The May Flower - 1903 Special Edition of the Williamsburg Journal-Tribune - Index

The May Flower edition consists of letters and news from those who have moved away from the "burg," as well as some pre-1903 history of Williamsburg.

Contact the Williamsburg Historical Commission if you are interested in an article listed in the index below.

Title: The May Flower - Special Edition published by the Williamsburg Journal-Tribune
Publisher: The Williamsburg Journal-Tribune, Williamsburg, Iowa County, Iowa Date: 30 Apr 1903
Repositories: Microfilm at various locations and Digital images at the Williamsburg Historical Commission
Contributed by: Rita McDonald of the Williamsburg Historical Commission
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb, 21 Oct 2014

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0 Inside Cover, AD Geo. E. Poyneer
01AD Nicola & Foster West Side Clothers
02AD D.J. Jenks & Son
03AD Krebs Bros. Co., R.W. Pugh, J.M. Dower, R.W. Yoss, A.C. Moon, E.C. Long, H.D. Hinkley, H.H. Gardner ,Dr. F.A. Blake
04AD Perry's Drug Store
05Williamsburg, Her Past & Present, State of Iowa, Iowa County, Town of Williamsburg, Williamsburg Public School Building
06Williamsburg, Her Past & Present, Trading Point, As A Residence Town,The School, Rev. T.C. McFarland, M.E. Church, Presbyterian Church, Rev. E.J. Pike
07Williamsburg, Her Past & Present, Historical, Business Men of the Present, A Jaunt Through The List, J.F. Lytle, Rev. James Kissane, St. Mary's Catholic Church
08Rev. D.T. Davis, Rev. T.D. Rhys, Welsh Congregational Churches, J.J. Williams, D.D. Evans
09Benj Harris, Peter White, D.F. Evans, T.R. Williams, F.W. Tomasek, Bruce Francis, J.P. Kelly, J.N. Jones, L.W. Hanaford
10Louis Shames, F.W. Tomasek, T.J. Perry, C.F. Schnee, T.J. Perry's Drug Store, Interior of Boston Department Store
11W.T. Evans, W.L. Holmes, W.F. Williams, Interior of Star Drug Store, L. Shames Boston Department Store
12W.F. Williams, The Journal Tribune, The Hub Clothing Store, H.E. Blasier, H.E. Blasier- Jeweler and Optician, J.M. Thomas, Interior of Lytle's Cash Department Store
13Pictures G.H. Hughes, T.J. Perry, C.A. Jenks, J.C. Nicola, R.W. Yoss, Chas. Fletcher, J.P. Gallagher, T.T. Osborn, Geo. Klein
14R.L. Parry, Jenkins & Starry - Blacksmiths, The South Side Barber Shop, J.N. Jones, South Side Millinery/Hall & Leasure, W. Harrington, Nicola & Foster, F. W. Tomasek's Harness Store, M.M. Starry
15W.R Evans, Paul & Downs, Fletcher's Drug Store, Edward Boland, D. B. Connelly, W. R. Evans Store
16 H. Williams Jr, W.E. Owen, Farmers Savings Bank, D.E. Evans, David Hughes, H. Williams Jr General Store
17C.J. Simmons, George Klein, Victoria Hotel, R.W. Yoss, T.E. Gittins, T. E. Gittins Residence, Mr. & Mrs. W. Harrington, Dr. A.C. Moon Residence
18Williamsburg Savings Bank, M.J. Kelly, G.H. Hughes, J.F. Stephens, Williamsburg Savings Bank, M.J. Kelly, G. H. Hughes Residence
19F.C. Rock, W.E. Fuller & Photo, Williamsburg Implement Company, Lyman Hanaford, Benjamin Harris, Troy Creamery, Interior of W. T. Evans Restaurant, James Keegan Residence
20Williamsburg Brick & Tile Company, Perry & Jones Stock Dealers, S.D. Akerly, Peter White Stock Buyer, Menary & Evans Stock Dealer, W.R. Gittins, View of Williamsburg Brick & Tile, Photo of one of the kilns at the Williamsburg Brick & Tile
21Hughes & Long Lumber Coal, W.F. Harris Grain Dealer, Farmers Savings Bank, W. F. Harris Grain Elevator, W. R. Long's Light Brahmas Chickens, E.W. Lloyd Stable
22AC Moon M.D., John Hughes Jr. Lumber & Coal, D. J. Jenks & Son Grain Coal & Mill Feed, Wm. Ward, Residence of D. E. Evans, Residence of John Hughes Jr.
23J.P. Doherty, Mayor T.R. Williams, Williamsburg Telephone Company, Herbert Gardner, John O'Donnell, Residence of Mayor T. R. Williams, Switchboard of Williamsburg Telephone Co. with Operators Sadie Osborn and Annie Parry
24W. L. Holmes, Residence of O.W. Perry, H.E. Hull, W.F. Harris, E.J. Baird, R.P. Butler and Grand Daughter, Residence of M.J. Kelly
25Dixon Jones Poultry, A.B. Ogden, Julius Sinn, McWhirter & Gorvin, Al Quinn, W.E. Evans, George C. House, John R. Evans Residence, William E. Evans, A. B. Ogden Residence
26Williamsburg Nursery Co, J.A. Tanner, Dr. E.C. Long, J.M. Dower, E. C. Long Residence, Lewis D. Jones Residence, R. H. Dunn
27F.W. Tomasek Harness Dealer
28The Co-Operative Store
29Pictures of interior of the Co-Operative Store
30Ellis Hakes, H.E. Hull, Hon. John Hughes, R.W. Pugh, W. R. Gittins Residence
31Boston Dep't Store
32Williamsburg Nursery Co, H. Harrington, A.J. Baumhoefener, W. P. McFann, H.G. Williams, H. Harrington & Co.
33Ellis Lloyd & Photo, A.L. Morse, H. Williams Jr, Residence of Mrs. Mary Brannan, T.E. Gittins, Residence Of J.M. Thomas
34D.M. Evans, E.D. Snell, Edward Blasier, Charles Fletcher, W.R. Long, Fong Lee Laundry, Residence of T.T. Osborn
35H.D. Hinkley, David Hughes. Express & Dray Lines, Lew Perkins - Stock Buyer, Painting and Paper Hanging, Real Estate & Insurance, Masons & Plasterers, E.J. Baird, Carpenters & Builders
36Mrs. H.E. Hull, Miss Teresa Humphrey, Miss Charlotte Poyneer, Miss Irma Threlkeld, Welsh Presbyterian Church, Rev. T.D. Davis, St Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. Elias J. Pike
37St. Mary's Church, Rev. Father Kissane, Welsh Congregational Church, Farm Residence of H.B.M. Daniels, Farm Residence of Joe Menary, Farm Residence of M.H. Morrin
38Rev. T.D. Rhys, The Presbyterian Church, Rev. T.C. McFarland, A.S. Murchison, James F. Talbot, Farm Residence of A.S. Murchison, Farm Residence of J.F. Talbot
39B.H. Hakes & Son
40Farm Residence of E.W. Edwards, F.O. Harrington & Photo, M.H. Morrin, Ed. Boland, Farm Residence of F.O. Harrington, E.W. Edwards
41W.E. Reynolds, William T. Jones, Hon. D. B. Connelly, H.R. Owens, Owens Bros., D.M. Evans, Evan W. Edwards, Millard Harrington, Wm. Rutherford
42B.H. Hakes & Son, H.D. Hanson, R.P. Butler, John J. Reynolds, Edward Lonergan Sr., Ever Hill Farm, Patrick Donohoe, Evan J Owen
43Father McCarville - Armah, Rev. Father Mahoney, Rev. C.W. Baumhoefener, Mrs. W.R. Jones, Mrs. Sarah Evans
44E.W. Edwards, Robert E. Owens, C.C. Keil & Son, Lew Perkins
45Owens Bros
46The Pioneer, When the May Flowers Bloom
47Our Most Valuable Product, Children and Baby pics-Alden Williams, Annie Gallagher, Gladys Eva Stephens, William Clark Osborn, Florence & Leo Williams, William Regan, Edward Gunther, Iris Leasure, Fred & Lloyd Schnee, Stanley Yates, Robert Hughes, Francis E. Martin, Allyn Greaves Evans, Catharine Anne Evans, Gladys M. Smakel, Marguerite Lenker, Leona Jones, Florence L. Murchison, Lester R. Davis, Errell B. Fuller, Thelma & Inez Barnard, Opal Lewis, Pearl Dorothy Goodman, Florence Williams, Harlan Cole, Levi Frank Snell, Ella B. Williams, Chas. Cook Jr., D.B. Furman, Frances Owen, Neva Holden
48Death's Reaping, Card of Thanks from Mrs. Patrick Hoy & Family, Best & Cheapest-D.C. Fielding, Fletcher's Drug Store, W.E. Fuller
49Mrs. Catharine Gallagher, Little Pearl Menary & Her Pet, Residence of J.J. Yates, J.H. Lewis, Dixon Jones, J.A. White, Evan J. Owen, Farmers Savings Bank
50Local & Personal, W.F. Williams, C.F. Schnee
51Local & Personal, H. E. Blasier's, Williamsburg Savings Bank, Hughes & Long, Hub Clothing
52Local & Personal, The New Cash Store, J. Hughes Jr., Hub Clothing Store
53Local & Personal, H.M. Downs, Hub Clothing Store, W.L. Holmes Star Drug
54J.M. Dower, John Jones, Ellis Lloyd, Hub Clothing Store, City Restaurant - W.T. Evans
55P.J. Donohoe
56Local & Personal, Jenkins & Starry, F.C. Rock
57Local & Personals, Announcement, What is White Bronze, Parnell
58Commencement Day, York Center, Conroy, Pilot Grove, Genoa Bluff, Williamsburg Laundry, John Condon - Auctioneer
59Belgian Horse Company, Menry & Evans, J.J. Williams, Notice of Incorporation of Genoa Bluff Creamery
60W.P. McFann, Williamsburg-York Center Horse Co.
61O. W. Richardson & Co's, Howell Williams Jr. General Merchandise
Back CoverLytle's Cash Department Store

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