The Wanderer - 1923 Special Edition of the Williamsburg Journal-Tribune - Index

The Wanderer edition consists of letters and news from those who have moved away from the "burg," as well as some pre-1923 history of Williamsburg.

Contact the Williamsburg Historical Commission if you are interested in an article listed in the index below.

Title: The Wanderer - Special Edition published by the Williamsburg Journal-Tribune
Publisher: The Williamsburg Journal-Tribune, Williamsburg, Iowa County, Iowa Date: 15 Mar 1923
Repositories: Microfilm at various locations and Digital images at the Williamsburg Historical Commission
Contributed by: Rita McDonald of the Williamsburg Historical Commission
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb, 21 Oct 2014

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0Cover, The Little Old Town
1Poem by Edgar Guest - "The Home Town"
2AD The Leader
3Ad A.H. Evans - Williamsburg Savings Bank
4History of Williamsburg Banks, Williamsburg Savings Bank
5Farmers Savings Bank, History of Williamsburg Lodges
6History of Williamsburg Newspapers, Schools, Churches, Presbyterian Church
7History of Williamsburg M.E. Church, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, St. Mary's Church, Donations
8History of Williamsburg Hospital, Community Club
9 History of Williamsburg Paving, Reminiscences from U.S. Butler, Williamsburg Band
10Letters W.R. Evans, Mrs. Sadie Osborn Albeck, Mrs L. Baumhoefener, Jessie Umbarger Roggentien
11AD J.H. Hughes
12AD Elmer Pugh Insurance, The Advertising Club, The Williamsburg Community Club
13AD O.G. Jones Funeral Director
14Letters Mrs. S.D. Ackerly, Morris Evans
15Letters Clara Pugh, Ruby Shaw Smith, D. Schug, F.E. Housel
16AD Central Life Assurance Society J.N. Beilstein & L.C. Morrin
17AD Peterson Drug
18Letters Bert Weeks, J.P. Gallagher
19Letters Thomas T. Jones, Mr & Mrs M.A. Ewing, A.A.H., M.W. Harrington Family
20Ad Delco Lighting Plant, Willard Storage Batteries, Peck & Boland
21Letters R. W. Hanson, Harry Eugene Kelly, Marie Daniels Moore, William Murrin
22AD Farmers Savings Bank
23Letters John A. Davis, Mrs Paul R. Gray, Ida Long Mead, J.M. Matthew
24AD Patrons Mutual Insurance 50th Anniversary
25Letters E.D Holden, Walter A. Smith, Ed. B. Cook, Mr. & Mrs. L.R. Lewis
26AD Dunlap Motor Sales Co.
27Letters John A. Williams, Tilford Hall, John Hagan, Cora Matthew Waddell
28AD L.L. Furman
29Letters W.L. Holmes, Nora Shrader, A.T. Hukill, Margaret Baird, Bruce Francis
30AD Yoder & Swartzendruber Ford
31Letters Rev. Frank B. Utter, E.B Hughes, W. L. Long, Thos. McEvily
32AD Roehrkasse & Witte
33Letters F.A. Lyon, Mrs. James (Annie) Murphy, Geo C. House, Geo. Klein
34AD Qality Grocery Frank P. Butler
35Letters Geo. G Hughes, Henry A. Koenig, Evan J. Davis, Clark Windhurst, T.J. Phillips
36AD Johnson Studio Photographs, Carl J. Kuch Tires, Accessories, Supplies
37Letters Gertrude Gittins Albert, Alice Ward, Mrs. John F. Malzahn, Jacob T. Long
38AD Home Oil Co.
39Letters Will G. Springer, Thos. E. Sherman, R. W. Davis,
40AD Equitable Life Insurance Co. of Iowa, Chas. J. Lee,
41Letters Evan J. Edwards, E.P. Butler, C.A. Butler, E.C. Brooks
42AD H. Williams & Son General Department Store
43Letters Mr .& Mrs. James Grace, R.H. Long, Mrs J.A. Black, H. Russell Williams, A.F. Shotts
44Letters John M. Williams, Mr. & Mrs H.M. Downs, Sara M. Smith, Frank H. Leasure, H.D. Cooley, Evelena Morrin, W.H. Dillon
45Letters Chas. Akerman, Mary V. Brigham, D.W. Montgomery, C.E. Baumgarten, Frank H. Burgert, Chester F. Cashman
46AD Srar Drug Co., Perry & Weldin
47Letters Arnold G. Akerman, Edith Taylor Westfall, Mr. & Mrs. S.D. Beats
48AD Marengo Monument Works & Iowa County Monument Works J.A. Waddell
49AD Lytles Cash Store
50Letters Tim Evans, John Collins, Joseph Felver, L.J. White, W.E. Thomas
51Letters Leo Kenney, Mrs. M. A. Mullin, Myrrl Morse Maxfield
52Ad Shepard Jewelry Co., Harris & Son Feeds
53Letters Montgomery Pike, L.U. Misbach, The Ollie Longs
54AD Lewis & Wilson Groceries, Gilt Edge Creamery E.E. Montgomery
55Letters Harry E. Hull, A.A. Cook, E.J. Shannahan, Lillian M. Lewis, Vera Holmes-Spencer, J.J. Mullin
56AD Iowa Electric Co.
57Letters Mrs. L.T. Davidson, Mr. & Mrs Jas. Evans, Louise Kelting Van Pelt, G.W. McIntyre
58AD J. R. Martin Hardware Store - J. R. Martin
59Letters Francis & Edwin McCarty, Harry E. Matthew
60AD Latona Theatre, Oxy-Acetylene A.T. Akerman, Finley Electric Co.
61Letters Young Sisters continued
62Letters/AD Young Sisters continued, Williamsburg Telephone Co.
63Letters Herbert C. Morse, Grace McCallister, Mrs. L.A. Bowman, T.M. Davis, Mr. & Mrs .David Hughes, W.G. Meyer
64AD H.P. Friederichsen Florist and Landscape Gardner, Rock's Furniture Store F.C. Rock
65Letters June L. Foster-Robinson, Walter Harrington, T.R. Gittins, Clair O. Lortz
66AD Nicola Clothing Co., Hall & Leasure
67Letters Mr. & Mrs. M. Plevka, Raymond Ogden, John E. Evans, Miss A. Baumhoefner, Ernest Reed, John E. Bevins
68Ad Drs. Watts & Rich, Dr. E.R. Jones, Dr H.H. Gardner, Dr. P.H. Giblin, P.P. White, J.F. McCabe
69Letter Nettie Holden Tucker cont next page
70Letters Nettie Holden Tucker, One Tourist's Opinion, Ruth Monnett Grubb, Mrs. Jennie E. Jones
71Letters/Poem Ann Gittins Hull, Arthur E. Boland, F.P. Meyer, "Just A Dream" Poem by Mrs. Jessie L. Halloway
72Letters J.A. Daniels, William D. Evans, William P. Hanson, Mariam Evans King
73Ad The Air-Way Soults & Hogan
74Letters Mrs. H.W. Jones, Rev. Robert & Mae Tipton, William G. Evans, Arthur Williams, J.B. Raben, John Heitshusen, T.T. Osborn
75AD Durr Bros. Shoes, V.P. Owen Implement Dealer
76Letters Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Lockard, Emma Akerman Miss, W.G. Butler, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Nicola, F.A Hufford, Rev. J. F. Rex
77AD R.E. Jones
78Delco Cafe, Spiegler & Drake, G.H. Leasure, Stake Hotel, Journal Tribune, Mrs. Laura Leech - Luxtone & Franco-American Toilet Goods & Household Articles
79Thanks from J.T.
80Picture of Mr. & Mrs John Nash
81AD Hart Schaffner & Mark "Lewis Colthing Store"

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