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Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Archival Research Catalog
For more information see: US National Archives (search for: Honor List of Dead and Missing)

World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing, State of Iowa War Dept June 1946

Army and Army Air Forces Personnel

The Honor List of Dead and Missing for the STATE OF IOWA
is published by the War Department for the information of public officials, the press, the radio and interested organizations. It contains the latest and most complete data available on all military personnel who were killed or died, or became and remained missing, between the President's declaration of unlimited national emergency on May 27, 1941, and the cut-off date of this report, January 31, 1946, and includes both battle and non-battle dead or missing. The complete work, of which this volume is a part, contains about 300,000 names of men and women who gave their lives while serving in the Army of the United States.

GRADE: GEN, General (four star); LT G, Lieutenant General, (three star); M G, Major General (two star); B G, Brigadier General (one star); COL, Colonel; LT C, Lieutenant Colonel; MAJ, Major; CAPT, Captain; 1 LT, First Lieutenant; 2 LT Second Lieutenant; C WO, Chief Warrant Officer; WOJG, Warrant Officer, Junior Grade; FL O, Flight Officer; AV C, Aviation Cadet; M SG, Master Sergeant; 1 SG, First Sergeant; T SG, Technical Sergeant; S SG, Staff Sergeant; TEC3, Technician Third Grade; SGT, Sergeant; TEC4 Technician Fourth Grade; CPL, Corporal; TEC5, Technician Fifth Grade; PFC, Private First Class, and PVT, Private.

TYPE OF CASUALTY: This is indicated by the symbol at the far right of each column. An individual who was killed in action, whether at the front or by enemy action in the rear areas, or if a prisoner of war, whether by air bombardment of his prison camp or by being shot while escaping, is designated “KIA.”  Persons who were wounded and later died are marked “DOW”--died of wounds. Those who suffered fatal battle INJURIES as opposed to WOUNDS, in combat or in combat areas, and died in a line-of-duty status, are designated “DOI”--died of injuries.  Other line-of-duty deaths, such as from sickness, homicide, suicide or accidents outside combat areas (including training and maneuver deaths) are listed “DNB"--died, non-battle. Individuals who were determined to be dead under Public Law 490 are designated “FOD”--finding of death  Missing persons are marked with the single letter “M”.

Iowa County, Iowa Honor List

Name Serial No. Rank Type of casualty
Agnew Leo R 37660410SGT KIA
Belger James E 37039233SGT DOW
Bonnater Clarence 37251280PFC KIA
Brecht Raymond P 37109976S SG FOD
Cooney James M 37432883PFC DNB
Dowie Walter G 0-6682172 LT FOD
Durian Harold D 37696928PVT KIA
Eichacker John H 37198163T SG DNB
Fowler Berry 37441992PFC KIA
Goodyear Dale B 0-7217032 LT KIA
Hall George F Jr 17033050S SG KIA
Hinrichs Christian E37653969PFC KIA
Hudepohl Reno H 37432858PVT DNB
Iburg Herbert O A 37653984TEC5 DOW
Kell Richard T 37045506TEC3 DNB
Kimm George D 37441991PFC DNB
Madsen Jacob M Jr 0-7296391 LT DNB
Moore Boyd E 20726373SCT DOI
Plank Robert L 0-6989732 LT DNB
Poulson Glenn W 0-7880832 LT KIA
Querl William C 17027364CPL DNB
Robinson William R 37678567PVT KIA
Sandersfeld Ernest A37040775S SG KIA
Sayers James L 37645051PFC KIA
Schaefer Harold H 37653978PVT KIA
Sherman Elmer E 37645049PFC KIA
Smith Lawrence N 0-665728CAPT FOD
Sperry Clyde O 37190027TEC4 KIA
Swain Eugene A 37668306T SG KIA
Swartzendruber C D 37663908SGT FOD
Van Waus Thomas A 37251212TEC5 DNB
Wehde Delmer D 6931551PVT DNB
Wendel Orval 37041489PVT KIA

Transcribed by Stephen D. Williams. Copyright © July 2005

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