Mrs. G. W. Thompson Album (includes Marengo photos)

Note:  The contributor would like to send these photos to someone interested in this family.
Update:  22 Aug 2009: C. Kay Temple has identified the Marengo, Iowa photos! She will receive the album these photos came from. Please continue to help identify the rest of the photos in the album.

Notes from Patricia (rescuer of the album):
These photos came from an old family album belonging to Mrs. G.W. Thompson. more...

The photographers of the Marengo, IA photos were C.A. Cartwright and Thompson of Marengo, IA and were probably taken in the mid-1800's. If you know who any of these people are, please let me know.
A desendant of John Shannon's brother from Grandville, MI, Nathan Shannon, claimed the photos of John Shannon, Leo and an unknown woman taken in Grand Rapids, MI. A digital scan of the woman was not done. A family member also claimed the photo of George Thompson Main taken in Coggon, IA.

Photo studio place names: Rutland, VT; Fair Haven, VT; Ticonderoga, NY; Columbus, OH; and Sleepy Eye, MN.
Names on photos: John Shannon in Grand Rapids, MI; Minnesota McBain in Sleepy Eye, MN; George Thompson Main in Coggon, IA; Leo in Grand Rapids, MI; Rolfe in Sleepy Eye, MN, and Will H. Lott in Columbus, OH.
Other Indentifed names: Paul Vaeth

Notes from Kay (identifier of those pictured):
[Kay's great grandmother, Lillian Couch Dewey, had a brother, Henry Mercer Couch, who was married to Winifred May Thompson in May 1883. This is Winifred's family.]
The little boy is Charles Everett Couch, the son of Harry Couch and Winifred Thompson Couch. Charles was born in Marengo in 1885. more...

Charles E. Thompson married Sarah Jane Cartright on December 25, 1859. She is a member of the photographer's family, although I am not certain what the relationship is.
Mr. Thompson was "engaged in the mercantile business, but for twenty-five years he was engaged as a commercial traveler". He incurred Civil War injuries that plagued him throughout his life He was born in Putnam, New York on June 1, 1834. He died March 20, 1898, aged 63 years, of "progressive locomotor ataxia". The Thompson's were well regarded in Marengo.

Contributed by: Patricia Rock (photos) and C. Kay Temple (identifying info).
Photographers: Cartright & Thompson
Date: Circa mid to late 1800's
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb, 29 Jul 2009

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Unknown Family - mid to late 1800's
Thompson Family - mid to late 1800's. standing - Sibyl (Thompson) Roberts, Winifred (Thompson) Couch; sitting - Sarah Jane (Cartright) and Charles. E. Thompson
Additional photos of this family: Girls, Sarah, Charles. E.
Photographer: C.A. Cartwright of Marengo, Iowa


Charles Everett Couch
Charles Everett Couch - The son of Henry Mercer Couch and Winifred (Thompson) Couch. Charles married Maude K. and had a son Jack Wivell Couch.

Photographer: Cartwright of Marengo, Iowa


Winnifred Thompson
Winifred Thompson, also pictured above
Photographer: Cartwright and Thompson of Marengo, Iowa


Sarah (Cartright) Thompson
Sarah J. (Cartright) Thompson, also pictured above
Photographer: Cartwright of Marengo, Iowa


Unknown girl
Unknown girl, could be Sibyl Thompson pictured above
Photographer: Cartwright of Marengo, Iowa


C. E. Thompson
C. E. Thompson, also pictured above
Photographer: Cartwright of Marengo, Iowa


Note: Place names in the picture captions below identifies the photographer's location.

More notes from Kay (for pictures below):
Paul Vaeth was the son of Louise Reno and Richard Vaeth. more...

The Vaeths' were jewelers in Marengo. Richard was born in Rochester, NY, so I presume they visited relatives in NY where this photo seems to have been taken. Louise Reno Vaeth was a sister of Julia Reno Bingham, Bessie Reno Mosier, and Jessie Reno Odlin. Their father ran a hardware store in Marengo. Their mother, Amelia Nicholas Reno, was an older half sister of Harry Couch (Winifred Thompson's husband) and Lillian Nicholas Couch-Dewey.