Miller, Calvin, King, Yoss Family


Surnames: Calvin, King, Miller, Yoss, Moore, Claypool

Keywords: North English, Iowa, Family, Reunion, Gritter (Critter) School 1916, WPA Project 1934, Early 1900's, Schoolhouse, School House, Home, House, Farm

Miller Family Group
Miller Family group photo
middle: Noah and wife Frances. on their right, Higram Wellington Miller and behind in the top row Mary Catherine King Miller. Please help Help identify other members.

Contributed by: Don West .
Photographers: Family members; E. B. Rice, Dewitt, Neb; C. D. Mahannah, North English, IA.
Dates: Late 1800's to 1940's
Repository: The photo collection of Don West's first wife who passed in 1984. Miller group photo from Kathy Andrews (Miller)
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb, 23 Nov 2009 and 17 Feb 2011, by SDW

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