Dean & Snavely Families


tintype, J.M. Dean J. M. Dean (front)
tintype, J.M. Dean - back of photo J. M. Dean (back)
Photographer: unknown, tintype
Verso: "Forget me not, Good bye J M Dean"
Provided by: Bob Wunderlich
Notes: "I was at an estate sale in Dallas this weekend (21/22 Apr 2007) and bought a tintype of J M Dean.  It resembles the man in your site listed as JM Dean. Did anyone come to Dallas, TX?" - Bob Wunderlich
Title: Mary Dean's photograph collection (plus 2 other photos)
Dates: unkown
Contributors: Margaret Wenzel, great-granddaughter of Johnson M. Dean;   Bob Wunderlich, Texas. Contact us if you want to make a connection with Margaret or Bob.
Repository 1: Margaret Wenzel's home.  Mary was born in 1891 in Marengo to Johnson M. Dean and Mary Elliott and is the grandmother of contributor Margaret Wenzel.  She left Marengo in 1910 and moved to Wisconsin.
Repository 2: two photos from Bob Wunderlich's estate sale purchase, in Dallas Texas. Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 20 February 2007, 17 April 2007


Unknown Boy in Cap Boy in Cap
Photoprapher: unknown
Provided by: Bob Wunderlich

Notes: "I also bought another picture of a little [boy] in a cap. The cap has some writing on it but the only word I can read is Bryan...
The pictures [J.M. Dean and boy in cap] were both purchased at the same estate sale. There were other photos, I assume all were from the same family. I believe that there were indications that made me believe that they were all from the upper mid-west.
" - Bob Wunderlich


Marengo hardware store-front with Johnson Dean? and child Johnson McFadden Dean(?) and child in front of Hardware Store
Photoprapher: unknown
Provided by: Margaret Wenzel
detail, shop man 1 detail, shop man 2
Comparison of the two shopkeepers in the photos left
and below left

Notes: a.k.a., John Dean, Mack Dean, and most often, J.M. Dean. Is this the same man as seen in the photo below? Are these two men the same?
"I believe this is Johnson McFadden Dean, who was a hardware store owner and tinner in Marengo.  I think he had a store on the square.  He was the son-in-law of William Snavely, who is probably the man below.  He was my great grandfather." - Margaret Wenzel

Notes: Is this the same man as in the photo above left?
"I believe this is William Alexander Snavely, a businessman from Marengo in front of his store on the square. He lived in Marengo for years. He married a great aunt, Mary Jane Dean.
"Of course, I’m not sure that the pictures are of two different people. The way they are standing in such a similar manner, could mean they are of the same person!" - Margaret Wenzel


Notes: "I visited Marengo about 10 years ago [circa 1996] and took some pictures around the square and I think this building was still standing at that time." - Margaret Wenzel

tintype, possibly of the three sisters, Nellie Bessie & Catherine Snavely The three Snavely sisters: Nellie, Bessie and Catherine?
Date: unknown
Photographer: unknown, tintype

Notes: "These might be three Snavely sisters, Nellie (b. 1866), Bessie (b. 1871), and Catherine (b. 1875)—all born to William A. Snavely and Mary Jane Dean Snavely.
"Nellie married a McFall and a Smiley.
" - Margaret Wenzel

Young Woman w/Folded Hands Young Woman with Folded Hands
Photoprapher: unknown
Woman on Stairs Woman on Stairs
Photoprapher: unknown
Unknown Couple A Unknown Couple - A Photographer: Specht, Marengo, Iowa
Unknown Couple A Unknown Couple - A, same couple to left Photographer: Johnson, Marengo, Iowa
Unknown Couple B Unknown Couple - B Photographer: Specht, Marengo, Ia ("Superior Finish")
Tintype, unknown woman with baby Unknown Woman and Baby Photographer: unknown, tintype

Notes: This woman and baby are possibly related to the Dean and/or Snavely familes.

Unknown Woman with Hat Unknown Woman with Hat - same women to the left? Photographer: unknown, tintype
Unknown Woman Unknown Woman Photographer: Wyant of Marengo, Iowa; studio photograph
Tintype, unknown woman standing, man siting Johnson M. Dean and Mary Elliott? Photographer: Olmsted and White, tintype

Verso: "Olmsted & White Photograph, Gem Gallery, Opposite Clinton House, Iowa City, Iowa. These pictures can be finished in a few minutes, taken just as well on cloudy days, and will never fade."
Notes: "Could be Johnson M. Dean and Mary Elliott, since they lived there in 1870.  Again, I'm not sure who it is!" - Margaret Wenzel

Two Youn Adults, unknown Young Adults - Girl & Boy Photographer: unknown
Baby Being Proped Up Baby Being Held Photographer: Specht, Marengo, IA ("Superior Finish")
Baby On Fur Baby On Fur Photographer: Specht, Marengo, IA
Child with Pear Necklace Child with Pearl Necklace Photographer: Specht, Marengo, IA ("Superior Finish")
Child Resting Head Child Resting Head on Chair Photographer: unknown
Baby with Broom Child with Broom Photographer: C. C. Prater, N.E. Cor. Square, Marengo, IA ("Ground Floor Studio")
Child and Baby on Chair Two Children Photographer: C. A. Cartwright, Marengo, Iowa