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Source: taken from an Abstract of Title for property in Section: 11 Township: 80 Range: 9.

This is a list of landowners and associated persons named in land transactions in the town of Homestead, Iowa Township, Iowa County, Iowa before land passed to the Amana Society in 1909. These individuals conducted land transactions between 1848 to 1861, and is only complete for one piece of land. Later transactions for this land are not listed. Relationships have been noted where evident.

Landowners from 1848 to 1861 for land in Section 11, Township 80, Range 9

Benjamin H. and Martha E. Buckin(g)ham
Orley and Mary Hull
Mathias Hollopeter
James H. and Borrodell Gower
Charles M. and Heriette Winzenried and John Beyer
Russel and Clarisa A. Spicer
William Frederick
Moses and Mary Mitchell
George H. and Lucy B. Hazelton
Charles L. Mayer
William Hench (attorney)
Sam and Louisa Workman
James Bennett
Margaret Bruitt (widow of James Bruitt)
Ezekiel S. and Elizabeth Sampson and Nicholas Sampson
John A. amd Angeline Hunter
Arunah and Rachel Hibbard
Martin Ballard
A.J. Morrison
James A. and Martha A. Hunter
David M. and Mary Ann Walter
Henry F. and Mary Ann Sprague
Henry (Hance or Hounse--most likely Hans) F. and Rachel Sprague
Henry P. and Mary Ann Walter

John Bruitt (also spelled Brewitt and Bruett)
Margin note: John Brewitt, the father
Thomas Brewitt
Robert Brewitt
Amanda M. Skeels and S.N. Skeels
Henry Snow
Howard and Catharine Sprague
James McCue
Albert and Elizabeth Hann
James and Caroline E. Root Jr.
Robert Horton

James M. and Rebecca A. Kortz
Sarah Danskin
Margaret E. Kortz and William H. Kortz (children and minor heirs of Sarah Danskin--guardianship of these children sought on August 6, 1859 by James G. Kortz). A Joseph G. Kortz is listed has having been appointed guardian on August 6, 1859 and his name appears on a report of the disposition of the house and property owned by these children in September 1861 and a request to sell the property.

Christina and Josiah Wright
Nathan and Mary Gage
Nathan Spicer
Mohn Moomey
Benjamin Jarvis
D.B. Odonell
Thomas and Emmer Sherlok
Emmanuel and Mariah Cook

Joseph H. and Mary F. Collins
John M. Collins (died 29 jul 1857)and Mary F. Collins (Mary in 1860 swears a deposition in which she refers to herself as the editor and proprietor of a weekly newspaper, "Iowa Weekly Visitor", published in Iowa County).
William R. Collins (died 23 Feb 1852)
Minor heirs of William R. Collins whose guardianship was awarded to John M. Collins: Joseph H Collins (over the age of 14 at time of filing in Jan of 1857), William R. Collins and Amanda J. Collins. In December of 1857, Amanda Cook was appointed guardian of the younger two Collins Children.
Jos. H. and Mary F. Collins and Mariah A. Cook are appointed in November, 1859 as guardians to John W. Brings.
John W. and Catherine Briggs

Levi and Sarah Castleman

Calvin and Margaret Ferguson
James and Catharine E. Root Jr.
John and Maragaret Fanning
Nicholas and Margaret Foos (will dated 11 Feb 1860 leaves estate to his daughter Lucinda Wadsworth--spelled Wodswerth in the will)
Dewit C. and Lucinda Wadsworth

Elison Hunter
Norman B. and Ann Rickerson
Sylvester and Irene N. Sherman

Robert Hasleton (also Hazletton)
W. Penn Clarke

N. Bruce Holbrook (Sheriff of Iowa County briefly held a Sheriff's deed on a lot owned by Robert Hazleton

Jacob Wittmer
William Daley
Hugh Kilgore
Anthony Brown
John Lindamood
Thomas F. Withrow

Freidrich and Ahlke Margaretha Pundt
Herman H. Pundt
Frederick M. Pundt

Transcribed and contributed by Mary McIntoch. Copyright © 2005 Mary McIntoch.

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