Yankee Point Cemetery

This burial index is complete to Sep 2009. Yankee Point is designated as an Active Cemetery. Section numbering has been introduced to guide you in grave site location.

History: Pauline Lillie's 1976 History

Gravestone Photos:  Iowa Gravestone Photo Project  Complete set of photos

Plot Map:  Stick drawing over aerial map

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A peaceful cemetery surrounded with fields; in good conditions, kept mowed and with new entrance signs erected in 2008. The Cemetery board continues to be made up of family members.

Directions and Location Maps:

Interactive Location Map w/GPS
Directions Map

From Williamsburg
  1. Head south on N Highland St/IA-149/P Avenue toward North St Continue to follow IA-149 (6.2 mi)
  2. Continue on P Avenue (2.3 mi)
  3. Turn right at 315th St (0.7 mi)
  4. Turn right to stay on 315th St (0.2 mi)

Coordinates: (DEC) Latitude 41.5500091 Longitude -92.0179549

Transcribed by: Virginia Threlkeld, includes stones, inscriptions, markers and notes; with updates from Burrell Brenneman, Larry Hornbacker, Kris Townsend and Netha Meyer.
Cemetery Photos by: Virginia Threlkeld
Stick drawing plot map by: Virginia Threlkeld
Web page by: Stephen Williams
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, Mar, Sep 2009.
Media Source: Gravestone inscriptions and Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History
Cemetery Listing:

Extra photos are marked below as follows: family stone icon = Family stone.  memorial marker icon = Military/Membership marker.  plot marker icon = Plot marker (indicates a plot's corner boundary; usually made of cement measuring 4 x 4 inches by 8 inches deep). Click [sort arrows] column title to [up arrow] sort.

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ABaileyW.D. Duly15 Nov 192023 Dec 19881st Lt. US Army Air Corps WWIIMilitary stone
ABaileyDerlin [Duly)15 Nov 192023 Dec 1988Shares stone with M. Luella; see military stone
ABailey[Claypool]M. Luella13 Apr 191830 Jul 2003Mary Luella, wife of W.D. Bailey per obitShares stone with Derlin (Duly)
JBarnhartMaurice D. "Barney"1944Shares stone with Nancy Barnhart
JBarnhartGarringerNancy L.1944Married Oct. 12, 1963; Parents of Kathy & BrentShares stone with Maurice Barnhart
BlairGlenna C.7 Jun 19236 Jun 2008Parents of Priscilla, Mary, Susie, Clennis, Becky & Beth AnnShares stone with Ralph Blair.
FBlairRalph E.30 Aug 191210 Sep 1996Military stone/W.W. II marker 1941-1945 on back of shared stone. Shares stone with Glenna.
IBlueLuna M.[Mar 1869]22 Mar 18709m 29dDau. of G.W. & R.A. BlueGeorge Washington & Rachel A. Blue, Married 1869
IBlueOrange A.[circa 1848]20 Nov 187224y 3m 12dFootstone: initials O.A.B. on it; Main stone broken with bottom half gone; Father: John & Mary (Braymer) Blue
GCarrInfant sonInfant son. Son of B.F. & L.A. CarrShares stone with Lucy Wilhite; Dau: Benjamin Franklin & Ida A. Carr
ACarterEmma G. [Garnett]10 Jan 19037 Mar 1903Dau. of A.J. & F. CarterPer Larry Hornbacker: Emma G. Carter dau. of Asa J & Florence Carter
GCarterCora I.Small Cora J. beside larger stone
GCarterCora I.13 Sep 18733w 3dOn side of larger shared stone (with Wm. & Harriet Carter)
GCarterWilliam[16 Dec 1829]12 Feb 190474y 1m 19dSmall "Father" behind larger stone; Shares stone with Harriet E. & Cora;b.16 Dec 1829 in Wayne Co., New York; 27 Nov 1853 married Mary E. Holden; Masonic Order; One child infant died, Edgar L., Ida Ann, Charles Wm.,Harvey P., John B., David B. per obit.
GCarter[Holden]Harriet E.[9 Mar 1836]28 Aug 190670y 5m 19dSmall Mother behind larger shared stone with William & Cora I Carter; Listed as Mary E. (Holden) Carter in William's obituary.
CCarterWillie S.[1888]21 Nov 18935y 2m 10dI am resting, sweetly resting Holy Bible [inscribed on top]Son of W.S. & Iowa Carter; b. 1888
FCarterWallace J. [Jr.]19 Dec 192710 Sep 1996Fishing Pole noted on Wallace's side of the gravestone. Shares stone with Laurene Carter; Wallace's first marriage was to a Tudor of which of which 3-4 children were born.
FCarterBecklerLaurene19 Jun 1922Shares stone with Wallace J. Carter, 2nd wife.
CCarterL.A.18491901Small father stone behind main stone; data on main stone
CCarterBertha18801900Our daughterSmall Berta stone; data on main stone
CCarterLewis18831902Our sonSmall Lewis Stone;data on main stone
CCarterGail18921902Our daughterSmall Gail stone;data on main stone
ACarterJacob O.15 Jun 188132y 1m 10dAnd he said unto me, it is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I give unto him that is a thirst on the fountain of the water freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. Rev. 21:5-6."Jake", B: May 1843-44. Parents: Benjamin & Anna Marie (Braymer) Carter. Married: Phebe Ann Harding.
FCarterEllsworth B. [Benjamin][31 Mar 1861]22 Apr 189938y 23dFTL I.O.O.F. marker; husband of Maggie A. Carter (Margaret Ann Claypool); Parents: Stephen & Charlotte Carter
GCarterHerbert B. [Benton]22 Feb 189011 Oct 1918Parents: William & Iowa Carter
CCarterCharles C. [Clifford][2 Jan] 18921953Son of William & Iowa Carter
BCarterDavid4 Sep 183821 Jul 1910Share stone with Cynthia Carter
BCarter[Palmer]Cynthia7 Mar 184128 Aug 1923CarterShare stone with David Carter
CCarter[Sprague]Elsie A.[21 Dec] 1901[23 Dec] 1991Wife of Charles Clifford
CCarterDoris Maxine1918
CCarter[Powers]Iowa P. [Ann][Oct] 1863[21 Mar] 1931Best Funeral Home marker wife of Wm Carter per obit; died of pernicious anemia
CCarterWm. S. [William Smith][28 Apr] 1863[25 May] 1934Best Funeral Home marker; AKA: Dick. Parents: Stephen & Charlotte
GCarter[Sears]Charlotte [Elitha][Apr 1841]20 Jan 191876y 10m 17dShares stone with Oscar & Stephen Carter; 1st husb: Stephen; 2nd husb: Oscar
GCarterOscar L. [Lewis][19 Mar 1841]8 Feb 189755y 10m 15dShares stone with Charlotte & Stephen Carter. Individual Oscar L. stone. GAR marker 1861- 1865; 2nd husband of Charlotte Carter
GCarterStephen[18 Jun 1835]27 Jun 186429y 16dKilled by lighteningShares stone with Oscar & Charolette Carter; 1st husband of Charlotte Carter
ACarterWarren U.8 Oct 187516 Aug 1914Shares with Sophia, Small Warren stone.
ACarterSophia M.16 Jun 187211 Aug 1903Shares with Warren
ACarterMilton A. [Authur][9 Dec] 1888[14 Oct] 1918FTL marker at graveside; Polio; L.Hornbaker
ACarterFamily stone
ACarterForrest [Rogers][12 Nov] 1901[20 Oct] 1918Stone behind Carter family stone; died 6 days before 1/2 brother Milton Carter; Flu epidemic; Son to Asa Joseph Carter - L. Hornbaker
ACarter[Wertz]Laura M[8 Nov 1865]28 Dec 189833y 2m 20dMother; wife of Asa J. Carter
ACarterLaura E.[5 Oct 1897]22 Sep 18981y 8m 17dDau of A.J. & L.M. CarterLaura E. across top of small stone
ACarterJames W. "Bud"19211990Married Jean: 11 Jan 1946Jean, James & Ronald Carter share the same stone
FCarterBrubakerJean F.1924Parents of Linda, Ronald, Mike, Cliff, Jill, & RayJean, James & Ronald Carter share the same stone
FCarterRonald J. [James]1949Jean, James & Ronald Carter share the same stone; Ronald James Carter (McSwiggin & Uhlmann Marker previously)
FClabaughVictor C. "Vic"1946Parents of Cory & ChadShares stone with Diane
FClabaughBonnicksenDiane M.1947Shares stone with Victor C.
IClaypoolClifford O.14 Nov 190130 Jan 1991Son of Bert H. & & Minnie (Lindsey) Claypool
IClaypool[King, West]Thelma L.28 Jan 19097 May 1971
IClaypoolCharles M.13 Jun 191914 May 1994Son of Otis Claypool
IClaypoolCordella9 Feb 19237 Dec 2003Parents of Gary, Patty, Lannie
AClaypoolInfant son23 Jan 1898Infant son of A.B. & R.B. Claypool
IClaypool(Lindsey)Minnie E.19 Nov 188224 Jul 1967
IClaypoolJonathan[25 Oct 1829]3 Nov 191990y 9d
IClaypool[Henkle]Ann Maria[17 Mar 1836]8 May 191276y 1m 21dShares stone with Jonathan & John F. Small mother stone behind larger stone; Wife of Jonathan Claypool. Sis to Ira Henkle
IClaypoolC plot marker south of small John F. Claypool stone, north of Ira Henkle
IClaypoolJohn F.[7 Sep 1871]10 Nov 191342y 1m 10dI.O.O.F marker; Shares stone with Ann Marie & Jonathan Claypool. Small John F. stone; Son of Jonathan Claypool
DClaypoolW.N.2 Jan 185325 Feb 1912Stone broken in 3 separate pieces & has been for > 3 years. 2009 now fixed
DClaypoolSamuel L.[8 Jul 1823]23 Feb 190783y 7m 15dShares stone with Mary (wife). Small father stone.
DClaypool[Tabor]Mary E.15 Sep 190069y 4mSimply at rest, meet me in heaven [on small mother stone] Wife of S.L. ClaypoolShares stone with Samuel Claypool.
IClaypoolA. [Authur] Benton[4 Oct] 1862[4 Jul] 1932Share stone with Rosa B.
IClaypool[Carter]Rosa B. [Belle][22 Apr] 1859[13 Sep] 1930Parents: Stephen & Charlotte Elitha (Sears) CarterShare stone with A. Benton
AClaypoolOtis [Henry][4 May] 1894[31 Dec] 1981Shares stone with wife Pearl. Son of Rosa & Arthur Claypool
AClaypool[Polton]Pearl [Agness][3 Apr] 1894[15 Aug] 1964Shares stone with husband Otis.
IClaypoolBert H.30 Sep 188121 Nov 1970Married to Minnie Lindsey Claypool. (2nd wife)
DhondtMarvin J.19272009Uhlmann-Powell Funeral marker present at this time 9-2009
DEdminstonH.L.13 Oct 190213 Dec 1902Suffer Little children to come unto me and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of HeavenSon of W.L. & M.M. Shares stone with Maggie Edminston
DEdminstonMaggie M.9 Oct 188626 Jan 1902Remember me as you pass by, as you are now, so once was I, As I am now so you must be, prepare for death and follow meDau of W.L. & E.G. Edminston. Shares stone with H.L. Edministon
IFarlow[Gordon]Mary Ann18381902Wife of Francis C.[Carr] FarlowMarried Sept. 18, 1856, No. Eng.; Mary Ann's parents: Wm & Clarissa Gordon.
IFarlowWilliam L6 Feb 18651y 4m 10dBeneath the sod now lies the forms, That to us were dear and lovely, Whose sparkling eyes increased our days, But now they'e gone and we are lonely.Children of FG & MA Farlow, shares stone with Clarrisa. Noted & rechecked P. Lillie's book states 16 days; Francis Farlow 25 Mar 1832 - 21 May 1855 buried unknown,BB
IFarlow[Carter]Clarissa E.[8 Mar 1863]13 Jun 18652y 3m 5dShares stone with William E.
JFurmanEtta A6 Jul 187223 Sep 190432y 2m 17dGone but not forgottenWife of Albert Furman
IGarringerArnold Burton7 Feb 193226 Jan 2001Sgt. US Marine Corps- Korea - Korean War Marker
JGarringerBeverly K.13 Dec 1955[married] 20 Jun 1979; Parents of Lynda & JustinShares stone with Edward Garringer
JGarringerEdward C.19 Sep 1960Shares stone with Beverly Garringer
FGarringerRobert D.3 Mar 19362 Jan 2004US Army KoreaMilitary stone:back of shared stone
FGarringerRobert D.19362004US Army 1954-1959W.W. II Korean military marker present: Shares stone with Shirley
FGarringerDennisonShirley A.1941Married 9 Sep 1960; Parents of Rob, Sheila, Rick, Cindy, RodgerShares stone with Robert
HGarringerRonald G.2 Aug 194214 Apr 1960
JGarringerJames Riley3 July 187323 Jan 1922Shares stone with wife Treacy
JGarringerTreacy7 May 187319 Mar 1961His WifeShares stone with James Riley
JGarringerScottDebra A.1954[2007][married] 17 Dec 1977; Parents of Shannon, Nicole & MatthewShares stone with Daniel Garringer; d. 12 Oct 2007 per obit
JGarringerDaniel J.1958Shares stone with Debra Garringer
JGarringer[Park]Jennifer K.H.[Kyong Hee]1949Shares stone with Dale Garringer
JGarringerDale E.1946Parents of Thomas & TimothyShares stone with Jennifer Garringer
JGarringerKellerM. Etheldene1931Parents of Jacki, Rita, Louis, Michael, Leelyn, Thomas & GaryShares stone with J. Francis
JGarringerJ. Francis19302001Shares with M. Etheldene; Sgt. US Air Force Korea WWII military marker present
JGarringerJohn F.3 Jun 19309 Oct 2001SSGT US Air Force, Koreamilitary stone on back of shared stone
JGarringerJohn D.18 Apr 18987 May 1983Share stone Bertha
JGarringer(Claypool)Bertha I.23 May 190013 Jan 1977Their son RonaldShare stone John D.; date of birth: ? 23 May 1908 vs 1900
JGarringerBurkettMaymie R. [Ruth][29 Jan]1927Married to Dean W. Luers 19 Feb 1994; Parents of Dale, Laurence, Joseph, Teresa, John, Glenn, & BentonShares stone with Glenn D. Garringer
JGarringerGlenn D.19201985[married] 29 May 1946WW II Military marker present: Military stone attached to the back.
JGarringerGlenn D.18 Apr 192021 Jun 1985SC2 US Navy WWIIMilitary stone; Shares stone with Maymie Garringer
JJanesAnita Renee30 Aug 196431 Aug 1965Dau. of Donna Garringer SalyerStone reads Anita Renee daughter of Donna Garringer Salyer
JGarringerDonald[29 Nov ]1921[22 Mar]1997Shares stone with Dorothy Garringer; WW II marker
JGarringerDorothy1925Parents of Donna, John, Marie, Alan, Rand Dee, JayneShares stone with Donald Garringer
JGarringerJames C.1936[married] 25 June 1955; Parents of Daniel, Edward, Rebecca, Nancy, & RonaldShares stone with Jeanne I.
JGarringerKleinmeyerJeanne I.1936[married] 25 June 1955Shares stone with James C.
JGarringerMarvin L.6 Sep 19287 Mar 1997A1C US Air Force KoreaMilitary stone on back of main stone; Korean War Marker Present
JGarringerMarvin Lyle6 Sep 19287 Mar 1997Shares stone with Marlene
JGarringerNewberryMarlene E.20 Nov 1932Married 7 Apr 1951; Our children: Stephen, Suzanne, Stanley, Stuart, Stacey.Shares stone with Marvin L.
JGarringerBetty Jean[28 Apr] 1925[28 Aug] 1988Shares stone with Al.
JGarringerAl L.[10 May] 1923[12 Mar] 2003Parents of: Lonnie, Nancy & TammyShares stone with Betty, 2 pics submitted.
JGarringerL.L. "Buck"1946Huband of Diana; Father of Heather & NickBuck deer on stone
HGarringerRalph L. [LaVonne]2 Mar 192916 Dec 2002SFC US Army KoreaMilitary stone; WWII Korea military marker present
GGarringerKeith K.17 Apr 19194 Jun 1950
HGarringerNewkirkDarlyn V.1938Married 21 Oct 1956Shares stone with Wm.
HGarringerWilliam "Bill"1938Parents of Karey, Karmen, Kevin & KeithShares stone with Darlyn
HGarringer[Welch]Adah I.["Ada" Irene]27 Nov 189912 Apr 1922Mother
HGarringerCarl L. [Landrew][21 Feb] 1896[14 Apr] 1972Carl 1896-1972. FatherSmall stone
HGarringer[Brown]Esta M.[Mildred]8 Jul 19076 Sep 1960Wife of Carl[2nd wife of Carl]
HGarringer[Kirkpatrick]Marilyn J. [Jean]6 Sep 193213 May 1990Married 9 Sep 1950Shares stone wth Vernon
HGarringerVernon E.28 Jul 1927Parents of Barbara, Sandra & ScottShares stone with Marilyn
HGarringerS.V.Plot saved for person still living; cement with "S. V. Garringer" engraved
HG plot marker between the 3rd & 4th tree on south side next to a stone
HGordonWilliam M.[1812]5 Apr 1867Stone broken off./sunken in ground, noted footstone WMG, directly behind broken stone
HGordonLuretta E.3 Jan 186911y 9m 2dDau of Wm M. & C. Gordon
HGordonDavid C16 Dec 184021 Jan 1862 GAR marker (1861-1865) & FLT marker
HGordonClarissa[1812]3 Jun 186653yWife of Wm M. GordonDaughter of Frances & Mary Ann (Gordon) Carter.
HGordonEbenezer L.5 Jul 186523y 7m 16dGone Home. Drowned. At the expiration of his time of service as a defender of his country. He has gone on the lasting march to the land where nevermore __ __ __?G.A.R. Marker 1861-1865. Stone is broken in 3 places.
GHoldenW. [William] H.Col. B. 73rd Ind. Infantry GARMilitary marker present; No other information on the stone. Stone sunken in ground.
FHeyesenClifford F.[11 Sep] 1924[14 May] 1979Military stone
GHubbellAlbert W. [Al]7 May 194414 Aug 2008Married: 15 May 1967Shared Stone with Phyllis present 9-2009. Uhlmann-Powell Funeral marker present at this time 9-2008
GHubbellPhyllis I.12 Aug 1945Parents of Chris, Jim, HeidiShares stone with Albert W. Hubbell
GHubbellChris William19671967McSwiggin & Uhlman Funeral Home marker embedded in cement
IHenkleIra A.18471929
JKleinmeyerEdward G. [Gustao][27 Mar]1908[18 Sep ]1959
IG plot marker behind broken unknown stone. This is in the row behind the Knipfer family stones.
IKnipferGottfried[9 Aug 1830]20 Feb 191483y 6m 12dShares stone with Wilhemenia & Rosa Knipfer. Father stone south of main stone; married, born in Germany. Died of pneumonia, per obit
IKnipfer[Mottschall]Wilhemina[24 Jun 1832]16 Apr 190471y 9m 22dShares stone with Rosa & Godfried. Mother stone south of main stone; Also: Willhelmina Moetschell
IKnipferRosa[26 Jun 1862]8 Mar 190744y 8m 12dShares stone with Wilhemina & Godfried. Small Rosa stone is North of main stone; Daughter of Wilhemina
FMcMahanMary J.11 Aug 18635y 1m 19dDau of P & H.J. McMahanStone is half buried in the ground.
JMcDermottGarringerJacquelyn1955Shares stone with Gary & Jayme
JMcDermottGary A.[17 Feb] 1941[24 Sep] 2004Infant son Jayme Alan McDermott died.buried at Yankee Point. Daughters: Laurie, Julie. OBIT: Cremated; 17 Feb 1941 - 24 Sep 2004, died at his home; Parents Owen Thomas & Olive (Beasley)McDermott; m. 24 jan 1990 in Brooklyn Iowa; US Navy 1960 -1964 in Mediterranean region and during the Cuban missile crisis Moline American Legion Post #246 & Oskaloosa VFW.
JMcDermottJayme Alan1990Infant Jayme Alyne 1990Shares stone with Gary A. and Jacquelyn; Additional Powell Funeral Home Marker
JMooreJohn22 Mar 185673y 5m 15dHusband of Mary "Polly" Patterson Moore
JMooreJames A.10 Apr 186421y 6m 9d
JMooreGeo.W.[Washington][18 Jan 1820]1904George Washington Moore, son of John & Polly (Patterson) Moore per K. Townsend
JMoore[Randal]Abigail[4 Jun 1820]20 Feb 188362y 7m 16dYea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for tho art with me… Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.Wife of G.W. Moore
JMooreCharles L. [Lewis]14 Oct 185820 Aug 188223y 10m 6dSon of G.W. & A. Moore; Go home dear friend, refrain from tears, I must lie here until Christ appears.Per K.Townsend- son of George & Abigail Moore & date of birth
EMoore[Rogers]Bertha25 Jan 188516 May 1904Wife of George Moore
FNolanMichael21 Jan 189253yA native of Killdraw, Ireland
FNolanPeter J.26 Jul 186938y 7mBehold the grave of Brother, Husband, she and son whose Noble deeds a fadeles [sic] name, hath won.
GOttKinzenbawSusan L.6 Jun 1951Parents of Derreck & Ryan
G[unknown]Broken; base of stone left; rest unknown.
GLarge white base stone next to Susan Ott
GParsonsMary L.[27 Sep] 1933[7 Feb]1990Parents of Judie, Jeffrey, Kathleen, & Rosemary
GParsonsJim E1930
GParsonsRosemary Sue22 Jul 1966Dau of Jim & Mary Lou
BPalmerLaura O.[abt. 1815]21 Nov 188772y 10m 26dPalmer written at the base of stone; ? Jerome Palmer & Mary Pettibone Palmer, ? These 2 married Mary Palmer dau of Franklin Pettibone.
JPenrodKleinmeyerNaomi Ioan1909
BPettiboneBenjamin F.[Mar 1851]5 Jan 187826y 9m 15dYet again we hope to meet thee when the day of life has fled, then in heaven willing to greet thee, where a farewell tear is shed.
BPettiboneBenjamin C.17 Jun 18801y 9m 21dOur little Benjamin C.Son of O.L. & M. E. Pettibone
B[Pettibone]P plot marker for Pettibone
CPettiboneBryon E.[3 Nov 1859]26 Dec 188728y 1m 23dMay be known also as "Byran".
BPettiboneFranklin [L.][11 May 1829]12 Apr 191080y 11m 1dShares stone with Ellen & Armilla Pettibone; Husband: Wife: Emma Grace Mahannah, 10 Oct 1858 - (B.B.)
BPettibone[Carter]Armilla A. [Ann][28 Mar 1833]29 Jan 188450y 10m 1dShares stone with Ellen & Franklin Pettibone; wife/mother stone.
BPettiboneEllen2 Jun 186632y 10m 17dShares stone with Ellen & Franklin Pettibone; wife; abt 1938
IPowersFamily stone
JPowers[Knipfer]Clara A. [Augusta][1 Oct] 18691922Sits behind Powers family stone; Daughter of Gottified Knipfer
JPowersFrank V.10 Aug 190027 Jul 1977
IPowersRichard Cecil30 Apr 189515 Apr 1913
IPowersCharles E.[Nov]18691946
IRenner(Claypool)Ethel J1932Mother of Deborah, Daniel & James
IRenner[unknown]Uhlmann Powell Funeral Marker. no other information on plate
GRainesWilliam13 Aug 187370y 11m 10dBlessed are the dead, which die in the LordShares stone with Anne M. Raines
GRainesAnne M.26 Mar 189279y 11m 18dTo live in hearts for time behind is not to die.Shares stone with Wm Raines
GRainesCharles F.19 Apr 18577m 29dSon of Wm. & Anne M. Raines
ASanttiClaypoolAnna Bernice5 Mar 191511 Nov 1965Home to restLot of P.A. Claypool per P. Lillie's 1976 history book
CThomasBill [Jr.]26 Aug 19172 Jun 1991W.W.II marker - 1941-1945; noted (Will Jr.); 1st married Esther "Deanie" Carter 11 Jan 1946; 2nd marriage to Dorothy McCune Schemmelfemmig in 1984
CThomasDeanie6 Feb 192523 Aug 1982Esther "Deanie" Carter
A[unknown]Mother18601931MotherIn P. Lillie's Book, this is Marked as Mother Carter stone
J[unknown]Angels on it; Garringer also, does not want name noted.
I[unknown]Half buried, no markings
F[unknown]Half buried, no markings
JWade(Crawford)Joan V.1932Mother of Jacqualine, Debbie, Roxie, Marsha, Mike & Jeff
AWarnerJosiah[30 Jun 1818]10 Jun 188162y 11m 10dShares stone with Salla Ann
AWarner[Braymer]Salla [Sally] Ann6 Oct 187443y 10m 27dShares stone with Josiah
HWelchBertha Ellen20 Jul 190519 Dec 1992BertPer obit- 87 years old, the daughter of Eugene & Nettie (Ballard) Welch.
HWelchCynthia [M.][5 Jul 1863]5 Jul 186872yWife of David R. WelchSunken in ground 1/2 way
HWelchDavid R.15 Sep 185865y 11m 28dBroken in 1/2: both pieces there
HWelchAlbert D.18511932
HWelch[Bratton]Jane [Valeda][21 Oct 1844]7 Nov 193086y 16dSmall Jane stone beside main stone. 2nd wife of David R. Welch
HWelchDaniel[22 Feb 1828]28 Nov 189976y 9m 6d
HWelch[Parker]Caroline A.[8 Jun 1828]17 Mar 188364y 9m 9dSmall Caroline stone next to shared main stone; 1st wife of Daniel Welch
HWelch[Albert] Dewey25 Feb 181923 Jul 18661st Lt Co. G8 Iowa Inf. Civil War GAR Marker 1801-1865
HWelch[Ballard]Nettie [Genethia]13 Nov 186925 Apr 1919Shares stone with Grace & Eugene
HWelchEugene23 Feb 18676 Aug 1935Shares stone with Nettie & Grace; Per obit, son of Daniel & Jane Welch. Married Nettie Ballard on 16 Mar 1890
HWelchGrace31 Oct 189813 Dec 1898Shares stone with Nettie & Eugene
HWelchGrace13 Dec 18981m 15dDau of E & M. WelchIndividual stone
*WelchIsabel17 Mar 186334y 9m 9dShe was a kind & affectionate wife. A good mother & friend to all. Erected by her son H.C. WelchBroken in 3 pieces: at entrance to cemetery; Gravestone at gate
GWestWynter[1 Jan] 1901[Sep] 1975
GWestWaln J.20 Feb 191311 Jan 1977Child of Samuel West
BWestNorth[16 Jun] 1903[15 Aug] 1927Child of Samuel West
BWestWaldo E.5 Apr 19004w 6dSon of S. & A.M. WestChild of Samuel West
BWest[Carter]Anna M.27 May 187530 Nov 1918Mother stone beside larger stone. Shares stone with Samuel; Daughter of Cynthia & David Carter
BWestSamuel19 Dec 187026 Oct 1949Father stone beside larger stone. Shares stone with Anna; Son of Abraham & Barbara (Garver) West
JWallaceWilliam [W.][1805]15 Nov 186762yShares stone with Lydia. Father stone to North of Large stone.
JWallace[Moore]Lydia[1817]11 Nov 186548y 5m 29dDau. Of John & Mary "Polly" Patterson Moore per K.T.; Shares stone with William Wallace. Mother stone south of main stone.
JWallaceElbert L8 Oct 18671y 8m 9dSon of John & Eliza J. Wallace
GWhaleyCarolyn M.14 Jun 1934Mother of Susan, Terry & Sandra
GWillhiteLucy A10 Dec 188821y 7m 2dResting, remember her, free of pain on the heavenly shoreShares stone with Infant son Carr
FWoodwardLyle R.[6 Aug] 1913[12 Nov] 1964Share stone with Leora
FWoodwardClaypoolLeora H.[Hope][20 Sep]1916[22 Nov] 1984Parents of Herman (infant), Joan & DonaldShares stone with Lyle; Daughter of Otis & Pearl Claypool
FWoodwardHerman U.18701929Husband to Cynthia Francis; W.M.A. marked on top of stone
FWoodwardDonald E1942Married 28 July 1963Shares stone with Betty Jean
FWoodwardMarineBetty Jean1943Parents of Mary Beth & Jane AnnShares stone with Donald E.
FWoodwardCynthia F. [ Frances][1 Jun]1867[20 Jul] 1908Wife of H.U. Woodward
FWoodwardH.C. "Cal"19121966Father of H.C., Marie & Marilyn
FWoodwardMildred D.29 Oct 190411y 27dAt restDau of H & C.F. Woodward

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