County Agent Fred O'Riley and family and Charles Collins departed Saturday for a visit at Chocago and Aurora, Ill. Mrs. O.A. Dixon and Miss Mary Sullivan also accompanied them.
-Mrs. James Mahoney is numbered among the World's Fair visitors at Chicago this week. She was accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. Chas. Schroeder, who will also visit her son at Aurora.
-Mrs. T.J. Lee and Mrs. J.H. Kelly went to Hutchinson, Minn., Sunday to attend the 50th anniversary of their brother, Edward Kennedy and wife, who celebrated the notable event Monday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Harry Orr and Prof. and Mrs. L.D. Orr motored to Minneapolis Saturday to attend the Minnesota-Purdue football game. While there they were guests of Mrs. H. Orr's sister and family.
-The Men's Loyalty club of the Baptist church met at the home of Bert Entwisle Monday evening with E.W. Goodykoontz as assistant host.
-Mrs. J.H. Hager and her guest, Mrs. C.H. Gurnett, departed today for Peoria, Ill., where they will visit the latter's step-daughter. From there they go to Chicago to attend the fair and will be joined by Mr. Hager.
-Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Anderson returned from Chicago and the latter's friends are pleased to learn that she is recovering from her serious illness. Miss Marian Anderson of Iowa City, went to Chicago to accompany her mother home.
-Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Worley motored to Polo, Ill., Sunday, for a visit with the former's mother, who is 86 years old and not enjoying her usual good health. Mr. Worley returned Monday, but his wife remained for a few days longer.
-William Collins Kerndt is the name of the 8 1/2 pound baby boy who will make his permanent home hereafter with County Clerk T.E. Kerndt and wife. He arrived Saturday morning at the Hall maternity hospital and in due time will be a happy companion for little Miss Ann.
-Mrs. W.S. Hart went to Rochester, Minn., last week to get a health check-up at the Mayo clinic.
-Dr. and Mrs. C.C. Harrison are enjoying an extended visit from his mother, whose home is at Armstrong, Iowa.
-Mr. and Mrs. D. Schwartz depart Saturday for Chicago to attend the wedding of their niece, Miss Florence Rosenberg of Monona, and Benj. Antonoff of this city.
-Mrs. Jos. Danaher and Mrs. H. T. Schwartzhoff accompanied the latter's daughter, Mrs. Harold Mooney and husband, to Chicago Sunday for a visit at the World's Fair.
-The man Wallum, who committed suicide by blowing off his head with a dynamite cap near Waukon Junction a week ago, was found by Coroner Bresnahan to have had $55 due him in wages from Nolan Bros., the road builders. When his gold watch is sold the proceeds from that and the above sum will provide for his funeral expences which the county would otherwise have had to meet. [transcriber's note: there is a high probability that this man's name was Peter Wallum]
-Mrs. Grace Cater went to Osage last week for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Ray Donnelly.
-The Thursday club will meet this week with Mrs. Dudley Hale. Mrs. C.C. Harrison will give a review of "Prairie Anchorage," the author of which is Miss Marjorie Medary.
-R.A. Richardson, who bought and shipped a considerable number of walnut logs from this pint five years ago, has been here the past week looking over the prospects of buying more of them. He reports the walnut timber market picking up again from the inactivity that had resulted, due to the general depression.
-P.H. Klingle went to Cresco Monday to attend the funeral of his friend, Henry Wilson, who has visited in Waukon frequently. Mr. Wilson was about 62 years old and lived alone on his farm near Cresco. He was found dead in the barn about noon Saturday and it was thought that he had been there since Friday morning. He was holding a horse collar in his hand when found. One of his horses got loose from the barn and it is believed he was either kicked by the animal or suffered a stroke. Mr. Wilson is survived by two sons and a daughter, all of whom live in the vicinity of Cresco.
-Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ziemann and baby returned Friday to their home at Madison, Wis., after spending several days here with Mr. Ziemann's aunt, Mrs. Val Elsheimer.

News of Forty Years Ago - Gleaned from the Democrat Files [1893]
-The Republican county ticket nominated Saturday is composed of J.H. Trewin for representative; G.J. Helming, treasurer; J.H. McGhee, sheriff; J.F. Smith, superintendent; M.W. Eaton, supervisor.
-Married on October 4, at the home of the bride's parents, R. Bruce May and Miss Lucy Stoddard. A.M. May tied the nuptial knot.
-On Tuesday, October 10 the marriage of Irving E. Beeman and Miss Anna B. Hall took place at the home of the bride's mother, Rev. Van Nice officiating.

Monona Woman Held in Death Quiz
Clayton county authorities Monday were holding Martha Renzenhausen, 68, of Monona, pending investigation into the death of her sister, Minnie, 66. County Attorney August Boman presented the case to the grand jury after the county sanity commission had decided to defer action until the grand jury had a chance to act. The body of Minnie was found on the floor of the Renzehausen home. She had been dead about a week, dying from the effects of a blow on the head, according to the coroner. The sister had failed to report the case.

-Glasses priced lower at Gilchrists
-Watch repairing a specialty at Kelley's Watch Shop
-Blatz Old Heidelberg BEER, made in Milwaukee. Distributed by John C. Beede, Waukon.
-Purebred Holstein Milk, best for babies at Simmons Dairy, Ludlow.
-Buy Now! Here's your big opportunity 1934 features at 1933 prices, new Master Series Westinghouse Dual-automatic Refrigerators. Interstate Power Co.
-Burpee Can Sealer and Pressure Cooker. The modern way of canning and cooking. Call at Peterson Bros.

Cota Theatre. The only theatre in northeastern Iowa equipped with earphones.
Weds. and Thurs. "The Solitaire Man" with Herbert Marshall, May Robson, Elizabeth Allen and Mary Boland. A unique new crook drama is tense, exciting and well acted.
Friday - Saturday. Two bargain nights "The Bureau of Missing Persons" with Bette Davis, Lewis Stone, Pat O'Brien and Glenda Farrell. Things happen in this one. Fascinating facts on police bureau.
Admission, two for 35 cents.
Sunday - Monday. Jean Harlow and Lee Tracy in "Bombshell"

George Griebel, a farmer living north of Decorah, and brother of The Democrat publisher, found a perfect specimen of an Indian tomahawk head on his farm last week. It is about the size of a large potato. He has found many arrowheads and other weapons of Indian warware, but this was the first tomahawk head he has discovered. It weighs several pounds and has one edge as sharp as a knife.

South Franklin News
-Henry Hamon and A.J. Oelberg were Waukon callers on Monday.
-Mrs. A.L. Powell called at the A.J. Oelberg home Thursday.
-Mrs. Caharlie Hahman and Lulu helped Mrs. Harold Schlitter with work Thursday forenoon.
-Mrs. Andrew Leppert is visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A.J. Oelberg. She was a caller at the Ralph Leppert home Wednesday.
-Ray Robey and son of Waukon, have been helping Cullen Henderson with work on his house. They have been putting new shingles on leaky parts of his roof.
-Several helped Harold Schlitter with shredding on Wednesday and Thursday forenoon. Ray Hammond is running the tractor. Schlitter started shredding for Albert Thomson Thursday afternoon.

Red School News - Franklin District No. 3
Ann Oelberg, teacher
Mrs. Ben Van Horn came to the Red school Friday, October 13, in the afternoon and with her truck, drove to the Smithfield school, taking Ann Oelberg and pupils for a kittenball game with Smithfield. The score was 7 to 12 in favor of the Red School.

Sudden Death of Decorah Catholic Priest
Rev. Martin Hogan, 73, who served as pastor of St. Benedict's Catholic church at Decorah for 17 years, succumbed to a heart attack Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. He became ill Saturday, but read two masses Sunday morning.

Cherry Mound News
-Floyd McGeough sawed wood Tuesday for John Hancock.
-Wm Kelly purchased a Ford coupe from a Waukon dealer last week.
-Ed McCormick is visiting at the home of his son, Frank in Linton township.
-Mrs. Anna Liddy is enjoying a visit from her grandchildren of Minneapolis.
-Helen McGeough was a Friday afternoon caller at the Oscar Rumph home.
-Mrs. Anton Wachter of McGregor, is spending a few days at the Joe Larkin home.
-Mrs. W.H. Kelly was a welcome guest Wednesday at the Robert McGeough home.
-Miss Florence Monroe is visitng her sister, Mrs. Graham and family at Fennimore, Wis.
-The Carl Busness family were entertained Friday evening at the John Hancock home.
-Monica Kinley, student nurse of St. Francis hospital, visited over Sunday with home folks.
-Father Kreiger announced Sunday that we will have Forty Hours devotion the last of this month.
-Mr. and Mrs. Helmer Kolsrud and Robert visited Sunday with her sister and family in Waterville.
-The Ronald Snitker family of Waukon attended mass here Sunday and spent the day with relatives.
-Evelyn Gavin accompanied some friends to Sioux City Wednesday and spent the latter part of the week.
-Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Kinley and Esther Spinner returned home Saturday after spending a week at the World's Fair.
-Mrs. Mary Walters returned to Chicago Saturday after spending two weeks with her sisiter, Mrs. Robert McGeough and family. She accompanied Robert, Floyd and Irene McGeough as far as Dubuque, where Miss Irene was having her glasses changed. They were pleased to meet our former pastor, Rev. D.J. Neenan, who was hale and hearty and making preparations to attend the World's Fair.

[transcribed by S.F., March & June 2008]

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