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The State of Iowa,
County of Iowa.
To the Honorable County Judge in and for the County and State of Iowa:

Your petitioners, the undersigned qualified voters—and residents of the following described territory—being in the County of Iowa and State of Iowa, to wit: River Lot No. Two (2) and the south half of the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter, and parts of the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter, and the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of section 25 in township 81 north of range 11 west, and the northwest fraction quarter of the southwest quarter and River Lot No. 2 of section 30 of township 81 north of range 10 west.

Respectfully state and represent that they are anxious and desire to have the territory embraced in the above described lands organized into an incorporated town to be known by the name of "Town of Marengo," an accurate "plat" of which said territory so proposed to be organized into an incorporated town, as aforesaid, is hereto annexed and made a part of this petition. And your said petitioners further state that E. C. Hendershott, F. M. Connelly and H. M. Martin have been selected and are authorized to act in behalf of your petitioners in procecuting said petition.

A. J. Morrison,
W. H. McFall,
J. R. Flaugher,
R. Ratcliff,
Laban Alverson,
J. H. Murphy
William McCullough,
A. B. Eshleman,
H. H. Hull,
Porter C. Hull,
J. R. Serrin,
John Goodman,
John Mc. T. Gibson,
Oliver H. Swezey,
J. R. Hambel,
W. L. Crenshaw,
J. H. Gray,
W. G. C. Williams,
Obadiah Dillin,
F. B. Havens,
E. L. Ogle,
D. D. Dildine,
Eli Jennings,
Charles W. Michener,
Martin Byers,
N. B. Vinyard,
F. M. Connelly,
B. F. Crenshaw,
C. C. Slocum,
A. W. Childress,
Wm. D. Loveridge,
H. Deffinbaugh,
C. Edwards,
L. Martin,
G. A. Worley,
James D. Bosh,
Daniel Cripe,
J. L. Gardner,
Chas. D. Hostetter,
A. P. Alexander,
Francis M. Jeffers,
William Fryatt,
S. D. Loveridge,
A. B. Israel,
A. Miles,
William D. Crenshaw,
Robert McKee,
Isaac Hardin,
James W. Frank,
R. C. Bartlett,
D. C. Gower,
Thomas Hovey,
Thomas H. Swezey,
G. F. Eyrick,
D. Sturdevant,
Joseph Crenshaw,
Mich. C. McNauton,
A. W. Kimball,
Simon Hollopeter,
Walter Jordan,
L. Q. Reno,
R. B. Groff,
Richard Patten,
R. A. Redman.



State of Iowa,
Iowa County.
In the County Court of said County.

To all to whom these presents may concern. Know ye, that it being deemed right and proper in the judgment of the court in open session sitting, at the July term thereof, A. D. 1859, that the prayer of the within petition should be granted, it is ordered, and the same is here enforced upon the said petition, that the territory described in the said petition may be organized into an incorporated town, by the name, and as described in said petition in accordance with the statutes in such cases made and provided.

Witness my hand and the seal of said county at Marengo, this 4th day of July, A. D. 1859.

(Seal) Recorded July 13, A. D. 1859.
William H. Wallace, County Judge.


E. C. Hendershott, County Recorder.
By A. B. Eshleman, Deputy.

Recorded in Town Lot Deed Record 2, page 361.

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