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Amana Colonies

Amana Villiage Street Scene

Date: circa 1900

Subject: Amana Colonies

Photographer: unknown
Notes: Often used, this is still a great photo and really says a lot. Unfortunately, people often use this as proof there were Amish in Amana. This couldn't be further from the truth, especially if you consider the Amish taboo on photography.

Amana Villiage, 1897

The village of Amana

Date: 1897

Subject: Amana Colonies

Photographer: unknown
Notes: The three adults in the picture are visitors to Amana and the four girls in the wagon are Amana girls. In the background are several barns, including an ox barn. It was not uncommon for "tourists" to visit the Amanas even in the early days.
Carpenters, circa 1920s

Amana Carpenters

Date: circa 1920-1929

Subject: Amana Colonies

Photographer: unknown
Notes: This photograph features house carpenters shingling a roof in the village of Amana with cedar shingles.

The photographs above were contributed by the Amana Heritage Society. Photos and text provided by Angela Tjaden, Amana Heritage Society.

Amana Woolen Mills, n.d.

Amana Woolen Mills Postcard

Date: unkown

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