The Flagpoles of Yankee Point Cemetery


Flagpoles were erected, each affixed with a plaque, and dedicated to the memory of a loved one.   The idea came about from a desire to generate funds to maintain the cemetery.

The cemetery is entered through its south side at its western (left) boundary. Flagpoles flank the steal archway entrance and continue up the entrance driveway along the left fence-line.  An additional lone pole stands part way up at the right of the driveway.  The second grass driveway (the second right turn) is flanked with another series of flagpoles.  Please see the plot map to locate each flagpole using the numbers below.

Flagpoles along the entrance driveway:  1 & 8.

Flagpoles along the grass driveway: 1-8N, 1-8S. These numbers are appended with an N or S denoting a pole to either the north or south of the driveway. 

Note: There are thirteen small round metal fence posts (stanchions).  Heavy white chain linkage used to connect these posts.  Please see the plot map for their location along the east boarder and the photo on this page.

Contributor: Virginia Threlkeld
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 16 Nov 2009.
Photos: Virginia Threlkeld
Yankee Point Cemetery Flagpoles
Yankee Point Flagpoles
Name plate
Name Plate Donated by the Dhondt Family
Name plate
Name Plate Donated by the Garringer Family
Stanchions Along the East Boarder