Victor Class of 1898

Please help identify these students. Contact us if you have information or want to make a connection with Bonnie.

Unknown Marengo Woman
Victor High School Class of 1898: Ina Belle Scott is on the top 
row 2nd from the right. Please help put names to faces for the rest
of the class: Roscoe Lewis, Charlotte Sheldon, Ellsworth Gwin,
George Kempf, Alda Rhinehart, Eva Dolmage, Isabelle McHarg, John
Bohstedt,Frank Dolmage, Godfrey Messer, Fred Gilbert, Walter H. B.
McArtor, Frances Mohr, Jessie Minehart, Mary Murphy.


Unknown Marengo Woman
Is this Group Photo from Victor High School 1898?  
Ina Belle Scott is on the top row 3rd from the left. Please help
identify the rest of the girls in this photo: Charlotte Sheldon, Alda
Rhinehart, Eva Dolmage, Isabelle McHarg, Frances Mohr, Mary
Murphy, and others...

This photo has the same background as the one above. Was this photo taken
at the same time or a short time later?


Title: 1898 Victor High School Graduation
Photographer: unknown   Date: 1898
Repository: The photo collection of John and Bonnie Capper
Contributed by: Bonnie Capper.
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 19 Aug 2008
Media Source: Scanned from original photograph