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Unknown woman
Ox Yoke Inn — Amana, Iowa
Showing the Old Woodshed and Dining Room Entrance from Parking Area where food is served Family Style in the Old Amana Tradition.
Date: circa 1950
Published: by Hurley's Supply Co., Savery Block, Des Moines 9, Ia. 70794
Unknown woman
Marengo Court House
Date: 1908-1910
Published: Kruxo (based on websites on the right of this page)
Unknown girl
West Amana
80 - Dipping Sheep at West Amana
Date:1948-1964 ("based on the Des Moines postal code, #9. The codes started in big cities in 1948 (or earlier for huge cities) and ended when ZIP Codes took over in 1964." - David Shedlock)
Published: Unknown

Contributed by: David Shedlock.
Photographers: Various
Dates: Unkown
Repository: From the postcard collection of David Shedlock
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb, 21 Feb 2019

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