The Wanderer - 1924 Special Edition of the Williamsburg Journal-Tribune - Index

The Wanderer edition consists of letters and news from those who have moved away from the "burg," as well as some pre-1924 history of Williamsburg.

Contact the Williamsburg Historical Commission if you are interested in an article listed in the index below.

Title: The Wanderer - Special Edition published by the Williamsburg Journal-Tribune
Publisher: The Williamsburg Journal-Tribune, Williamsburg, Iowa County, Iowa Date: 17 Apr 1924
Repositories: Microfilm at various locations and Digital images at the Williamsburg Historical Commission
Contributed by: Rita McDonald of the Williamsburg Historical Commission
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb, 21 Oct 2014

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0Front Cover
1Inside Cover - AD J. N. Beilstein & L.C. Morrin
2Letters Jennie E. Young
3AD O. G. Jones Funeral Director
4Letters cont. Jennie E. Young, Elbert Wright Weeks, John Hagen, Mr. & Mrs S. D. Beats
5AD George Schwarting, Jones & Thomas
6Letters Sarah M. Smith, Morris Evans, C.A. Butler, L.J. White, Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Lockard, Jessie Popham Lenocher
7AD Gilt Edge Creamery, B.L. Keil, The Delco Café Mrs. L. Swinford
8Letters J. Jones Jr, T.M. Patton
9AD R. B. Mc Swiggin
10Letters E.C. Brooks, Mrs. Dorothea Kohl, Rev. F. Bonovsky, Iva Johnson Ekstrom, Mrs. Harriet C. Poling,
11AD Lytle's Cash Store
12Letters George Klein, Rev. Frank B. Utter, Mr. & Mrs. M. A. Mullin
13AD J.A. Dodds
14Letters Mrs. Flora L. Barnes, Mrsl Hester Jane Hamilton Fleming, Frank H. Burgert, Mr. & Mrs L.R. Lewis
15AD Star Drug Co, Perry & Weldin
16Letters James Farquhar, Ruth Frick Hill, E.C. Long M.D.,
17AD Williams & Willoughby
18Letter Cora Dill Arney
19AD Farmers Saving Bank
20Letters Cont Cora Dill Arney, W.D. Jenkins, George H. Fletchher, Mr. Mrs John Geiger, Mr. & Mrs O.D. Rodeick, John H. Dawson, Claude L. & Mae Evans
21AD Home Oil Co, R.E. Jones Building Material
22Mrs John Malzahn, Mrs Jim Buhrmann, L.W. Butler, F.L. Stahl, Mrs Marry (Carney) Schneider, Mrs. Sadie Osborn Albeck, Charles Annbert & Malcolm Boland
23AD Williamsburg Savings Bank A.H. Evans
24M M Starry, Thos. Osborn, D.O. Evans, Mrs. Dorthea Kohl
25AD Securities Department of Iowa Electric, E A Kasak, plumbing heating and lightining rod installation
26A Glance at Williamsburg, Williamsburg Savings Bank, Farmers Savings Bank, High School cont.
27DELCO Lighting Plant, E J Boland
28A Glance at Williamsburg cont, Grade School, Congregatonal Church, Presbyterian Church, St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran cont.
29AD Roehrkasse & Witte
30Pioneer Days Edward Boland, P.C. Powers
31AD Dunlap Motor Sales, Spotted Poland China Hog Sale
32A Glance at Williamsburg cont, Methodist Episcopal Church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, The Community Club, The Band
33AD Buy-Rite Grocery Co.
34Letters J.B. Raben, Maggie Jones Williams, J.O. Evans, John Harvey Edwards, David R. Pugh, Mabel Margaret Tanner
35AD Lewis & Wilson
36Letters Margaret B. Harris, ED Hamilton, M.E. Price, Mr. & Mrs Henry Wiebold, Grace McCallister
37AD Carl J. Kuch
38Letters Frances E. Rounds, Hazle Ackerly McCauley, Walter H. Long, ED. B. Cook, Mary V. Brigham, J. D. Phillips
39AD Marengo Monument Works, Iowa County Monument Works J.A. Waddell
40Letters T.T. Hall, John W. Ryan,Carrie Thomas Franklin, Rebecca (Phillips) Bucknum
41AD Peterson Drug Co
42Letters Edward Boland, Mrs George W. Griffith Davidson, Bert & Lottie Misbach, Mrs. Bert Humphrey
43AD The Williamsburg Supply Co, Romberg & Jones
44Letters June L. Foster-Robinson, John E. Evans, Mrs. Anna Steinke
45AD Weibold's Garage, John W. Nolan Radio Corp of America
46Letters Thomas D. Wallace, J.C.Butler, Mrs. Anna Cashman Correll, Mr. & Mrs J.P. Gunzenhauser
47AD The Bankers Life Co., The Fair Store
48Letters Mrs. Gertrude Ackerly, J.Wm Raffensperger, Martha George Rider
49AD ED Gittins Windmill Pump &Tanks, Peck's Garage
50AD J H Hughes Lumber and Coal
51Back Cover - AD Lewis Clothing Store

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