======================================================================================================================================================================================DEATH RECORDS BOOK 4, 1929 - 1935.  IOWA COUNTY COURTHOUSE, MARENGO, IOWA COUNTY, IOWA
Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Agnew          Bernadette E.          infant        08 Jul 1929  Iowa                             Armah               Single
    Agnew          Charlotte Mildred      2Y 5M 18D     04 Mar 1930  Iowa                             Armah               Single
    Akerman        William                80Y 10D       19 Mar 1930  New York                         Armah               Widower
    Allison        Mary E.                90Y 30M 25D   25 Sep 1930  Virginia                         IOOF                Single
    Ahrens         John                   62Y 11M 22D   19 May 1931  Iowa                             St. John's          Married
    Aikens         William R.             5Y 11M 6D     26 Jun 1931  Iowa                             Ladora              Single
    Atkinson       Jesse Ann              80Y 10M 29D   28 Jun 1931  Canada                           Ladora              Widow
    Anderson       Rose Anna              72Y 8M 6D     26 Oct 1931  Iowa                             Chariton            Married
    Arp            Richard Garth          infant        30 Mar 1932  Iowa                             Ohio                Single
    Ager           Wallace G.             73Y 7M 16D    07 Sep 1933  Missouri                         Keytesville, MO     Married
    Agnew          Edward                 76Y 7M 21D    16 Oct 1933  Indiana                          Armah               Married
    Ashley         W. B.                  81Y 1M 8D     13 Apr 1934  New York                         IOOF                Widower
    Akerman        (female)               78Y 9M 0D     04 Apr 1934  Indiana                          Williamsburg        Widow
    Albrect        Marie                  67Y 0M 17D    14 Jul 1934  Iowa                             High Amana          Widow
    Ahrens         Walter H.              22Y 3M 23D    13 Sep 1934  Iowa                             St. John's          Single
    Albert         Oscar                  52Y 9M 3D     none shown   Iowa                             Ohio                Married
    Ahrens         Henry W.               46Y 10M 10D   10 Dec 1934  Iowa                             St. John's          Married
    Brown          John W.                87Y 9M 4D     13 Apr 1929  Ohio                             Ladora              Married
    Betz           Robert M.              52Y 4M 6D     02 Jul 1929  Ohio                             Ohio                Married
    Behrens        Anna                   58Y 10 12D    08 Jan 1929  Germany                          IOOF                Widow
    Barnes         Noah W.                60Y 9M 16D    28 Feb 1929  Ohio                             Pilot Grove         Single
    Bross          John                   82Y 3M 3D     31 Jan 1929  Germany                          IOOF                Married
    Bell           Thomas                 59Y 6M 14D    15 Feb 1929  England                          Joe Town            Married   committed suicide
    Burgy          Elizabeth Catharine    83Y 1M 25D    07 May 1929  Germany                          West Amana          Widow
    Bang           Peter                  47Y 0M 23D    03 Apr 1929  New York                         Amana               Married
    Bleedner       Henry N.               70Y 8M 13D    26 Jun 1929  Germany                          Shiloh - CR
    Blanket        August                 51Y 3M 5D     26 Aug 1929  Belgium                          Oak Hill - BP       Single
    Brandt         Catherine              85Y 2M 14D    03 Oct 1929  Germany                          Emanuel             Widow
    Bickford       Jesse                  71Y 9M 5D     05 Sep 1929  Illinois                         North English       W
    Biggs          George W.              72Y 8M 17D    01 Jul 1929  Indiana                          IOOF                Married
    Bavis          Charles W.             43Y 0M 23 D   13 Sep 1929  Pennsylvania                     IOOF                Married
    Berstler       Martha Ida             45Y 3M 10D    11 Nov 1929  Iowa                             Millersburg         Married
    Boyd           Daniel                 89Y 5M 7D     25 Nov 1929  Ohio                             Williamsburg        Married
    Bender         Sarah Ann              78Y 10M 13D   14 Aug 1930  Pennsylvania                     Armah               Widow
    Bleedner       Lloyd H.               37Y 6M 2D     29 Aug 1930  Iowa                             Shiloh - CR         Single    skull fracture
    Bernhart       Theodore F.            24Y 0M 0D     05 Jun 1930  Pennsylvania                     Armah               Single
    Boland         Elizabeth              7aY 6M 15D    31 May 1930  Ireland                          Oak Hill            Widow     [note to check age]
    Barker         Lloyd Ellis            26Y 3M 27D    24 Feb 1930  Iowa                             North English       Single    auto accident

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Birch          John                   55Y 0M 0D     28 Jul 1930  Iowa                             Marengo             Widower
    Baumgartner    Vernon F.              0Y 3M 26D     22 Sep 1930  Iowa                             South Amana         Single
    Barker         Eliza Jane             81Y 4M 27D    13 Jan 1930  Ohio                             IOOF - Victor       Widow
    Bauer          Elna                   42Y 1M 26D    13 Sep 1930  Iowa                             Millersburg         Married
    Balwin         William                81Y 1M 19D    21 Jan 1930  Indiana                          IOOF-Marengo        Widower
    Beem           William Dale           75Y 3M 28D    07 Apr 1930  Iowa                             Marengo             Widower
    Beatty         Daniel                 57Y 3M 20D    26 May 1930  Iowa                             Marengo             Married
    Bigbee         Eva A.                 78Y 11M 26D   31 May 1930  Pennsylvania                     Genoa Bluff         Widow
    Bogear         Bert                   49Y 5M 28D    22 Jun 1930  Iowa                             IOOF - Marengo      Widow
    Bales          Lettie                 62Y 10 M 23D  13 Jan 1930  Ohio                             Ohio
    Bayer          Mary E.                70Y 11M 12D   15 Feb 1931  Iowa                             IOOF - Marengo      Widow
    Border         William                85Y 7M 18D    08 Jan 1931  Pennsylvania                     IOOF - Victor       Married
    Baumer         Mary Jane              89Y 6M 19D    29 Mar 1931  Ireland                          IOOF - Marengo      Widow
    Bond           John T.                70Y 7M 70D    14 Apr 1931  Ireland                          Parnell             Widower   [Age 70Y 7M 70D is as recorded]
    Bradley        John                   not known     05 Jul 1931  not shown                        Del. To UIHC                  cause unknown; [death date is probably 5 Jul 1931]
    Baughman       Frank                  59Y 6M 14D    23 Oct 1931  Iowa                             North English       Single
    Bricker        Frank M.               62Y 7M 29D    22 Oct 1931  Ioaw                             Oak Hill - BP       Married
    Brecht         Joseph F.              43Y 0M 23 D   07 May 1931  not shown                        not shown           Married
    Bell           Joseph Wesley          82Y 2M 11D    03 Dec 1931  Iowa                             Wellman             Widower
    Bauer          Walter Herman          59Y 1M 24D    26 Nov 1931  Illinois                         Aledo, IL           Widower   Hit by auto on Hwy 6
    Berger         Richard F.             63Y 7M 5D     02 Jan 1932  Germany                          South Amana         Married
    Butler         Isiah Cale             92Y 3M 19D    26 Feb 1932  Ohio                             Millersburg         Widower
    Blasier        Elizabeth A.           78Y 3M 9D     17 Jan 1932  Ohio                             IOOF                Widow
    Berry          Fred G.                39Y 1M 2D     20 Mar 1932  Iowa                             Mausoleum           Married
    Bremmer        Minnie T.              64Y 3M 19D    29 Feb 1932  Iowa                             IOOF                Widow     Found dead
    Butler         Edith May              52Y 5M 2D     28 Aug 1932  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Beardshear     Sarah Jane             87Y 8M 4D     02 Aug 1932  Ohio                             IOOF                Widow
    Baird          Elliott Driggs         83Y 8M 26D    28 Sep 1932  New York                         North English       Married
    Benschneider   John                   74Y 10M 23D   10 Oct 1932  Germany                          IOOF - Victor       Married
    Baker          Charles A.             73Y 9M 27D    14 Oct 1932  Illinois                         Fontanelle, IA      Married
    Beck           John                   52Y 10M 19D   27 Oct 1932  Switzerland                      Homestead           Married
    Birmingham     Agnes                  47Y 9M 8D     06 Oct 1932  Glenco                           Holbrook            Married
    Burns          Annie                  84Y           13 Nov 1932  not shown                        Iowa Co.            Single
    Berger         Herman                 51Y 6M 10D    18 Dec 1932  Iowa                             South Amana         Married
    Bratt          May                    76Y 3M 13D    26 Nov 1932  Canada                           Sumner              Widow
    Buwell         Joseph                 88Y 2M 1D     03 Dec 9132  England                          IOOF                Widower
    Blackwell      Mary Ann               24Y 6M 0D     26 Dec 1932  Iowa                             IOOF
    Brown          Robert                 0Y 9M 23D     15 Dec 1932  Iowa                             Victor

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Billingsley    Samuel Webster         62Y 12M 8D    07 Feb 1933  Iowa                             North English       Married   [age 62Y 12M 8D is as recorded]
    Bosley         James E.               59Y 11M 25D   05 Apr 1933  Pennsylvania                     IOOF - Marengo      Married
    Bryson         Mary                   60Y 7M 1D     29 Jul 1933  Iowa                             St. Mary's - Wms    Married
    Baird          Elizabeth Ann          80Y 0M 22D    24 Aug 1938  England                          North English       Widow
    Brown           Ross Everett          0Y 1M 39D     01 Sep 1933  Iowa                             Oakhill             infant    [age 0Y 1M 39D is as recorded]
    Bahndorf       Ernst, Sr.             73Y 8M 22D    09 Oct 1930  Germany                          East Amana
    Boles          William                66Y 8M 2D     11 Oct 1933  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Bean           Dewey                  35Y 8M 5D     16 Feb 1934  Iowa                             Pilot Grove         Married
    Bohstedt       Anna                   89Y 8M 29D    13 Mar 1934  Germany                          Victor              Widow
    Bennett        George Washington      80Y 0M 7D     28 Mar 1934  Ohio                             Springfield, MO     Divorced
    Blair          Marenia                80Y 7M 10D    18 Apr 1934  New York                         Koszta              Widow
    Baird          Edith Ermira           71Y 2M 10D    27 May 1934  Iowa                             Millersburg         Widow
    Bair           John Steele            54Y 6M 9D     30 May 1934  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Boyd           Mary A.                86Y 2M 6D     03 Jul 1934  England                          Oak Hill            Widow
    Blythe         Samuel R.              75Y 1M 8D     31 Jul 1934  Ireland                          Oak Hill
    Beck           Marie                  62Y 6M 7D     18 Aug 1934  Switzerland                      Amana               Single
    Bosley         Ida                    72Y 5M 3D     28 Sep 1934  Iowa                             Marengo             Married
    Bushman        John Joseph            75Y 7M 9D                  Iowa                             Cath-Eng. Twp.      Single
    Butler         Kate                   78Y 0M 24D    15 Aug 1934  Missouri                         Parnell             Single    Invalid
    Bates          Emmett Watters         not known     17 Sep 1934  Illinois                         IOOF
    Barnes         William B.             68Y 7M 17D    13 Nov 1934  Iowa                             South  English      Married
    Bannater       Franklin David         76Y 7M 26D    24 Oct 1934  not shown                        North English       Married
    Baust          Konrad                 82Y 6M 4D     07 Dec 1934  Germany                          Amana               Widower
    Buswell        Charles Joseph         52Y 10M 13D   05 Feb 1935  Iowa                             IOOF                Single
    Bell           Allen                  41Y 5M 1D     26 Jan 1935  not shown                        Millersburg         Single
    Bopp           Henry                  66Y 2M 29D    07 Apr 1935  Iowa                             South Amana         Married
    Brown          Bertie Isaac           55Y 10M 21D   06 Mar 1935  Iowa                             IOOF                Single
    Bean           Theresa                68Y 2M 7D     23 Apr 1935  Illinois                         Pilot Grove         Married
    Beck           Margaretha             54Y 6M 23D    21 May 1935  Iowa                             Amana               Widow
    Brown          Elmer George           80Y 1M 3D     09 Jun 1935  Ohio                             North English       Married
    Beyer          Lyle                   0Y 0M 8D      14 May 1935  Iowa                             Oak Hill
    Brenner        Jacob                  90Y 5M 13D    03 Mar 1935  Pennsylvania                     Marengo
    Case           Deforist Doby          82Y 9M 29D    13 Apr 1929  New York                         Ladora              Married
    Castello       Robert                 1Y 2M 13D     30 Sep 1929  Iowa                             Millersburg
    Conroy         Lucian (male)          57Y 5M 18D    06 Sep 1929  Iowa                             Marengo             Single
    Crenshaw       B. F.                  62Y 7M 18D    20 Sep 1929  Iowa                             IOOF                Married
    Campbell       Charles Alva           59Y 1M 0D     12 Aug 1929  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Carey          Claude                 40Y 5M 1D     21 Mar 1929  Nebraska                         IOOF                Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Carder         William Henry          63Y 5M 25D    03 Oct 1929  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Campbell       A. L. (male)           67Y 5M 13 D   15 Sep 1930  Iowa                             North English       Widower
    Claypool       Rose Bell              71Y 4M 21D    15 Sep 1930  Iowa                             Yankee Point        Married
    Cronbaugh      Christopher            84Y 3M 27D    10 Feb 1930  not shown                        Koszta              Widower
    Claypool       Marlyn                 0Y 0M 1D      11 May 1930  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Infant
    Courtney       Catherine              65Y 1M 5D     15 Jan 1930  Iowa                             Bluffton, IA        Single
    Childress      Margaret A.            82Y 10M 15D   01 Mar 1931  Iowa                             IOOF                Widow
    Carey          T. Adophis             74Y 8M 16D    04 Apr 1931  Micigan                          London City         Widower
    Clements       Grace Laretta          89Y 9M2D      02 Apr 1931  England                          Marengo             Widow
    Corcoran       Harriett               22Y 4M 70D    02 Apr 1931  Iowa                             Marengo             Widow     [age 22Y 4M 70D is as recorded]
    Cashman        James                  79Y 7M 29D    08 Apr 1931  Ohio?                            Pilot Grove         Married
    Clark          Alva J.                77Y 4M 15D    09 Jul 1931  Ohio                             Ohio                Married
    Cresswell      Lincoln V. M.          71Y           18 Aug 1931                                                       Married
    Carney         Patrick Leo            20hrs.        30 Oct 1931  Iowa                             Calvary
    Carter         Lorinda Bell           63Y 4M 9D     09 Nov 1931  Ohio                             IOOF                Widow
    Cristy         Mary Rebecca Staller   78Y 11M 28D   23 Dec 1931  Ohio                             Millersburg         Divorced
    Coghlan        William Henry          57Y 9M 22D    05 May 1932  Iowa                             Deep River          Married
    Carder         Iva Viola              30Y 8M 17D    23 Jul 1932  Iowa                             North English       Single
    Claypool       Arthur Burton          69Y 9M 0D     04 Jul 1932  Ohio                             Yankee Point        Widower
    Carey          Libbie E.              67Y 7M 1D     09 Sep 1932  Vermont                          IOOF                Widow
    Collingwood    LeRoy                  45Y 2M 15D    27 Oct 1932  South Dakota                     St. Paul's          Married
    Crenshaw       William H. M.          92Y 3M 18D    06 Sep 1932  Indiana                          IOOF                Widower
    Carney         Mary Rebecca Staller   72Y 1M 10D    07 Oct 1932  Iowa                             IOOF - Marengo      Married
    Carney         Rose Estella           abt. 55       30 Nov 1932  Iowa                             St. Jos. Parnell    Single
    Carder         Laurette Mary          24Y 2M 28D    20 Jan 1933  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Claypool       Henry William          68Y 6M 22D    25 Mar 1933  Ohio                             Personl             Widow     (buried Fillmore Township)
    Conard         Louise B.              42Y 1M 10D    28 Feb 1933  Ohio                             Hicksville, Ohio    Widow
    Chapman        Henry                  63Y 7M 11D    24 Apr 1933  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Caferty        Mary Elizabeth         67Y 4M 2D     06 May 1933  Pennsylvania                     Marengo             Married
    Coover         Lorrene Virginia       0Y 2M 28D     23 Aug 1932  Iowa                             IOOF                Single
    Calvert        Emma Marie             42/92Y4M7D    16 Jan 1934  Belgium                          Victor              Married
    Close          Nathan                 73Y 6M 7D     14 Feb 1934  Ohio                             Koszta              Married
    Chehak         Joseph John            88Y 3M 9D     04 Feb 1934  Bohemia                          Riverside           Married
    Curran         Kathern                69Y 7M 1D     18 May 1934  Pennsylvania                     Brooklyn            Single
    Clowston       Henry                  80Y           14 Apr 1934  Germany                          IA. Co.             Single
    Calef          Amelia                 83Y 7M 17D    30 Apr 1934  Indiana                          Keokuk Co.          Widow
    Carney         John J.                76Y 8M 28D    08 May 1934  Iowa                             Parnell             Widower
    Castner        Charles Harris         23Y 3M 9D     13 May 1934  Iowa                             Muscatine Co.       Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Case           Mary Elizabeth         84Y 9M 6D     06 Aug 1934  New York                         Ladora              Widow
    Craft          Jorden S.              82Y 9M 14D    10 Sep 1934  Coverbart?                       Victor              Married
    Crenshaw       Catherine              71Y 7M 16D    14 Sep 1934  Iowa                             IOOF                Single
    Calvin         Rebecca Ann            77Y 6M 14D    20 Oct 1934  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Cheney         Clarissa Lucinda       84Y 2M 7D     28 Nov 1934  Iowa City                        Millersburg         Widow
    Coner          Horace                 69Y 9M 29D    25 Nov 1934  Iowa                             Mt. Zion            Married
    Cox            Anna C.                74Y 10M 23D   23 Oct 1934  Missouri                         Holbrook            Married
    Clemens        Henriette              35Y 9M 5D     15 Dec 1934  Iowa                             Amana               Married
    Claeys         Charles                80Y 11M 15D   14 Feb 1935  Belgium                          Calvary-V           Widower
    Callahan       John James             79Y 0M 3D     04 Apr 1935  Conneticut                       Calvary-M           Single
    Creswell       Ardell                 63Y 7M 9D     06 Jun 1935  Iowa                             Wellman             W
    Dixon          Jess (male)            46Y 7M 18D    25 Jan 1929  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Detweler       still born infant                    18 Sep 1929  Iowa                             Imanuel
    Donaldson      John F.                53Y 4M 27D    17 Mar 1929  Iowa                             U. B.               Married
    Dahnke         Katherine              81Y 10M 26D   26 Nov 1930  Germany                          IOOF - Marengo      Widow
    Danick         Hannah E.              75Y 9M 29D    15 Nov 1930  Indiana                          Oak Hill            Widow
    Delzell        Mary                   72Y 5M 1D     04 Mar 1930  Ohio                             Pleasant Hill       Married
    Dye            Gertrude               23Y 9M 23D    23 Jun 1930  Iowa                             none listed         Married
    Dlougy         Anna C.                73Y 9M 19D    15 Apr 1930  Czechoslavakia                   Hala                Widow
    Dillon         William H. M.          75Y 10M 8D    02 Jan 1930  Indiana                          White Pigeon        Married
    Delzell        Charles                82Y 7M 0D     08 Apr 1931  New Jersey                       Pleasant Hill       Widower
    Doehrmann      Herman                 63Y 11M 27D   04 Jul 1931  Germany                          Emanuel             Married
    Dietrich       Lydia                  76Y 10M 20D   18 Jul 1931  Germany                          Amana               Single
    Dusterhoft     Julius                 79Y 7M 6D     21 Jul 1931  Germany                          Calvary             Married
    Doyle          Margaret               58Y 5M 0D     25 Jul 1931  Ireland                          Parnell             Married
    Dailey         Etta G.                66Y 4M 25D    22 Sep 1931  Ohio                             Ladora              Married
    Dee            Beatriace Violet       44Y           03 May 1931  not shown                        not shown           Married
    Doolin         Thomas Joseph          51Y 7M 13D    10 Mar 1932  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Dietrich       John                   69Y 2M 3D     09 Jun 1932  Germany                          Amana               Married
    Dinwiddie      Mary                   74Y 2M 1D     22 Jul 1932  Iowa                             Ohio                Widow
    Doolin         Rose                   42Y 11M 15D   15 Oct 1932  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Daniels        Jacob A.               57Y 4M 10D    03 Dec 1932  Iowa                             Oak Hill - Wms.     Married
    Dunn           William E.             62Y 8M 29D    30 Oct 1932  Iowa                             St. Jos.Parnell     Widower
    Dodd           Rosa                   72Y ?M ?D     21 Dec 1932  Iowa                             Koszta              Married
    Doty           Fred                   not known     23 Dec 1932  Iowa                             Ohio                          (premature Birth)
    Duffy          Richard                77Y 2M 13D    22 Jan 1933  Iowa                             Holbrook            Married
    Demory         Margaret M.            75Y 4M 6D     31 Jan 1933  Canada                           IOOF -M             Married
    Dixon          Daniel Cass            51Y 19M 19D   20 Feb 1933  Indiana                          North English       Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Dutz           Louise Marie           80Y 1M 2D     05 May 1933  Germany                          North English       Widow
    Dunlap         Emily                  93Y 8M 28D    25 Aug 1933                                   IOOF - Victor       Widow
    Delzell        William H.             88Y 9M 26D    04 Dec 1933  New Jersey                       Blairstown          Single
    Dolphin        Mary                   79Y 10M 5D    06 Dec 1933  Ohio                             Marengo             Single
    Durr           Margaret E.            14Y 5M 7D     18 Feb 1934  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Single
    Danisson       Robert William         43Y 7M 9D     12 Mar 1934  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Davis          Katie Haas             75Y 7M 3D     27 Apr 1934  Iowa                             IOOF                Widow
    Davies         Gertrude S.            37Y           14 Apr 1934  not shown                        not shown           Married
    Dixon          Margaret               81Y 9M 6D     20 Aug 1934  Tennessee                        North English       Widow
    Day            Alberta                5M 4D         22 Aug 1934  Iowa                             Parnell
    Delzell        David Palmer           87Y 9M 9D     23 Aug 1934  New Jersey                       Blairstown          Married
    Denton         Wilbur Clarence        15Y 2M 27D    12 Sep 1934  Iowa                             Blairstown          Single
    Dvis           Oliver E.              62Y 2M 20D    24 Dec 1934  Iowa                             Ohio                Married
    Darby          Thomas William         81Y 0M 12D    30 Dec 1934  Ireland                          North English       Married
    Davis          Gaylord Francis        0Y 2M 9D      19 Jan 1935  Iowa                             Haven               Single
    Dill           Earl                   49Y 11M 20D   06 Mar 1935  Iowa                             Williamsburg        Widower
    Doyle          William M.             63Y 2M 25D    05 Jan 1935  Iowa                             Parnell             Widower
    Dutcher        Jerome Edward          80Y 9M 27D    13 May 1935  New York                         Buffalo, Iowa       Widower
    Evans          Eliza Jane             78Y 11M 22D   19 May 1929  Ireland                          Oak Hill            Widow
    Elick          Nancy                  84Y 8M 3D     18 Aug 1929  Austria                          Millersburg         Widow
    Ehrle          Henry W.               0Y 9M 5D      02 Feb 1929  Iowa                             Amana               Single
    Erwin          Catharine              78Y           21 Aug 1929  Indiana                          North English       Widow
    Everist        Eleanora Francis       1Y 6M 26d     12 Mar 1929  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Single
    Eckert         Anna Gladys            62Y 8M 29D    20 Jul 1929  Iowa                             Marengo             Widow
    Enochson       Enoch                  73Y 7M 20D    07 Nov 1930  Wisconsin                        Norwegian           Married
    Eckhardt       John                   56Y           07 Oct 1930  Iowa                             Fairview            Married
    Evans          Anna M.                31Y 3M 5D     26 Jan 1930  Iowa                             Sutherland, IA      Married
    Eaton          Margaret               75Y 8M 7D     22 Apr 1931  Wales                            Ladora              Widow
    Eichaker       Dorothea C.            47Y 11M 3D    04 Sep 1931  Iowa                             Homestead           Married
    Elwood         David Eugene           0Y 0M 4D      11 Sep 1931  Iowa                             Millersburg         Single
    Edwards        James                  75Y 5M 4D     24 Dec 1931  Iowa                             Koszta              Widower
    Ellett         Francis Elizabeth      82Y 6M 9D     13 Jan 1932  Ohio                             North English       Widow
    Evans          David E. M.            84Y 1M 27D    28 Feb 1932  Iowa                             Oak Hill - Wms.     Widower
    Ehrman         Eugene John            4Y 10M 21D    20 Jul 1932  Iowa                             IOOF                Single
    Ehrmann        Rosina                 89Y 8M 3D     28 Jul 1933  Germany                          West Amana          Widow
    Enfield        Helen R.               24Y 4M 12D    30 Oct 1933  Illinois                         Waterloo            Single
    Eichhorn       Christian              73Y 10M 10D   02 May 1930  Germany                          IOOF                Married
    Eastman        Eli                    90Y 3M 19D    19 Aug 1934  Michigan                         IOOF - Victor       Widower

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Evans          Elizabeth              63Y 8M 0D     11 Nov 1934  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Married
    Fels           Sam. H.                23Y 9M 3D     05 Feb 1929  Iowa                             Amana               Single
    Flanagan       Margaret               72Y 8M 30D    31 Jul 1929  Massachusetts                    Williamsburg        Widow
    Fitzwater      Isaac Franklin         76Y 0M 27D    17 Nov 1929  Virginia                         North English       Widower
    Furlong        Rose Ann               78Y 10M 19D   01 Dec 1929  Canada                           Holbrook            Widow
    Furler         Rosena                 78Y 6M 22D    30 Dec 1930  Switzerland                      Reform              Married
    Faltinson      Peter C.               61Y 10M 5D    22 Jul 1930  Iowa                             Conroy              Married
    Fancher        Josephine              77Y 0M 2D     23 Jul 1930  Illinois                         North English       Married
    Frimml         Frank                  85Y 6M 0D     04 Apr 1930  Germany                          Calvary             Widower
    Falkenburg     Wilamina               82Y 3M 24D    11 Jul 1930  Germany                          Emanuel             Married
    Fiser          George C.              16Y 6M 26D    16 Apr 1930  Iowa                             IOOF - Marengo      Single
    Fruendt        Catherine              79Y 2M 12D    02 Jan 1931  Germany                          IOOF - Victor       Widow
    Frederickson   Addella                51Y 0M 28D    12 Feb 1931  Iowa                             Marengo             Divorced
    Fetzer         Edward F.              64Y 4M 13D    06 Apr 1931  Iowa                             Marengo             Married
    Furlog         Harriett Alice         71Y 6M 10D    09 Sep 1931  Massachusetts                    Marengo             Widow
    Freeze         James                  58Y 7M 29D    07 Sep 1931  Ohio                             IOOF - Marengo      Married
    Fancher        Jesse                  78Y 9M 7D     18 Jan 1932  Iowa                             North English
    Faester        Max                    67Y 2M 0D     30 Mar 1932  Germany                          not shown           Married
    Foster         John W.                66Y 10M 13D   17 Aug 1932  Iowa                             IOOF - Victor       Married
    Fletcher       Willard G.             77Y 8M 16D    25 Oct 1932  New York                         Oak Hill            Widower
    Freyer         Ida                    87Y 6M 22D    21 Nov 1932  Germany                          Amana               Widow
    Fulich         Maria                  86Y 0M 21D    27 Dec 1932  New York                         Williamsburg        Single
    Feller         Agnes Josephne         57Y 6M 3D     25 Nov 1932  Iowa                             Calvary             Married
    Fels           Anna                   65Y 4M 5D     06 Feb 1933  Iowa                             Homestead           Widow
    Fullis         Sylvester              81Y           17 Mar 1933  not shown                        Ohio                Single
    Fossler        Ida May                68Y 1M 22D    26 Jun 1933  Illinois                         not shown           Married   (Fred Stervagel noted)
    Fuller         Eliphet Dewitt         60Y 3M 22D    18 Jul 1930  Illinois                         Keswick             Married
    Falkman        Catherine W.           67Y 6M 7D     29 Jul 1933  Iowa                             St. Paul's          Widow
    Fluck          Harriet Margaret       69Y 7M 3D     28 Aug 1933  Illinois                         St. Paul's          Married
    Frederickson   Clifford Wayne         0Y 0M 11D     19 Aug 1933  Iowa                             Imanuel             Single
    Furgeson       Mose                   58Y 2M 2D     07 Aug 1933  Illinois                         Marengo             Married
    Folk           (female)               83Y 4M 14D    19 Aug 1933  Germany                          IOOF - Marengo      Married
    Foster         Theodore Monroe        68Y 7M 13D    30 May 1934  Illinois                         North English       Married
    Frances        John William           81Y 4M 17D    01 May 1934  Ohio                             Brooklyn            Married
    Furler         Emil                   53Y 8M 17D    03 Aug 1934  Switzerland                      not shown           Single
    Fhainley       James Brody            71Y 4M 18D    28 Nov 1934  Iowa                             Calvary             Single
    Fanester       Scott D.               75Y 4M 15D                 Minnesota                        Tama, Iowa          Widower
    Freyer         Christian (male)       64Y 2M 26D    29 Dec 1934  Iowa                             Amana               Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Fudler         Mamie A.               33Y 9M 26D    03 Dec 1934  Iowa                             Titler              Married
    Furgerson      Dallas                 84Y 3M 23D    12 Dec 1934  Canada                           IOOF                Widower
    Fields         John Franklin          0Y 8M 7D      25 Dec 1934  Iowa                             Koszta              Single
    Forester       Rosie Marie            23Y 4M 2D     16 May 1935  Iowa                             Middle Amana        Single
    Grimm          Opal Maxine            1M 28D        13 Feb 1929  Iowa                             Millersburg         Single
    Guehrn         Evelyn Ruth             3Y 8M 16D    21 Aug 1929  Iowa                             Zion                Single
    Green          Mary Jane              72Y 10M 26D   20 Sep 1929  Iowa                             North English       Widow
    Gilchrist      Carrie Abigal          43Y 9M 13D    08 Aug 1929  Iowa                             North English       Single
    Guller         Abraham                78Y 5M 28D    31 Jul 1929  Indiana                          Marengo             Married
    Gruey          Margaret E.            70T 6M 14D    26 Oct 1929  Ohio                             North English       Single
    Grimes         James                  60Y 7M 18D    10 Nov 1929  Iowa                             Parnell             Married
    Griswald       Lillian                70Y 1M 8D     21 Oct 1929  Michigan                         Marshalltown        Single
    Goerler        Charles                61Y 11M 28D   20 Mar 1929  Iowa                             Amana               Married
    Gavin          Johanna                75Y           27 Dec 1929                                   Marengo             Divorced
    Ginther        John N.                72Y 7M 19D    10 Oct 1930  Iowa                             Millersburg         Married
    Geiger         Willard A.             7M 30D        15 Nov 1930  Iowa                             West Amana
    Gaffey         James J.               49Y 0M 2D     31 Oct 1930  Iowa                             Holbrook            Single
    Gorsh          Annie                  26Y 3M 1D     30 Sep 1930  Iowa                             no record           Married
    Ginther        Etta E.                20Y 1M 1D     18 May 1930  Iowa                             IOOF Marengo        Single
    Geiger         Philip                 63Y 11M 5D    28 Jul 1930  Iowa                             Homestead           Widower
    Gerard         Ressie (female)        53Y 2M 29D    23 Jun 1930  Iowa                             no record           Married
    Griffin        Harriet                88Y 1M 28D    27 Mar 1930  Indiana                          Williamsburg        Widow
    Grundling      Jacob                  79Y           03 May 1930  Germany                          Co. Home            Single
    Grimm          Connie E.              43Y 7M 12D    29 Jan 1931  Iowa                             no record           Married
    Goepp          Henrietta              93Y 7M 18D    14 Aug 1931  Germany                          South Amana         Widow
    Gode           Caroline               72Y oM 18D    16 Jun 1931  Illinois                         IOOF Marengo        Widow
    Gunzenhauser   Carl H.                18Y 6M 2D     28 Dec 1931  Iowa                             IOOF                Single
    Geiger         Susanna                90Y 1M 16D    07 Jan 1932  Germany                          High Amana          Widow
    Grimm          Daniel M.              86Y 6M 18D    25 May 1932  Pennsylvania                     South Dakota        Married
    Gilmore        Patricia Joan          1D            02 Apr 1932  Iowa                             North English
    Graesser       William Harold         12Y 0M 16D    22 Jun 1932  Iowa                             West Amana          Single
    Grimm          Hanna                  85Y 8M 27D    17 Aug 1932  Pennsylvania                     South Dakota        Widow
    Goodman        Edith Aline            28Y 4M 9D     06 Sep 1932  Illinois                         Millersburg         Married
    Gray           Richard H.             59Y 3M 16D    31 Oct 1932  Iowa                             Holbrook            Single
    Gould          John Henry             67Y 10M 5D    07 Dec 1932  Indiana                          IOOF                Widower
    Glenn          Leila                  39Y 2M 22D    04 Jan 1933  Illinois                         Titler              Married
    Goettsch       Henry                  88Y 0M 12D    31 Jan 1933  Germany                          Pilot Grove         Widower
    Gerard         James                  64Y 3M 18D    03 Jun 1933  Iowa                             Community           Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Geiger         Mary Genevieve         74Y 4M 5D     10 Nov 1933  Iowa                             South English       Married
    Gregg          Perry                  84Y 7M 20D    06 Mar 1934  Ohio                             Victor              Married
    Gillam         Albert                 66Y 8M 2D     08 Mar 1934  Iowa                             Williamsburg        Married
    Gahring        Kate                   71Y 2M 16D    20 Jul 1934  Germany                          Genoa Bluff         Widow
    Graff          Mary                   82Y 7M 16D    21 Jul 1934  Iowa                             Riverside           Widow
    Gates          George Lawrence        66Y 2M 20D    11 Jul 1934  Iowa                             Koszta              Single
    Goodman        Les (female)           64Y 8M 20D    20 Aug 1934  Iowa                             Millersburg         Married
    Geiger         Wilbert Seigel         76Y 2M 26D    31 Oct 1934  Iowa                             North English       Widower
    Gates          Merritt                62Y 9M 12D    19 Mar 1935  Iowa                             IOOF                Widower
    Gode           Minnie                 75Y 8M 13D    21 Mar 1935  Germany                          IOOF                Married
    Grimm          Charles Benjamin       83Y 4M 21D    28 May 1935  Illinois                         Community           Married
    Grimm          Pearl Gladys           39Y 1M 17D    24 May 1935  Iowa                             Community
    Hobart         Joyce Irene            7Y 8M 15D     24 Jul 1929  Iowa                             Atlantic, Iowa      Single
    Hukill         Aaron                  68Y 7M 4D     26 May 1929  Ohio                             Champion Hill       Married
    Hudepohl       Dorothy                1Y 6M 28D     03 Jan 1929  Iowa                             Conroy              Single
    Hagen          Henry                  88Y 4M 26D    05 Jan 1929  Germany                          St. John's          Widower
    Humphrey       Elizabeth              78Y 9M 12D    04 Feb 1929  Wales                            Oak Hill            Widow
    Hakes          Elizabeth Ann          82Y 4M 2D     23 Feb 1929  Virginia                         Oak Hill            Married
    Herr           Wilhelmine Barbara     60Y 3M 3D     08 May 1929  Iowa                             Middle Amana        Married
    Hoskins        James Ross             83Y 10M 6D    23 Jun 1929  Michigan                         North English       Married
    Halter         Orville Emmett         46Y 6M 3D     09 Oct 1929  Iowa                             Millersburg         Married
    Hohenshell     Vernon Eugene          no record     27 Nov 1929  Iowa                             South English
    Heitman        Fred C.                56Y 11M 29D   08 Dec 1929  Illinois                         Genoa Bluff         Married
    Hawkins        Edward                 60Y 8M 7D     06 Dec 1929  Pennsylvania                     Marengo             Married
    Hardy          George                 69Y 0M 26D    25 Jul 1929  Iowa                             North English       Divorced
    Hanley         Ann                    85Y 9M 10D    23 Dec 1929  New York                         Liberty             Widow
    Heller         Mary E.                13Y 10M 13D   27 Dec 1930  Iowa                             Koszta              Single
    Haughenburg    Joseph                 68Y 1M 24D    11 Nov 1930  Iowa                             Blairstown          Single
    Hunzelman      Martin                 64Y 9M 10D    30 Nov 1930  Germany                          Cono Bluffs         Married
    Hay            Catherine              97Y 5M 21D    06 Nov 1930  Ireland                          Holbrook            Widow
    Heinemann      Wilhelmina             83Y 7M 25D    20 Aug 1930  New York                         South Amana         Single
    Hilficker      Mary Ann               73Y 10M 26D   12 Jul 1930  Iowa                             Millersburg         Single
    Huber          Clarence D.            66Y 3M 26D    11 May 1930  Ohio                             IOOF Marengo        Married
    Hosting        John M.                90Y 0M 5D     11 Jul 1930  Pennsylvania                     Ladora              Widower
    Hahn           George F. A.           52Y 8M 24D    09 Jul 1930  Iowa                             Middle Amana        Married
    Hergert        Augusta (female)       77Y 3M 0D     05 Jul 1930  Germany                          East Amana          Widow
    Heitman        Alva E. (female)       23Y 5M 8D     27 Jul 1930  Texas                            Genoa Bluff         Married
    Huedpohl       Albert                 82Y 8M 2D     23 May 1930  Germany                          no record           Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Hoselton       Cora Mary              63Y 2M 4D     08 May 1930  Iowa                             Millersburg         Single
    Herdliska      Frank                  66Y           23 Apr 1930  Iowa                             no record           Married   drowned
    Hanson         Edward M.              75Y 4M 19D    12 Feb 1930  Iowa                             Williamsburg        Married
    Hall           Richard Marcus         4D            13 Mar 1931  Iowa                             Trinity
    Hoyt           Jacob                  92Y 1M 1D     17 Mar 1931  Germany                          Marengo             Widower
    Hamilton       Davis B.               80Y 2M 18D    29 Apr 193   Indiana                          Marengo             Married
    Hartz          Anna                   76Y 4M 4D     14 Apr 1931  Ohio                             Marengo
    Hollopeter     Barbara E.             78Y 7M 18D    01 Sep 1931  New York                         Koszta
    Hohensee       Dorothy                3D            28 Apr 1931  Iowa                             Marengo
    Heinemann      John                   82Y 4M 3D     14 Oct 1931  Canada                           Middle Amana
    Hudepohl       Anna L. D.             66Y 5M 15D    02 Dec 1931  Germany                          Williamsburg        Widow
    Haas           Frederick              65Y 0M 22D    17 Dec 1931  Iowa                             IOOF                Widower
    Hudepohl       Martha                 63Y 9M 1D     10 Dec 1931  Germany                          St. John's          Married
    Herman         Lewis B.               48Y 6M 0D     09 Nov 1931  California                       Oak Hill
    Hunzleman      John F.                69Y 11M 21D   21 Jan 1932  Germany                          Conroy              Married
    Hutzell        Mabel                  33Y 7M 15D    19 Feb 1932  Iowa                             IOOF                Single
    Hopp           Minnie                 80Y 1M 1D     12 Feb 1932  Germany                          Emanuel             Married
    Haldy          Peter                  59Y 3M 0D     28 Mar 1932  Iowa                             High Amana          Married
    Holopeter      Annie Rebeka           73Y 11M 17D   05 May 1932  Iowa                             Victor              Married
    Headley        Edward H.              73Y 8M 14D    08 Aug 1932  Iowa                             Koszta              Married
    Howard         J. P. (male)           32Y 0M 12D    01 Aug 1932  Iowa                             Bayard, Iowa        Married
    Heinze         Sussana                73Y 11M 8D    20 Aug 1932  New York                         Middle Amana        Married
    Harrington     Donald                 24Y 6M 5D     23 Nov 1932  Iowa                             Williamsburg        Married
    Hanson         Hugh D.                86Y 6M 6D     08 Dec 1932  Iowa                             Holbrook            Married
    Hanson         Henry                  47Y 1M 11D    16 Dec 1932  Iowa                             Holbrook            Married
    Hughes         John Henry             64Y 1M 16D    28 Dec 1932  New York                         Oak Hill            Married
    Haynes         Mildred                55Y 3M 24D    03 Dec 1932  Iowa                             IOOF                Seperated
    Hartin         Mary                   79Y 7M 6D     01 Jan 1933  Ireland                          Catholic-Marengo    Married
    Hanchett       Maud Rilla             78Y 11fM 16D  11 Feb 1933  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Hiteman        Earl                   19Y           16 Jan 1933  Iowa                             Pilot Grove         Married
    Hartz          Maria                  b. 1842       02 Feb 1933  Germany                          Emanuel-N.E.        Widow
    Hildebrand     Sosa Margaret Fry      88Y 3M 9D     12 Nov 1933  Virginia                         North English       Widow
    Hamilton       Ronald Eugene          22D           24 Aug 1933  Iowa                             Marengo             Infant
    Heley          James                  87Y 0M 26D    13 Oct 1933  England                          Millersburg         Widower
    Hannon         Martha                 61Y 2M 12D    19 Sep 1933  Iowa                             Holbrook            Married
    Herr           Henry                  84Y           17 Nov 1930  Pennsylvania                     Co. Home            Single
    Halverson      Rebecca C.             80Y 9M 1D     08 Nov 1933  Norway                           Norwegian           Widow
    Haas           Marion Fay (female)    5Y 7M 29d     25 Dec 33/34 Iowa                             Ohio                child

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Hohnshell      Lewis Elmer            64Y 0M 21D    21 Jan 1934  Iowa                             Thomas              Single
    Honey          Charles Crane          84Y 3M 29D    01 Feb 1934  Conn.                            Victor              Widower
    Hanson         Lawrence               74Y 0M 4D     08 Feb 1934  Denmark                          Blairstown          Married
    Heintz         Christiana             79Y 3M 24D    15 Feb 1934  New York                         Amana               Widow
    Haldy          Christian              53Y 11M 5D    06 Feb 1934  Germany                          High Amana          Married
    Hahn           William Philip         53Y 5M 22D    18 Apr 1934  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Hacker         Henry                  88Y 7M 8D     13 Apr 1934  Germany                          IOOF - Victor       Married
    Harrington     Millard                81Y 3M 28D    12 Jun 1934  New York                         Harrington          Married
    Horn           Anton                  63Y 7M 27D    19 Jun 1934  Iowa                             Calvary-Victor      Married
    Hergert        Robert                 69Y 3M 6D     06 Jul 1934  Germany                          High Amana          Married
    Hakes          Burton H.              88Y 5M 16D    17 Jul 1934  Illinois                         Oak Hill            Widower
    Herman         Marie                  70Y 3M 2D     16 Aug 1934  Iowa                             Amana               Widow
    Hetz           John                   63Y 11M 17D   08 Aug 1934  Iowa                             High Amana          Married
    Halverson      Iline (female)         57Y 5M 18D    21 Sep 1934  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Married
    Heager         Anna                   75Y 2M 27D    31 Aug 1934  Austria                          Swedenburg          Widow
    Henderson      Mary Angeline          59Y 3M 19D    08 Nov 1934  Iowa                             Koszta              Widow
    Hemschoot      Mary                   73Y 11M 13D   07 Dec 1934  Belgium                          Calvary             Married
    Haack          Fred                   21Y           08 Nov 1934                                                       Single
    Haggerty       Lottie                 71Y 5M 2D     08 Dec 1934  Iowa                             Marengo             Widow
    Hunzelman      Henry J.               44Y 10M 27D   12 Jan 1935  Iowa                             Pilot Grove         Married
    Hardman        Elford L.              59Y 7M 4D     31 Jan 1935  Iowa                             Green, Iowa         Married
    Hastings       Veronica               71Y 1M 1D     25 Feb 1935  Wisconsin                        Dave-York T.        Married
    Hudepohl       John Henry             70Y 9M 26D    02 Mar 1935  Germany                          St. John's          Widower
    Hannon         Margaret               76Y 4M 29D    14 Feb 1935  Iowa                             Parnell             Widow
    Hohenshell     Essie Melvina          49Y 6M 13D    20 May 1935  Iowa                                                 Married
    Harrington     Fred Harvey            62Y 10M 10D   22 Jun 1935  Iowa                             Oak Hill
    Iburg          Irene                  6Y 7M 9D      08 Jun 1933  Iowa                             St. Paul's          child
    Iburg          Anna S.                75Y 0M 2D     24 Jul 1934  Germany                          Emanuel-Wmsbrg.
    Iburg          Gilbert                18Y 0M 18D    29 May 1935  Iowa                             St. Paul's-Mills.   Single
    Jones          David J.               82Y 4M -D     24 May 1929  Wales                            Oak                 Widower
    Jeffers        Martha                 87Y 1M 4D     10 Nov 1930  New York                         IOOF                Widow
    Jones          Elizabeth              82Y 3M 18D    24 Jan 1932  Wales                            Oak Hill            Widow
    Johnson        Margaret E.            64Y 0M 17D    09 Jan 1932  Iowa                             IOOF                Single
    Jones          Libbie G.              75Y 3M 5D     17 May 1932  Iowa                             Oak Hill
    Jacobs         Andrew                 83Y           08 Apr 1932   foreign
    Jung           Emma                   70Y 8M 14D    09 Aug 1932  Germany                          Middle Amana        Widow
    Jeffers        Edgar                  70Y 3M 21D    04 Sep 1932  Iowa                             IOOF - Marengo      Widower

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Jones          Mary J.                80Y 1M 22D    28 Oct 1932  New York                         Oak Hill            Widow
    Jordan         Electa J.              87Y 8M 1D     22 Nov 1932  Illinois                         Koszta              Widow
    Jacobs         John                   88Y -M 15D    17 Dec 1932  Norway                           Norwegian           Married
    Jackson        Isabelle               89Y 2M 7D     23 Mar 1933  Indiana                          North English       Widow
    Jeck           Dorothea               68Y 8M 19D    15 Jul 1933  Iowa                             Middle Amana        Married
    Jung           Julius R.              77Y 5M 9D     07 Jul 1933  Germany                          IOOF - Marengo      Married
    Jeck           Marie                  72Y 5M 22D    12 Feb 1934  New York                         Middle Amana        Single
    Jones          David J.               22Y 6M 23 D   30 Apr 1934  Iowa                             Parnell             Single
    Jones          Sarah                  76Y 9M 15D    09 Apr 1934  Wales                            Oak Hill            Widow
    Jacobsen       Hans Berdix            4D            29 May 1934  Iowa                             Yankee Point        Infant
    Jones          Kathryn B.             65Y 8M 4D     17 Jun 1934  Iowa                             Van Horne           Married
    Jones          Barbara Jane           79Y 7M 24D    19 Oct 1934  New York                         Oak Hill            Single
    James          Robert                 86Y 3M 9D     15 Nov 1934  Wales                            Oak Hill            Single
    Jones          Dwight Thomas          1Y 2M 9D      07 Jan 1935  Iowa                             Williamsburg        child
    James          Minnie                 34Y 2M 6D     12 Mar 1935  Iowa                             Belle Plaine        Married
    Jones          John D.                69Y 7M 24D    12 Apr 1935  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Widower
    Jordan         Owen Webster           77Y 2M 9D     13 Jun 1935  Ohio                             Community           Married
    Kohen          Mary                   55Y 6M 10D    11 Jan 1929  Iowa                             St. John's          Married
    Kempf          John J.                77Y 11M 5D    17 Jan 1929  Germany                          IOOF - Victor       Married
    Kraemer        Susanna Marie          86Y 9M 23D    27 Jun 1929  Germany                          Amana               Single
    Kern           Christopher J.         39Y -M 9D     03 Jan 1929  Iowa                             Belle Plaine        Married
    Kinzenbaugh    Elizabeth              71Y 2M 29D    17 Jun 1929  Germany                          Bishop              Married
    Koch           Louis George           90Y 9M 2D     27 Jan 1929  Germany                          Middle Amana        Widower
    Kolosiek       Mary Elizabeth         73Y 8M 5D     07 Oct 1929  Illinois                         North English       Widow
    Kepner         Robert M.              91Y 7M 25D    08 Oct 1929  Pennsylvania                     IOOF - Marengo      Widower
    Kozzeskek      Barbara                55Y 6M 22D    01 Dec 1930  Iowa                             Williamsburg        Married
    Keller         Marion (male)          1Y 3M 6D      06 Nov 1930  Iowa                             Armah               child
    Keil           John, Jr.              71Y 11M 26D   03 Feb 1930  Iowa                             Ohio                Married
    Kinsinger      Anavrias (male)        63Y 1M 28D    07 Jun 1930  Iowa                             West Union, IA
    Kahlor         Pete                   73Y 7M 13D    02 Jul 1930  Iowa                             Calvary             Single
    Kalman         Myrtle                 63Y 9M 22D    02 Jun 1930  Ohio                             Oak Hill            Widow
    Krickenbarger  John H. M.             65Y 5M 5D     08 Mar 1930  Iowa                             Pilot Grove         Single
    Kelly          Catherine              79Y 7M 22D    21 Mar 1930  New York                         Little Creek        Widow
    Kimmer         Mildred Ann            16Y 10M 10D   11 Jan 1930  Iowa
    Karsten        Albert                 58Y           31 Jan 1930  Germany                          Amana
    Kruse          Dorothy                3Y 6M 11D     16 Jan 1931  Iowa                             IOOF - Marengo      child
    Keefe          Paul                   23Y 5M 26D    21 Jan 1931  Iowa                             Hartwick            Married
    Killian        George W.              57Y 11M 12D   21 Mar 1931  Iowa                             U. B.               Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Kopf           Ruth Dorothy           1 Y 4M 11D    03 Apr 1931  Iowa                             Iowa Co.            child
    Knock          Henry                  82Y 2M 14D    16 May 1931  Illinois                         Pilot Grove         Widower
    Kratzert       Carl                   61Y 6M 14D    01 Jul 1931  Iowa                             Amana               Single
    Kehlenbeck     Annie                  63Y 2M 5D     21 Aug 1931  Ohio                             St. Paul's          Widow
    Kinzenbaw      Loreen E.              17Y 4M 22D    11 Sep 1931  Iowa                             IOOF - Marengo      Single
    Karsten        Magdalena              63Y 7M 30D    14 Dec 1931  Iowa                             IOOF                Married
    Kooz           Fred                   38Y           31 Dec 1931  Germany                          Iowa City           Single
    Kahler         John                   78Y 6M 26D    01 Mar 1932  Ohio                             Calvary             Married
    Kelly          Edward P.              25Y 5M 17D    08 Mar 1932  Iowa                             Holbrook            Single
    Kleinmeyer     Truman                 8D            18 Feb 1932  Iowa                             Emanuel             Infant
    Kreutz         Fritz                  59Y 6M 25D    30 Mar 1932  Germany                          Lincoln Twp.        Married
    Klenk          Michael                53Y 9M 14D    24 Feb 1932  Iowa                             IOOF                Married
    Kippenhaun     Emelia L.              47Y 9M 1D     14 Apr 1932  Iowa                             Middle Amana        Married
    Kleinmeyer     Lowell H.              5 Hrs.        19 Jun 1932  Iowa                             Immanuel            Infant
    Kleinmeyer     John                   31Y 7M 11D    17 Jul 1932  Iowa                             Immanuel            Married
    Kroetz         Emelia                 87Y 4M        12 Sep 1932  Germany                          St. John's          Widow
    Kelly          Helena Eugene          13Y 8M 1D     02 Dec 1932  Kalona                           Iowa City           Single
    Klein          Louis                  71Y 11M 8D    20 Dec 1932  Germany                          Iowa City           Married
    Kolosik        Lyle Keach             3Y 9M 19D     06 Jan 1933  Iowa                             IOOF NE             child
    Kramins        Christafel             76/77Y6M13D   30 Jan 1933  Iowa                             IOOF-Victor         Single
    Koglin         Ottilie                54Y1M15D      22 Feb 1933  Germany                          IOOF-Marengo        Widow
    Kinzler        Laura                  65Y 5M 10D    09 Nov 1933  Ohio                             Ohio                Married
    Kuch           John                   74Y 3M 10D    10 Mar 1934  Iowa                             Oak Hill            No Info
    Krueger        William                85Y           04 Mar 1934  No Info                          County Home         No Info
    King           George Oscar           66Y 9M 10D    28 Feb 1934  Iowa                             Millersburg         No Info
    Keil           Adam                   69Y 9M 17D    20 Mar 1934  Iowa                             Genoa Bluff         Married
    Kelley         John William           66Y 2M 27D    09 Apr 1934  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Kirkpatrick    Myrtle Elizabeth       37Y 1M 8D     21 May 1934  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Kleinmeyer     Alfred Henry G.        32Y 8M 22D    no record    Iowa                             Sigourney           Married
    Kuhnle         Joan Lorene            19hrs.        17 Nov 1934  Iowa                             IOOF                Infant
    Karsten        Louis                  72Y 2M 13D    11 Dec 1934  Germany                          Williamsburg        Widower
    Kuehnle        Bernard                66Y 7M 11D    22 Dec 1934  Iowa                             Conroy              Widower
    Keegan         James                  75Y 2M 11D    01 Dec 1934  Iowa                             Williamsburg        Widower
    Ketterling     John Walter            still born    20 Jan 1935  Iowa                             IOOF-Victor         Infant
    Keil           Louis                  68Y 7M 18D    12 Mar 1935  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Married
    Kahler         Mary M.                80Y 8M 9D     13 Apr 1935  Germany                          Ladora              Widow
    Kennedy        Ophelia Isabell        76Y 7M 21D    04 Jun 1935  Iowa                             North English       Widow
    Landuyt        Desire (Male)          84Y 1M 23D    24 Apr 1929  Belgium                          Calvary-Victor      Widower

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Lewis          Catherine              72Y 9M 24D    09 Mar 1929  Wales                            Oak Hill            Widow
    Longwell       Doris May              5M 29D        30 Dec 1929  Iowa                             Wellman             Infant
    Lippmann       Wilhelm                85Y 6M 15D    26 Dec 1930  Germany                          Middle Amana        Married
    Lockridge      Elizabeth E.           8Y 3M 7D      05 Nov 1930  Iowa                             North English       Child
    Lohmann        Anthony                83Y           25 Aug 1930  Germany                          no record           Single
    Lailer         Margaret Josephine     85Y 5M 25D    23 Apr 1930  Ohio                             North English       Widow
    Lewis          Sarah L.               78Y 2M 27D    06 Jun 1930  No record                        no record           Widow
    Leahy          Patrick J.             72Y 7M 23D    13 Jun 1930  Iowa                             Parnell             Married
    Layer          George                 60Y           11 Jul 1930  Germany                          Homestead           Single
    LeGrand        Wilma L.               3Y 11M 17D    24 Dec 1930  Iowa                             Norway, IA          Single
    Lacher         Albert                 63Y 11M 5D    18 Feb 1931  Iowa                             Marengo             Widower
    Lillie         Mary H.                57Y 1M 24D    06 Feb 1931  Iowa                             IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Lyman          Donald Wayne           no record     26 Mar 1931  Iowa                             Victor              Infant
    Lang           Sarah                  80Y 5M 14D    11 Apr 1931  Ohio                             Williamsburg        Widow
    Lewis          Daisy May              39Y 11M 12D   28 Apr 1931  Missouri                         North English       Married
    Long           Clara Sophia           73Y 9M 29D    07 Oct 1931  New York                         no record           Married
    Lacall         Susanna                67Y 9M 29D    01 Jul 1931  Germany                          no record           Married
    Lynn           Walter S., Jr.         6M 20D        24 Oct 1931  Iowa                             no record           Infant
    Lutz           George W.              68Y 5M 8D     17 Dec 1931  Iowa                             IOOf                Married
    Leichsenring   Ewald                  56Y 8M -D     12 May 1932  Germany                          South Amana         Married
    Livingston     Elizabeth              41Y 11M 4D    26 May 1932  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Married
    Litzman        Alfred H.              4Y 7D         16 May 1932  Iowa                             Emanuel-NE          child
    Lawler         Michael                68Y 10M 6D    18 Aug 1932  Ohio                             St. Joseph-Parnell  Widower
    Louth          Rudolph                79Y           02 Sep 1932  No record                        no record           Widower
    Lipman         Henrietta              87Y 10M 10D   13 May 1933  Germany                          Middle Amana        Widow
    Lytle          Kate                   69Y 4M 5D     05 May 1933  Iowa                             St. Mary's Wmsbrg   no record
    Lindenmayer    Mary Ann               69Y 1M 17D    13 Sep 1933  Iowa                             IOOF                Single
    Larson         Lewis B.               54Y 1M 9D     25 Sep 1933  Norway                           Huxley              Widower
    Lenocker       Fay                    54Y 1M 29D    08 Feb 1934  Illinois                         IOOF - V            Married
    Lockridge      Clara Elizabeth        67Y 0M 27D    14 Apr 1934  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Lown           Frances Ileen          8M 22D        12 Apr 1934  Nebraska                         North English       Infant
    Lane           Boyde D.               65Y 2M 4D     01 Oct 1934  Pennsylvania                     Victor              Married
    Lindsay        John H. M.             87Y 3M 29D    20 Oct 1934  Ohio                             IOOF                Married
    Lanning        Harold                 36Y 8M 13D    17 Oct 1934  Iowa                             Koszta              Single
    Lockridge      John                   79Y 0M 8D     03 Jan 1933  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Lown           Nancy Elvina           74Y 8M 1D     24 Jan 1935  Iowa                             North English       Single
    Layer          George                 63Y 7M 29D    20 Jan 1935  Germany                          Homestead           Married
    Loveland       Catherine E.           26Y 2M 7D     20 Feb 1935  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Leahy          Susan R.               45Y 6M 26D    06 Jan 1934  Iowa                             Parnell             no record
    Lawton         John Valentine         61Y 4M -D     14 Jun 1935  Iowa                             Calvary-Victor      Married
    Masters        Elizabeth              79Y 0M 29D    09 Jan 1929  Illinois                         Farmington, IA      Widow
    Mumm           William Seth           59Y 3M 29D    25 Jan 1929  Illinois                         Pilot Grove         Married
    Moore          Sarah J.               76Y 4M 6D     18 Jan 1929  Indiana                          IOOF-Marengo        Widow
    Martin         MIchael                80Y 4M 23 D   03 Apr 1929  France                           Timber              Married
    Matens         Bruno                  89Y 3M 8D     21 Aug 1929  Belgium                          Calvary-Victor      Widower
    Mertz          Sophie                 89Y 8M 7D     05 Jul 1929  Ohio                             East Amana          Single
    Miller         Christina C.           77Y 9M 18D    27 May 1929  Germany                          IOOF-Marengo        Widow
    Martin         Sarah E.               74Y 1M 20D    15 May 1929  Illinois                         Koszta              Widow
    Martinson      Kund W.                77Y 8M 23D    18 Sep 1929  Norway                           Norwegian           Married
                                                                                                      Deer Creek
    Murphy         Henry J.               53Y 9M 4D     10 Dec 1930  Iowa           Marengo Twp       Marengo             Married
    Macheak        Rose L.                26Y 9M 10D    24 Nov 1930  Iowa           Troy Twp          Williamsburg        Single
    Meyers         Annie V.               74Y 7M 24D    04 Dec 1930  Maryland       Pilot Twp         North English       Widow
    Markey         Joseph                               30 Oct 1930  Iowa           Troy Twp          Williamsburg        Infant    stillborn
    Minke          Catherine              71Y 6M 29D    19 Sep 1930  Germany        Lincoln Twp       St. John's          Widow
    Marvin         Celia                  1Y 8M 12D     26 Jul 1930  Marengo        Marengo Twp        no record          Infant
    Moessner       Christina W.           66Y 8M 1D     30 May 1930  Iowa           Lenox Twp         Middle Amana        Widow
    Maule          Ernilda L.             35Y 8M 25D    25 Apr 1930  North English  North English     no record           Single
    Marcellus      Emily                  77Y 10M 21D   18 Jan 1930  Pennsylvania   Honey Creek       Deer Creek          Widow
    Miller         Daniel D.              78Y 7M 19D    10 Feb 1930  Ohio           Greene Twp        Deer Creek          Widower
    Maas           Annie M.               56Y 1M 1 D    15 Jan 1930  Iowa           Troy Twp          St. John's          Widow
    Marz           Barbara                66Y 9M 5D     31 Mar 1930  Germany        Homestead         Homestead           Single
    Miller         Robert Gene            2Y 3M 5D      14 Jan 1931  Marengo        Marengo Twp       Oskaloosa           Child
    Meyer          (male)                               01 Dec 1929  Iowa           York Twp          Imanuel             stillborn
    Mehlhorn       Heneriette             85Y 3M 1D     04 Feb 1931  Germany        Lenox Twp         East Amana          Widow
    Mohr           Henry C.               58Y 1M 10D    04 Mar 1931  Iowa           Lincoln Twp       Smith               Married
    Mitchell       (female)               2D            02 Mar 1931  Iowa           Marengo Twp       Marengo             premature
    Milverstead    John C.                62Y 0M 5D     02 Mar 1931  Koszta         Honey Creek       Koszta              Divorced
    Mittelbach     Heinrich John          88Y 3M 11D    20 Apr 1931  Germany        Washington        West Amana          Widower
    Moessner       Thekla                 85Y 9M 6D     26 May 1931  Germany        Lenox Twp         North English       Widow
    Miller         Mary Jane              83Y 1M 13D    26 May 1931  New York       English Twp       North English       Widow
    Morey          Florence O Neva        68Y 2M 9D     10 Jun 1931  Ohio           Parnell           Millersburg         Widow
    Maas           Anna Barbara           75Y 11M 8D    20 Jul 1931  Germany        Troy Twp          Amana               Widow
    Martens        Charles                89Y 1M 1D     06 Aug 1931  Belgium        Hartford Twp      Calvary             Widower
    Maule          Myrthle Sarah          61Y 11M 6D    17 Aug 1931  Iowa           English Twp       Perasonal           Married
    Meyers         Henry                  76Y 3M 11D    07 Sep 1931  Germany        Lenox Twp         Amana               Widower

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Murphy         William B.             79Y 3M 29D    14 Oct 1931  Iowa           Marengo Twp       IOOF                Single
    Milling        Margaret W.            31Y 9M 13D    02 Jun 1931  Ireland        Iowa City         no record           Married
    Moershel       William, Sr.           66Y 1M 7D     27 Oct 1931  Homestead      Iowa Twp          Homestead           Married   retired doctor
144 Moyer          Charles Lee                          20 Oct 1931  Fillmore Twp   Fillmore Twp      North English       infant    stillborn
    Mason          Oliver L.              74Y 9M 16D    17 Oct 1931  Illinois       Sigourney, IA     North English       Married
    Mantz                                               15 Oct 1931  Belle Plaine   Belle Plaine      Wellman             Infant    stillborn
    Martinson      Anna Marie             4M 21D        22 Dec 1931  Iowa           Hilton Twp        Norwegian           Infant
    Messer         John                   90Y 7M 11D    12 Jan 1932  Switzerland    Hartford Twp      IOOF                Widower
    Moershel       Carl C.                68Y 7M 15D    08 Feb 1932  Homestead      Iowa Twp          Homestead           Widower
    Meeks          Arthur                 53Y 8M 21D    26 Feb 1932  Marengo        Marengo Twp       IOOF                Married
    Montross       Andrew Richard         74Y 0M 25D    03 Apr 1932  Pennsylvania   Dayton Twp        Community           Married
    Meeks          William                67Y 11M 22D   10 Aug 1932  Ohio           Marengo Twp       Hixon               Married
    Mumm           Frank A.               61Y 5M 19D    05 Sep 1932  Iowa           Troy Twp          Pilot Grove         Married
    Moerschel      Henrietta              64Y 10M 23D   19 Feb 1933  Amana          Amana             Homestead           Widow
    Moershel       Jacob (F. or H.)       68Y 0M 7D     20 Mar 1933  Homestead      Homestead         Homestead           Married
    Montross       Margrente Luella       55Y 2M 4D     18 Mar 1933  North English  North English     North English       Widow
    Meeks          May                    34Y 3M 21D    24 Jul 1933  Illinois       Iowa City         IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Maas           Maria W.               57Y 4M 27D    13 Aug 1933  Iowa           Troy Twp          St. John's          Married
    Misel          Clarence Alfred        16Y 9M 7D     25 Aug 1933  Iowa           Marengo Twp       Marengo             Single
    Moderwell      Emma                   72Y 3M 11D    09 Sep 1933  Canada         Hartford Twp      Koszta              Single
    Martin         Mary Ellen             82Y 3M 19D    14 Nov 1933  Troy Twp       Poweshiek Co.     Brooklyn            Married
    Manatt         James Cyril            39Y 7M 22D    no record    Iowa           Poweshiek Co.     IOOF - Victor       Married
    Magoon         Lydia                  96Y 7M 10D    18 Feb 1934  Ohio           North English     North English       Widow
    Martinson      Ellen                  69Y           17 Jan 1934  no record      Hilton Twp        no record           Widow
    Moran          Rogert                 69Y 9M 13D    18 Jan 1934  Marengo        Marengo Twp       Calvary             Single
    Meyer          Marie                  89Y 7M 0D     26 Mar 1934  Germany        Williamsburg      Lincoln Twp         Widow
    Mumby          Richard Loyd           63Y           22 Mar 1934  Ladora         Belle Plaine      Ladora
    Mindermann     William A.             61Y           14 Mar 1934  no record      Iowa Twp          no record           Widower
    Maag           Emma                   83Y 9M 28D    16 May 1934  Rosentahl Sax. Lenox Twp.        Mound - Watkins     Widow
    Morse          George E.              70Y 11M 2D    08 Jun 1934  Iowa           Hartford Twp      Bluff               Married
    Miller         Albert Wellington      59Y 7M 7D     14 Jun 1934  Keokuk County  no record         no record           Married
    Mueller        Charles F.             68Y 5M 5D     01 Jun 1934  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Amana               Single
    Minnaert       Ida Louisa             25Y 9M 16D    03 Jul 1934  Atkinson, IL   Hartford Twp      Calvary - V         Single
    Miller         Christine              84Y 3M 16D    11 Jul 1934  New York       Lenox Twp.        Amana               Widow
    Masker         Lida L.                93Y 4M 29D    03 May 1934  Ohio           Honey Creek       Oak Hill - BP       Widow
    Morrison       Cecil Kenneth          36Y 2M 22D    02 Sep 1934  North English  Iowa City         North English       Single
    Mahannah       George Lester          51Y 0M 28D    26 Aug 1934  North English  English Twxp      North English       Married
    Maas           Minnie A.              38Y           31 Aug 1934  no record      no record         no record           Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Michalek       Louisa Ann             75Y 6M 22D    12 Jan 1935  Poweshiek Co.  Victor            Calvary - Victor    Married
    Merritt        Harriett Ruth          76Y 3M 2D     02 Feb 1935  Ohio           Marengo Twp       IOOF                Widow
    Maudlin        Lloyd                  33Y 9M 7D     17 Jun 1935  Iowa County    Sumner Twp        Ohio                Married
145 Morrin         Ann                    81Y 4M 0D     07 Jun 1935  Iowa           Williamsburg      Williamsbusrg       Widow
    Martinson      Elvin L.               16Y           09 Apr 1935  no record      Hilton Twp        no record           Single
163 McKnight       Rufus                  65Y 9M 8D     22 Feb 1929  New York       Marengo Twp       IOOF - Mgo          Married
    McClellan      James Robert           7M            15 Jan 1929  Iowa           Iowa City         North English       Infant
    McDowell       Mary E.                83Y 6M 7D     28 Dec 1929  New York       Greene Twp        Wellman             Widow
    McArtor        Daryl Francis          3M 12D        04 Sep 1930  Iowa           Greene Twp        Wellman             infant
    McCalla        Jesse F.               49Y 10M 6D    10 Oct 1930  North English  North English     North English       Married
    McKirg         George W.              60Y 1M 20D    05 May 1930  Oswego, IL     Marengo Twp       Marengo             Single
    McCauley       Sarah A.               52Y 4M 2D     17 Apr 1930  Rhode Island   Sumner Twp        Marengo             Married
    MacGregor      Margaret J.            85Y 3M 6D     18 Aug 1930  Canada         Marengo Twp       Koszta              Widow
    McGuire        James Thomas           74Y 10M 4D    09 Feb 1930  Iowa           Victor            Victor              Married
    McMillin       Joseph W.              74Y 9M 28D    19 Jan 1931  Iowa Coutny    Iowa City         IOOF - Mgo          Widower
    McElroy        Bessie May             50Y 1M 26D    27 Jan 1931  Marengo        Marengo Twp       IOOF - Mgo          Married
    McMurray       David                  77Y 1M 26D    29 Apr 1931  Pennsylvania   Troy Twp          Williamsburg        Married
    McCabe         James, Sr.             85Y 0M 21D    01 Sep 1931  Ireland        Troy Twp          Williamsburg        Married
    McShane        Cornelius F.           48Y 8M 14D    03 Sep 1931  Iowa City      Troy Twp          Williamsburg        Widower
    McMann         Clinton H.             49Y 2M 27D    30 Jul 1931  Iowa           Sumner Twp        Clavary             Married
    McGarry        Jennie                 44Y 5M 5D     20 Nov 1931  Iowa           Hartford Twp      Victor              Single
    McFall         William L.             76Y 2M 14D    09 Feb 1932  Iowa           Marengo Twp       IOOF                Single
    McElroy        John                   58Y 4M 9D     20 Mar 1932  Iowa           Marengo Twp       IOOF                Widower
    McCallister    George W.              85Y 1M 6D     12 May 1932  Indiana        Troy Twp          Pilot Grove         Married
    McCallister    Lydia T.               74Y 1M 29D    27 Nov 1932  Illinois       Troy Twp          Pilot Grove         Widow
    McKee          John                   77Y 4M 11D    19 Dec 1932  Canada         Marengo Twp       Calvary             Widower
    McCaviley      Benjamin               12Y 11M 13D   15 Oct 1932  Marengo        Iowa City         IOOF                Single
    McAdam         Alex                   86Y 11M 24D   29 Dec 1932  Hartford Twp   Ladora            IOOF                Widower
    McVay          Emman Elva             76Y 11M 18D   23 Mar 1934  Iowa City      North English     Marengo             Married
    McCracken      Kate                   65Y 2M 26D    01 Sep 1934  North English  North English     North English       Married
    McBride        Maud                   50Y 11M 2D    29 Aug 1934  Iowa County    Marengo Twp       IOOF - Victor       Single
    McGivern       Marguerette Ann        1Y 7M 2D      03 Feb 1935  Marengo        Sumner Twp        Calvary             Infant
    McLead         George                 72Y 8M 22D    12 Jun 1935  Honey Creek    Honey Creek T.    Oak Hill            Married
168 Norton         Charles D.             63Y 4M 11D    25 Jul 1929  Illinois       Marengo           Victor              Married
    Nace           Harry Haze             52Y 1M 2D     26 Jul 1929  Victor         Hartford Twp.     Victor              Widower
    Newkirk        Walter F.              4M            16 May 1929  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Immanuel            Infant
    Nelson         Susan                  97Y 0M 29D    02 Jun 1930  Norway         Marengo           Private farm        Widow
    Newkirk        Laran John                           07 May 1930                                                       Infant

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Nutting        Deo D.                 85Y 4M 7D     02 Feb 1931  New York       Honey Creek T.    IOOF - Victor       Widower
    Norton         (male)                               27 Mar 1931  Honey Creek T  Honey Creek T.    Victor              Infant
    Norton         (male)                               27 Mar 1931  Honey Creek T  Honey Creek T.    Victor              Infat
    Nutterfee      Joseph G.              57Y 0M 16D    21 Apr 1931  Iowa County    Washington Twp.   West Amana          Single
    Neuman         Mathilda               78Y 4M 14D    21 Feb 1931  Germany        Washington Twp.   West Amana          Married
    Newkirk        Linda A.               27Y 8M 29D    09 Mar 1932  Troy Twp.      Troy Twp.         St. John's          Married
    Nicola         Maybelle C.            49Y 2M 25D    03 Aug 1933  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Oak Hill            Married
    Newmire        Benjamin F.            67Y 9M 0d     17 Nov 1933  Ohio           Marengo           IOOF                Married
    Newmann        Gustav H.              81Y 8M 26D    01 Jun 1934  Germany        Washington Twp.   Ohio                Widower
    Newkirk        Christian              64Y 10M 4D    22 Feb 1934  Iowa           Washington Twp.   St. Pore's (?)      Married
    Neistedt       Minnie                 70Y 7M 12D    18 Jun 1934  Germany        Lincoln Twp.      G.F. Bott-Victor    Widow
    Norton         Frederick Alan                       07 Aug 1934  Honey Creek T  Honey Creek T.    no record           Infant
    Nickelson      Rose Evalena           66Y 1M 23D    20 Jan 1935  Iowa County    Honey Creek T.    Koszta              Married
    Nibeck         Isa Winnefred          59Y 0M 16D    24 Jan 1935  Canada         Iowa City         Winthrop            Married
    Nelson         Nellie                 54Y 11M 24D   11 Apr 1935  Sweden         Marengo           IOOF                Single
    Nash           John                   94Y 7M 0D     30 Apr 1935  Ohio           Williamsburg      Oak Hill            Married
175 O'Donnell      William J.             34Y 3M 22D    02 Sep 1929  Iowa           Troy Twp.         no record           Married
    Obermueller    John C.                75Y 4M 11D    14 May 1929  Germany        Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Widower
    Ochler         Wilhelmine Christina   89Y 4M 5D     27 Sep 1929  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Widow
    Ochs           Cyntha May             58Y 3M 9D     16 Aug 1929  Pilot Twp.     Pilot Twp.        Millersburg         Married
    O              Mary O.                85Y 9M 22D    14 Feb 1930  Ireland        Troy Twp.         Williamsburg        Widow
    O'Donnell      Leon                   16Y 6M 5D     15 Jun 1930  Iowa           Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Single
    Obermueller    Anna                   42Y 3M 11D    24 Jan 1931  Germany        Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Single
    Obermueller    John Halvor            15Y 2M 30D    06 Dec 1931  Iowa           Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Single
    Olson          Florence A.            18Y 9M 5D     10 Nov 1932  Marengo        Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Single
    Obermueller    Luella                 40Y           07 Mar 1932  Iowa           Hilton Twp.       Norwegian           Married
    Olson          (male)                               30 Dec 1932  Hilton Twp.    Hilton Twp.       Trinity             infant
    Oehl           Louise                 61Y 9M 17D    08 Mar 1933  Amana          Amana             Amana               Married
    Osborn         Milo Shleton           b.03 Nov 1884 03 Apr 1933  Marengo        Marengo           IOOF                Married
    Owen           Evan, Jr.              75Y 11M 10D   09 Jan 1934  Wales          Williamsburg      Oak Hill            Married
    Owen           Mary Olive             72Y 2M 27D    05 Apr 1904  Johnson Co.    North English     North English       Married
    O'Brien        John                   60Y           11 Sep 1934  Ireland        Mt. Pleasant,IA   Armah               Married
    Owen           Bessie                 44Y 7M 4D     23 Aug 1934  Iowa Co.       Iowa City         IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Owen           Eliza                  67Y 9M 22D    11 Dec 1934  Ohio           Troy Twp.         Oak Hill-Wmsbrg     Widow
    O'Neill        James A. (Priest)      58Y 5M 11D    03 Feb 1935  Council Bluffs Parnell           Council Bluffs      Single
    O'Donnell      Cornelius F.           70Y 7M 25D    27 Mar 1935  Troy Twp.      Troy Twp.         Williamsburg        Single
    Ogle           Alice Matilda          79Y 7M 21D    11 Jan 1935  Iowa Co.       Williamsburg      Williamsburg        Widow
182 Pagel          Earnest A.             69Y 0M 8D     11 Aug 1929  Germany        Iowa Twp.         High Amana          Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Patterson      Thomas E.              72Y 0M 7D     17 Apr 1929  Canada         Marengo           Rolfe, Iowa         Widower
    Paasch         Christ                 73Y           09 Jan 1929                 Troy Twp.         County Home         Married
    Paine          Edward Theo            71Y 7M 29D    27 Feb 1929  Marengo        Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Pitz           Susanna Maria          24Y 9M 9D     08 Oct 1930  High Amana     Lenox Twp.        High Amana          Single
    Pate           Henry Clarence         51Y 2M 9D     04 Feb 1930  Iowa           Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Perry          Thomas J.              56Y 10M 24D   19 Apr 1930  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Williamsburg        Married
    Potter         Orrin                  68Y 10M 23D   07 Apr 1930  Iowa           Dayton Twp.       U. B.               Single
    Price          Margaret               82Y 6M 23D    01 Jan 1931  Wales          Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Widow
    Pebbles        (female)               30 hrs.       10 Feb 1931                                                       infant
    Pope           Loris Ann              72Y 3M 23 D   30 Jun 1931  Scott Co., IA  English Twp.      Millersburg         Single
    Paulson        Francis S.             66Y 4M 0D     12 Jul 1931  Johnson Co.,IA Lincoln Twp.      Millersburg         Married
    Park           Alonza D. (male)       58Y 10M 8D    07 Oct 1931  Iowa           Grinnell, IA      IOOF-Victor         Married
    Pope           Alva (male)            67Y 10M 1D    03 Dec 1931  Scott Co., IA  English Twp.      Millersburg         Married
    Pitz           Fred W.                58Y 4M 26D    15 Feb 1932  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Amana               Married
    Phillips       Donald Wendell         73Y 10M 27D   16 May 1932  Ohio           Hartford Twp.     IOOF                Married
    Pebble         William                              23 Jun 1932  Hartford Twp.  Hartford Twp.     IOOF                infant
    Peck           Appolnia (female)      83Y 6M 4D     10 Jun 1932  Germany        Marengo           Calvary             Widow
    Pugh           Elmer                  52Y 3M 29D    30 Apr 1933  Iowa           Williamsburg      Oak Hill            Married
    Puegner        Amanda                 88Y 7M 29D    07 May 1933  Germany        High Amana        High Amana          Widow
    Poehlers       Julius Herman          64Y 1M 0D     19 Jun 1933  Germany        Amana             Amana               Married
    Pitz           Wilhelmina             73Y 9M 27D    03 Aug 1933  New York       Lenox Twp.        High Amana          Widow
    Potence        Frank                  84Y           15 Feb 1934  Austria        IA County Home    Victor              Single
    Paine          Mary Jane              76Y 10M 2D    24 Mar 1934  Iowa County    Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Widow
    Pellifore      George Franklin        73Y 5M 27D    06 Jun 1934  Cook Co., IL   North English     North English       Widower   [surname Pettibone?]
    Puchert        Christina              90Y 8M 12D    06 May 1934  Germany        Homestead         Homestead           Widow
    Paulson        Margaret               36Y 11M 27D   29 Jun 1934  North English  Troy Twp.         Pilot Grove         Married
    Parker         Marry Adda             55Y 10M 17D   07 Oct 1934  Iowa County    Des Moines, IA    Koszta              Married
    Punke          John                   69Y 6M 15D    15 Jan 1935  Germany        Hartford Twp.     Smith               Married
    Plagmann       Richard                58Y 8M 19D    10 Feb 1935  Sumner Twp.    Hilton Twp.       Marengo             Single
    Pelzer         Margaret               61Y 11M 9D    08 Mar 1935  Ireland        Hilton Twp.       Marengo             Married
    Panknen        Otto                   35Y 4M 12D    22 Apr 1935  Marengo        Iowa City         IOOF                Married
    Pacsser        Ethel N.               41Y 7M 22D    28 Jun 1935  Poweshiek Co.  Hartford Twp.     IOOF-Victor         Married
190 Quinn          Michael                47Y 4M 14D    09 Mar 1930  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Marengo             Single
    Querl          (male)                               02 Aug 1929  Troy Twp.      Troy Twp.         Williamsburg        Infant
    Quinn          Barbara                58Y 9M 10D    24 Jan 1931  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Oak Hill            Widow
    Querl          Herman                 53Y 8M 8D     30 Jul 1931  Iowa           Troy Twp.         St. John's          Single
192 Rosdail        Jacob                  73Y 0M 14D    07 Jan 1929  Norway         Lenox Twp.        Luth.-Norway        Married
    Rietze         Adolph                 64Y           24 Mar 1929  Germany        Iowa Twp.         Homestead           Single

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Rozenberger    Samantha               80Y 1M 2D     10 Mar 1929  Ohio           Hartford Twp.     Ohio                Widow
    Rush           Eliza                  69Y 5M 21D    02 May 1929  Iowa County    Troy Twp.         Williamsburg        Married
    Riecke         Leona E.               16Y 4M 0D     01 May 1929  Iowa           Marengo           Pleasant Hill       Single
    Reed           Georgianna             61Y 6M 11D    14 Mar 1929  Iowa City      Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Romberg        Gustav                 89Y 10M 28D   29 Sep 1929  Germany        Troy Twp.         Williamsburg        Widower
    Rossaway       Chris                  69Y           27 Sep 1929  Germany        Troy Twp.         Ia. County Home     Single
    Reihmann       Albert                 67Y 3M 14D    18 Dec 1930  Germany        Lenox Twp.        no record           Married
    Roher          Stella                 44Y 0M 14D    30 Nov 1930  Iowa           Hartford Twp.     IOOF-Victor         Married   auto accident
    Raemming       Carl W.                18Y 8M 15D    09 Nov 1930  Middle Amana   Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Married
    Reed           Jane W.                62Y 6M 6D     11 Oct 1930  PA             Iowa Twp.         Oak Hill-Wmsbrg     Married
    Ryan           John M.                65Y 8M 2D     24 Oct 1930  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Minneapolis, MN     Single
    Ratzel         George A.              10Y 8M 2D     12 Oct 1920  South Amana    Hilton Twp.       South Amana         Single
    Robrahn        John                   80Y 8M 14D    13 May 1930  Germany        Marengo           Marengo             Single
    Reicke         Christiana (male)      79Y 7M 13D    15 May 1930  Germany        Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Reihmann       Ludwig                 68Y 9M 13D    10 Jul 1930  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Married
    Rauch          John Jacob             66Y 1M 0D     18 May 1930  Germany        Hartford Twp.     IOOF-Victor         Married
    Rotenbucher    Carl                   58Y 7M 1D     19 May 1930  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Married
    Ruff           Wilhelmine P.          60Y 0M 11D    06 Jan 1930  South Amana    South Amana       South Amana         Married
    Rogers         John P.                81Y 11M 10D   06 Jan 1930  Illinois       North English     North English       Widower
    Roggentien     Raymond E.             1Y 7M 28D     30 Jan 1930  Iowa           Pilot Twp.        Reform.             infant
    Roggentien     Kathryn S.             51Y 5M 6D     19 Jan 1931                                   Married                       committed suicide
    Rossman        Rosa                   95Y 6M 3D     22 Mar 1931  Austria        Lenox Twp.        East Amana          Widow
    Rosenberger    Kenton                 59Y 7M 29D    31 May 1931  Iowa           Hartford Twp.     no record           Married
    Rowe           George S.              57Y 4M 14D    13 Jun 1931  Millersburg    Enlish Twp.       North English       Married
    Reynolds       Walter William         49Y 8M 27D    09 Dec 1931  Odebolt, IA    Marengo           Odebolt, IA         Married
    Roushar        Mary                   48Y 5M 13D    08 Jan 1932  Wisconsin      Hartford Twp.     Chelsea             Married
    Raney          Francisca (female)     74Y 11M 5D    18 Sep 1931  Pennsylvania   Marengo           IOOF                Widow
    Riley          Achsie (female)        93Y 5M 18D    18 Jun 1932  New York       Hartford Twp.     Calvary-Victor      Married
    Reed           Margaret Mary          83Y 11M 5D    18 Sep 1932  Homestead      Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Widow
    Robinson       Joseph                 87Y 10M 2D    28 Nov 1932  England        Hartford Twp.     Ohio                Widower
    Ryan           Louis                  21Y 2M 21D    22 Dec 1932  Iowa           Marengo           Calvary             Single
    Rickerd        Lester LeRoy           2Y 2M 0D      10 Jun 1933  Oskaloosa, IA  North English     Keota               Child
    Reihmann       Jacob Albert           41Y 11M 16D   03 Jan 1933  Middle Amana   Middle Amana      Middle Amana        Married
    Roller         Nancy Jane             86Y 3M 29D    06 Apr 1933  Ohio           North English     North English       Single
    Roller         Elizabeth Ellen        76Y 4M 13D    30 Nov 1933  Iowa City, IA  North English     N                   no record
    Roushar        Victor                 79Y 7M 1D     18 Jul 1934  Bohemia        Victor            Calvary             Widower
    Rettig         Carl, Jr.              39Y 11M 7D    09 Feb 1934  Middle Amana   Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Married
    Reed           William Augustine      70Y 9M 2D     27 Nov 1934  New York       Iowa City, IA     IOOF                Widower

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Robinson       Donald                 27Y 5M 10D    11 Nov 1934  Iowa County    Des Moines, IA    Ohio                Single
    Roher          Jacob                  59Y 10M 7D    26 Jan 1935  Poweshiek Co.  Victor            IOOF-Victor         Single
    Rupprecht      Gustav                 82Y 10M 27D   12 Jan 1935  Germany        Middle Amana      Middle Amana        Single
207 Swiebert       Fred                   79Y 0M 7D     26 Jan 1929  Germany        Poweshiek Co.     M.E.-Victor         Married
    Shanks         Harry W.               57Y 9M 5D     22 Jan 1929  Iowa           Millersburg, IA   Millersburg, IA     Married
    Sampson        Rachel Ann             86Y 5M 22D    26 Jan 1929  West Virginia  North English     Keokuk County       Widow
    Slaymaker      Glen Charles           18D           16 Jan 1929  Iowa County    Sumner Twp.       Catholic-Victor     Infant
    Solbrig        Emilie E.              84Y 1M 12D    10 Feb 1929  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Amana               Widow
    Stampor        John                   78Y           28 Mar 1929  Germany        Troy Twp.         IA. Co. Home        Single
    Schaedlich     Anna                   67Y 10M 0D    08 Apr 1929  Germany        Washington Twp.   West Amana          Married
    Siebert        Sarah H.               59Y 7M 19D    26 Apr 1929  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Bushwell, IL        Married
    Scandridge     Lucy Agnes             20D           20 Apr 1929  Iowa           Pilot Twp.        IOOF-Victor         Infant
    Salzbrenner    Charles                52Y 10M 20D   29 Apr 1929  Amana          Lenox Twp.        Amana               Married
    Simmons        Riley Martin           69Y 11M 26D   03 Apr 1929  North English  English Twp.      North English       Widower
    Steinmueller   Herman F.              66Y 0M 28D    25 Aug 1929  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Divorced
    Stanke         Fred                   58Y           16 Jul 1929  Wisconsin      Troy Twp.         IA. Co. Home        Single
    Stevens        Emma Jane              71Y 6M 8D     13 May 1929  Eldora, IA     Marengo           Marengo             Married
    Sandhoff       Mathilda               79Y 10M 6D    06 May 1929  Germany        Marengo           Piolot Grove        Widow
    Strasser       Anna                   91Y 11M 8D    10 Sep 1929  Germany        Iowa Twp.         Homestead           Widow
    Seiler         Charles                52Y 8M 8D     16 Oct 1929  Iowa           Millersburg, IA   Letz(Lety)          Widower
    Shannahan      Madeline               26Y 8M 23D    12 Nov 1929  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Williamsburg        Single
    Stocker        Sarah L.               89Y 2M 7D     11 Oct 1929  Indiana        Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Widow
    Schloeman      August                 75Y 10M 26D   08 Nov 1930  Iowa           Norway            IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Schuman        Karl F.                77Y 4M 18D    06 Oct 1930  Germany        Marengo           Marengo             Married
    Sayer          William J.             83Y 7M 25D    05 Oct 1930  Ohio           Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Widower
    Sheridan       Catherine              86Y 3M 11D    26 Oct 1930  Kentucky       Parnell           Parnell             Widow
    Swartzendruber Emma                   38Y 5M 25D    12 Oct 1930  Green Twp.     Green Twp.        Upper Deer Creek    Single
    Schnedler      Heinrich W.            74Y 6M 7D     15 Nov 1930  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Married
    Simmons        Emma J.                1D            18 Sep 1930  Iowa           Honey Creek Twp   Marengo             Infant
    Simmons        Everett E.             12D           30 Sep 1930  Iowa           Honey Creek Twp   M                   Infant
    Shoup          Adolph                 60Y 1M 19D    01 Aug 1930  South Amana    South Amana       South Amana         Married
    Starkweather   Alfred W.              1Y 10M 6D     01 Jan 1930  Iowa           Iowa City         Bishop              Child
    Schumacher     Lillian                3Y 11M 16D    16 Mar 1930  Iowa           Amana             IOOF                Child
    Smith          Irene                  62Y 4M 7D     15 Aug 1930  Iowa           Marengo           IOOF                Married
    Shettler       Emma                   51Y 8M 1D     18 May 1930  Iowa           Greene Twp        Bush (?)            Married
    Speck          Hannah                 63Y 0M 28 D   18 Jun 1930  Germany        Hartford Twp.     No Record           Married
    Stoner         Marilyn Getchen        4Y 7M 7D      04 Jul 1930  Iowa           Hartford Twp.     No Record           Single
    Seifert        Marie                  56Y 7M 28D    08 Jun 1930  Germany        South Amana       South Amana         Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Shaul          Nancy E.               94Y 4M 10 D   11 Jun 1930  Ohio           Troy Twp.         Oak Hill            Widow
    Snider         George                 77Y           27 Apr 1930  no record      Troy Twp.         County Home         Single
    Steffin        Adaline                65Y 10M 4D    13 May 1930  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Marengo             Widow
    Scandridge     Harlin, Jr.            27D           01 May 1930  Iowa           Sumner Twp.       Victor              Single
208 Schadt         Rosaline               77Y 3M 17D    03 Apr 1930  Switzerland    Troy Twp.         Amana               Widow
    Shoemaker      John                   46Y 6M 8D     02 Apr 1930  Missouri       Troy Twp.         Williamsburg        Married
    Schauff        George W.              52Y 9M 10D    27 Feb 1930  Washington Co. English Twp.      North English       Married
    Secor          Caroline M.            74Y 10M 2D    08 Mar 1930  Dayton Twp.    English Twp.      North English       Widow
    Smith          August                 50Y 7M 27D    27 Feb 1930  Iowa           Lincoln Twp.      Smith               Married
    Shannahan      Mary                   20Y 10M 1D    28 Jan 1930  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Holbrook            Single
    Schauff        Philip                 83Y 10M 18D   11 Feb 1930  Germany        English Twp.      North English       Married
    Schaefer       Madelina               76Y 0M 16D    06 Mar 1931  Germany        Williamsburg      St. John's          Married
    Shultz         Caroline               72Y 8M 19D    09 Feb 1931  Germany        Lincoln Twp.      St. John's          Widow
    Sinn           Mary Kuch              63Y 3M 0D     22 Jan 1931  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Williamsburg        Married
    Schauff        Nellie Johanna         77Y 2M 16D    20 Jan 1931  Illinois       English Twp.      North English       Widow
    Simmons        Mary L. Long           84Y 7M 12D    15 Jan 1931  Ohio                                                 Widow
    Smith          Susan Misner           81Y 0M 10D    10 Jan 1931  Ohio                                                 Widow
    Slager         Frank                  64Y 6M 3D     28 Mar 1931  Austria                                              Single
    Sparrowgrove   James                  86Y 0M 29D    03 Apr 1931  Ohio                                                 Widower
    Schwarting     Alwina (female)        75Y 0M 14D    18 Apr 1931  Germany                                              Married
    Scharley       Elisha J. (male)       52Y 3M 30D    06 Apr 1931  Iowa                                                 Married
    Schmidt        Ervin (female)                       11 Apr 1931  Hilton Twp                                           Married
    Starr          John C.                78Y 7M 27D    28 Jan 1931  Ohio                                                 Widower
    Standard       Emilly                 87Y 5M 28D    10 Jun 1931  Indiana                                              Married
    Share          Joseph                 66Y 0M 20D    05 May 1931  Dubuque                                              Married
    Strasser       Ulrich                 69Y 1M 24D    28 Aug 1931  Switzerland                                          Single
    Sting          Lizzie                               06 Aug 1931  Iowa                                                 Single
    Sieman         Robert G.              1Y 9M 16D     26 May 1931  Iowa                                                 Infant
    Spurrier       John E.                81Y -M 18D    06 May 1931  Ohio                                                 widower
    Sims           Edward E.              61Y 4M 13D    26 Sep 1931  Germany                                              Married
    Sontag         John                   55Y 8M 11D    09 Oct 1931  Iowa                                                 Married
    Secor          Dora Ellen             65Y 8M 5D     21 Nov 1931  Amana                                                Married
    Shedenhelm     Oscar S.               62Y 8M 4D     31 Dec 1931  Iowa County                                          Divorced
    Stover         Laura R.               87Y -M 10D    29 Nov 1931  Ohio                                                 Widow
    Sumers         Nathan E.              64Y 2M 24D    25 Jan 1932  Iowa                                                 Married
    Sandersfeld    Wayne E.               1Y 3M 3D      19 Feb 1932  Keokuk Co.,IA                                        Infant
    Schwarting     John                   78Y 2M 3D     09 Feb 1932  Iowa                                                 Widower
    Summitt        Owen Butler            75Y 2M 17D    13 Feb 1932  Germany                                              Divorced

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Stohlman       Anna                   57Y 10M 24D   03 Apr 1932  Iowa County                                          Married
    Schaffner      Emma                   69Y 8M 15D    18 Mar 1932  Ohio                                                 Single
    Steffa         Kenith                 25Y 0M 16D    13 Feb 1932  Iowa           Marengo           Marengo             Married
    Simmons        Fannie E.              54Y 1M 22D    09 Mar 1932  Iowa           Marengo           IOOF                Married
    Stover         Fannie Mae             58Y 3M 13D    19 Mar 1932  Iowa           Marengo           IOOF                Married
    Schultz        Fred J.                61Y 2M 10D    28 Apr 1932  Iowa           Iowa City         Victor              Married
    Stahl          Ethel Earl (female)    43Y 6M 24D    24 May 1932  English Twp.   English Twp.      Keokuk County       Single
    Stuck          (female)                             20 Jun 1932  Amana          Lenox Twp.        Amana               Infant
    Seifert        Erna Caroline          24Y 3M 15D    13 Jul 1932  Iowa           Lenox Twp.        High Amana          Married
    Schindler      Christina              85Y 5M 8D     04 Apr 1932  Germany        Washington Twp.   Bishop              Widow
    Spencer        J. E.                  70Y 9M 18D    07 Jun 1932  Kentucky       Marengo           IOOF                Divorced
    Shaull         Jennie R.              65Y 7M 21D    04 Jul 1932  Ohio           Marengo           IOOF                Married
    Stanerson      Staner H.              57Y           30 Apr 1932  America        Hilton Twp.       No Record           Married
    Schroeder      William F.             48Y 0M 22D    08 Aug 1932  Germany        Iowa City         Victor              Married
    Schwarting     Louise                 78Y 7M 5D     07 Oct 1932  Germany        Troy Twp.         Immanuel            Widow
    Sperry         Howard Joe             1Y 5M 25D     23 Sep 1932  Iowa           Troy Twp.         Dwan, Missouri      Infant
    Smoley         Ralph                  43Y 0M 17D    04 Sep 1932  Sioux City, IA Marengo           IOOF                Married
    Shaull         John D.                72Y 1M 29D    29 Sep 1932  Ohio           Hartford Twp.     Ohio                Married
    Schanz         Albine Louisa          69Y 6M 16D    30 Apr 1932  Germany        Washington Twp.   No Record           Widow
    Schmidt        John W.                75Y 4M 14D    01 Nov 1932  Germany        Hartford Twp.     St. John's          Widow
    Summitt        Robert Watson          83Y 6M 10D    31 Oct 1932  Indiana        English Twp.      North English       Widower
    Schnetzler     Margaretha             80Y 3M 29D    09 Nov 1932  Switzerland    Washington Twp.   South Amana         Divorced
    Stover         Marion Les (female)    3M 13D        15 Dec 1932  Ladora         Ladora            No Record           Single
    Smith          Carmen Euell           40Y 7M 5D     06 Jan 1933  Millersburg    Millersburg       No Record           Married
    Sears          Rufus Bulter           85Y 9M 23D    24 Jan 1933  Ohio           North English     Clothier-Fill.Twp   Widower
    Schmalling     Charles                73Y 2M 4D     06 Feb 1933  Iowa County    Marengo           Titler              Single
    Scott          James H.               46Y 5M 21D    23 Feb 1933  Iowa County    Marengo           IOOF                Married   Suicide
    Straka         Joseph                 46Y 10M 18D   01 Mar 1933  Bohemia        Lincoln Twp.      Ohio                Single
    Simmons        Clara                  58Y 4M 19D    18 Feb 1933  Marengo        Marengo           Marengo             Married
209 Schmidthans    Dorothea               60Y 8M 26D    19 Apr 1933  Germany        Marengo           IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Smith          Margetta               88Y 0M 3D     28 Apr 1933  Germany        Marengo           IOOF-Victor         Single
    Stanard        George Guy             61Y 6M 14D    03 May 1933  Millersburg    Millersburg       Millersburg         Single
    Seifker        Roy Henry              3Y 10M 3D     04 Feb 1933  Dayton Twp.    Dayton Twp.       Millersburg         Infant
    Schafbuch      (male)                 1D            07 Jun 1933  Lincoln Twp.   Lincoln Twp.      Smith               Infant
    Sears          Denver C.              60Y 10M 4D    11 Jul 1933  Fillmore Twp   Fillmore Twp.     North English       Married
    Stahl          John                   81Y 1M 1D     07 Aug 1933  Ohio           English Twp.      No Record           Widower
    Snavely        William H.             77Y 9M 2D     25 Sep 1933  Pennsylvania   Hartford Twp.     Ladora              Married
    Shafbuch       (male)                 1D            08 Jun 1933  Lincoln Twp.   Lincoln Twp.      Smith               Infant

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Shaul          Grant                  69Y 4M 15D    10 Sep 1933  Ohio           Troy Twp.         Oak Hill            Single
    Steinke        Anna                   53Y 6M 3D     03 Dec 1933  Iowa           York Twp.         Manuel              Widow
    Schleuter      Carl                   70Y 0M 24D    17 Oct 1933  Iowa           Mt. Pleasant Hosp No Record           Single
210 Slaymaker      Clarence Rufus         52Y 1M 17D    29 Jan 1934  Iowa County    Marengo Twp.      IOOF                Married
    Simmons        Jacob Ashley           57Y 2M 29D    17 Jan 1934  Iowa County    Marengo Twp.      IOOF                Single
    Sandersfeld    Emelie                 74Y           18 Dec 1933  Iowa County    Hilton Twp.       No Record           Widow
    Stoner         Cina C.                74Y 7M 21D    20 Mar 1934  Iowa           Dayton Twp.       Ohio                Married
    Scandridge     Earl Loyd              7D            No Record    Iowa           Sumner Twp.       IOOF-Victor         Infant
    Sinegart       George M.              73Y 2M 6D     04 May 1934  Illinois       Williamsburg      Marengo             Married
    Schmidt        Anna                   80Y 9M 29D    04 Jan 1934  Bohemia        Lincoln Twp.      Zion Reformed       Widow
    Solzbrenner    Fred                   60Y 0M 29D    03 Jun 1934  Amana          Amana             Amana               Single
    Schaedlich     Auguste W.(female)     81Y 10M 18D   08 Jun 1934  Germany        Washington Twp.   West Amana          Widow
    Salzbrenner    Robert F.              64Y 6M 4D     24 Jul 1934  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Amana               Widower
    Schultz        Alice                  77Y 5M 8D     10 Jul 1934  New Jersey     Washington Twp.   Swedenburg          Married
    Simmons        Carroll J. (male)      63Y 9M 14D    15 Aug 1934  Iowa           Williamsburg      St. Mary's-Wms.     Married   banker
    Schafbuch      Jacob                  85Y )m 22D    02 Sep 1934  Germany        Sumner Twp.       Genoa Bluff         Married
    Schebl         Marie                  75Y 10M 19D   28 Sep 1934  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Amana               Single
    Schafbuch      Margret                72Y 4M 29D    21 Sep 1934  Germany        Sumner Twp.       Genoa Bluff         Married
    Schriner       Lovenia Evaline        75Y 7M 17D    16 Sep 1934  Ohio           Marengo Twp.      IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Schriner       John Salomen           84Y 0M 16D    16 Aug 1934  Ohio           Marengo Twp.      IOOF-Marengo        Widower
    Slaymaker      Mamie Bell             57Y 2M 14D    13 Aug 1934  Ohio           Marengo Twp.      IOOF                Widow
    Stahl          George B.              69Y 7M 6D     20 Oct 1934  Iowa County    English Twp.      Sigourney           Widower
    Stoker         Christ (male)          72Y 11M 19D   01 Dec 1934  Germany        Walcott, IA       IOOF-Victor         Widower
    Starry         Pluma (female)         64Y 2M 8D     03 Dec 1934  Illinois       Belle Plaine      Webster             Married
    Schumacher     Henrich                82Y 9M 23D    12(11)Dec34  Germany        Marengo Twp.      Bishop              Widower
    Schnedler      Marie                  73Y 4M 19D    07 Jan 1935  Germany        Middle Amana      Middle Amana        Widow
    Stapleton      James L.               14Y 1M 2D     16 Jan 1935  Marengo        IA State Hosp     Calvary             Single
    Shull          Bridget                62Y 11M 3D    23 Mar 1935  Parnell        Fillmore Twp.     Parnell             Married
    Simmons        John Willard           61Y 11M 7D    23 Mar 1935  Iowa           Williamsburg      Oak Hill            Married
    Stanenhagen    Fred                   92Y 2M 6D     14 Mar 1935  Germany        Hartford Twp.     IOOF-Victor         Widower
    Schedenhelm    Luzena A.(female)      75Y 7M 28D    08 Apr 1935  Iowa County    Hartford Twp.     Ohio                Single
    Siebold        Richard                73Y           08 May 1935  Unknown        Troy Twp.         Poor Farm           Widower
    Setzer         Phillipine             80Y 1M 18D    18 May 1935  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Married
    Schehl         Lina                   76Y 1M 15D    26 Jun 1935  Amana          Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Single
    Smoley         Christena              44Y 0M 18D    18 May 1935  Marengo        Marengo Twp.      IOOF-Marengo        Widow
    Schultz        Permelia               76Y 10M 22D   16 May 1935  Ohio           English Twp.      Millersburg         Married
232 Timmerman      Dorothea               92Y 7M 12D    02 Jun 1929  Germany                          St. John's-Victor   Widow
    Timm           Mary Henrietta         46Y 4M 16D    24 May 1929  Iowa                             St. John's-Victor   Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Thomas         Sarah Jane             73Y 8M 0D     28 Apr 1929  Indiana                          North English       Married
    Thomas         (male)                               07 May 1929  North English                    North English       Infant
    Trimpe         Marianne E.            5Y 9M 0D      05 Aug 1929  Iowa County                      St. John's          Single
    Timm           Carl                   47Y 5M 28D    07 Oct 1929  Lincoln Twp.                     Victor              Widower
    Trumpold       William                              24 Jun 1929  East Amana                       East Amana          Infant
    Tracy          Richard M.             62Y 11M 25D   19 Aug 1929  Iowa                             Titler              Single
    Thomas         Charles Bruce          5Y 7M 42D     10 Oct 1929  North English                    North English       Widower
    Tschopp        Hieronius              65Y           02 Nov 1929  Switzerland    Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Single
    Thomas         Warren M.              76Y 2M 3D     19 Apr 1930  Indiana        English Twp.      North English       Married
    Thomas         Howard Daniel          2D            14 Nov 1930  Iowa           North English     North English       Single
    Tanner         Albert                 75Y 0M 19D    09 Oct 1930  Iowa           Sumner Twp.       Ohio                Widower
    Thompson       John                   80Y           02 Feb 1930                 Troy Twp.         County Farm         Single
    Trumpold       August                 59Y 11M 27D   11 Jan 1930  Middle Amana   Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Married
    Timm           (male)                               15 Apr 1931  Lincoln Twp.   Lincoln Twp.      Victor              Infant
    Thompson       Anna Marie             76Y 7M 10D    25 Jun 1931  Denmark        Iowa County       Internat.-Luzerne   Widow
    Thompson       Thomas M.              86Y 7M 3D     27 Jun 1931  Ohio           English Twp.      Lutton(Sutton?)
    Turner         Samuel Riley           75Y 7M 28D    04 Sep 1931  Indiana        English Twp.      North English       Married
    Talley         Gilbert Haven          55Y 4M 5D     13 Nov 1931  Iowa           Hartford Twp.     Rose Hill           Married
    Trimpe         Alma Johanna           1Y 7D or 71?  04 Feb 1932  Troy Twp.      Troy Twp.         St. John's
    Tschopp        Fritz                  47Y 3M 3D     31 Mar 1932  Switzerland    Hilton Twp.       IOOF                Married
    Taylor         Charles E.             75Y 10M 28D   05 May 1932  Pennsylvania   Marengo           Marengo             Married
    Torrance       W. W.                  53Y 11M 15D   15 May 1932  Iowa           Mt. Pleasant      Koszta
    Tinkle         Elizabeth M.           65Y 8M 7D     18 Aug 1932  Iowa           Pilot Twp.        Pilot Grove         Married
    Tanenhohn      Oscar                  70Y 4M 6D     31 Oct 1932  Germany        Iowa Twp.         Homestead           Married
    Tuomey         Thomas H.              68Y 4M 24D    10 Oct 1932  Wash., Ia      Fillmore Twp.     Parnell             Married
    Trumpold       Robert Carl            67Y 8M 13D    11 Nov 1932  Germany        Lenox Twp.        Middle Amana        Married
    Thomas         Milo Rama              34Y 6M 11D    09 Jan 1933  North English  North English     North English       Married
    Thompson       Anna                   69Y 10M 24D   25 Jul 1933  Iowa           Marengo           Koszta              Widow
    Tanke          John                   60Y 10M 15D   27 Aug 1933  Germany        Lincoln Twp.      St. John's          Married
    Tanner         Jacob                  64Y 8M 23D    13 Jan 1934  Iowa           Williamsburg      Ohio Church         Married
    Thomas         Lillie May             72Y 5D        04 Jul 1934  North English  English Twp.      North English       Widow
    Taylor         Norma Irene            3D            30 Nov 1934  North English  English Twp.      Dayton Twp.         Infant
246 Uridil         Leroy                  6Y 3M 13D     27 Feb 1930  Hartford Twp.                    Trave               Single
    Uhlmann        Reinhard               60Y 3M 16D    20 May 1933  Germany                          Immanuel            Married
    Unglenk        baby girl                            04 Jun 1933  Amana                            Amana               Infant
    Underhill      Robert W.              86Y 4M 25D    11 Jun 1935  New Hampshire                    Ladora              Married
248 Vogt           Anna Marie             80Y 8M 6D     14 Jul 1929  Germany                          MaasS.Am.           Widow
    Volk           John                   77Y 9M 0D     12 May 1931  Germany                          County Farm         Single

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    VanDee         Kirkove Anthony Andrew 6D            24 Jun 1931  Dayton Twp.                      Armah               Infant
    VonAhsen       Edgar Herman           3M 10D        11 Sep 1931  Iowa Twp.                        Emanuel             Infant
    Voelkel        Ursula                 86Y 4M 3D     06 Feb 1932  Switzerland                      Lutheran            Widow
    Vette          Edward                 70Y 11M 2D    19 Apr 1932  Iowa                             Lenox               Single
    VanDecar       Roseanna               93Y 5M 3D     28 Dec 1934  Michigan                         Oak Hill            Widow
    VanVoltenburg  Oliver William         93Y 10M 17D   19 May 1935  Indiana                          no record           Married
    VanHorn        Mary Elizabeth         84Y 8M 24D    20 May 1935  Millersburg                      Millersburg         Married
    Volz           Martin C.              56Y 3M 16D    03 May 1935  Lenox Twp.                       Swedenburg          Married
251 Williams       David                  70Y 2M 1D     07 Jan 1929  Pennsylvania                     Oak Hill            Married
    Wolf           Valentine              78Y 3M 6D     23 Jan 1929  Germany                          IOOF Marengo        Married
    Wilder         June Ethel             31Y 6M 29D    29 Jan 1929  Iowa County                      Millersburg         Married
    Woodword       Herman                 58Y 10M 18D   06 Mar 1929  Illinois                         IOOF Marengo        Married
    Wendrem        Mary Elizabeth         73Y 6M 18D    15 Mar 1929  Wisconsin                        Oxford              Widow
    Welch          Jane                   69Y 2M 16D    28 Jun 1929  Iowa County                      Holbrook            Widow
    Wendler        Louise                 43Y 11M 4D    23 Aug 1929  Iowa                             High Amana          Married
    Walker         Jackesline Louise      2D            18 Mar 1929  Iowa                             IOOF Marengo        infant
    Woodrow        Joshiah                85Y 1M 23D    07 Oct 1929  Pennsylvania                     Koszta              Widower
    Wagner         C. Perry               44Y 1M 23D    19 Sep 1929  Iowa Twp.                        IOOF Marengo        Married
    Walton         Mary                   61Y 2M 16D    30 Nov 1929  Sweden                           IOOF Marengo        Widow
    Wade           Richard                74Y 9M 2D     15 Dec 1930  Iowa                             Piersol             Widower
    Wilkinson      Samuel                 38Y           02 Jun 1930  Iowa                             North English       Married
    Woods          Charles                50Y 7M 22D    04 Jun 1930  Iowa                             Parnell             Single
    White          Neil E.                24Y 1M 20D    19 Jun 1930  Illinois                         Bradford, Illinois  Single
    Whitford       Charles                67Y 0M 6D     18 Jan 1930  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Widower
    Wardenburg     Carrie S.              41Y 7M 16D    01 Jan 1931  Iowa                             Emanuel             Married
    Warn           Arthur M.              about 55      17 Sep 1930  no record                        IOOF Marengo        no record
    Watson         Rebecca                83Y 3m 11D    30 Jan 1931  Germany                          Oxford              Widow
    Westfall       Jesse Markwell         10 minutes    06 Feb 1931  Keokuk County                    Brethen, Keokuk Co.
    Westfall       Joseph L.              2 days        07 Feb 1931  Keokuk County                    Brethen, Keokuk Co.
    Wheeler        Laurence L.            37Y 4M 20D    24 Apr 1931  Missouri                         Marengo             Married
    Whitehill      William                71Y 2M 11D    12 Apr 1931  Iowa                             IOOF Marengo        Single
    Williams       Evan E.                87Y 2M 15D    18 May 1931  Wales                            Oak Hill            Widower
    Werner         Alwin                  61Y 11M 0D    15 Jul 1931  Lenox Twp.                       East Amana          Married
    Weinmann       Ambrose                about 65      22 Jul 1931  Germany                          South Amana.        Single
    Werner         Emanuel                87Y 5M 1D     06 Aug 1931  Germany                          East Amana          Widower
    Williams       Mary V.                80Y 6M 18D    17 Jun 1931  Johnson Co.                      North English       Single
    Wetjen         George                 63Y 7M 13D    16 Sep 1931  Germany                          Emanuel             Single
    Witte          Henry                  65Y 1M 23D    10 Oct 1931  Germany                          Emanuel             Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    (S)Wiebold     (male)                  stillborn    16 Dec 1931  Lenox Twp.                       St. John's Lutheran infant
    White          Salome S. (female)     77Y 4M 1D     13 Dec 1931  Illinois                         Koszta              Widow     [death date could possibly be 23 Dec 1931]
    Wright         Henry                  82Y 1M 2D     20 Dec 1931  Germany                          St. Paul's          Single
    Wright         Oscar L.               25Y 1M 28D    26 Jan 1932  Marceline                        Stien               Married   [the above person committed suicide]
    Walter         Louis T.               75Y 2M 15D    16 Feb 1932  Germany                          Emanuel             Married
    Wilson         Andrew C.              81Y 3M 11D    20 Mar 1932  Iowa                             IOOF                Widower
    Weldon         Patrick                62Y 11M 19D   27 Feb 1932  Iowa                             Millersburg         Married
    Willis         Joseph J.              55Y 6M 28D    09 Mar 1932  Iowa                             IOOF                Married
    Wiese          Beatrice Minnie        18Y 4M 3D     05 Oct 1932  Marengo                          IOOF                Single
    Williams       Claudia A.             48Y 4M 9D     05 May 1932  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Married
    Wolf           Katherine              60Y 11M 8D    21 May 1932  Iowa                             Homestead           Married
    Williams       Margaret J.            11Y 2M 161D   06 Jun 1932  Iowa                             Oak Hill            Single
    Wymare         Theo                   26Y 0M 22D    03 Jul 1932  Illinois                         Fairfield, Iowa     Married
    Wiggins        Marion (female)        78Y           15 Jul 1932  no record                        County Farm
    Wall           Lois Elvo              20Y 10M 17D   05 Jul 1932  Knoxville                        IOOF
    Wagner         Lucy Anne              55Y 10M 2D    07 Jul 1932  Marengo                          Marengo             Widower
    Wanamaker      Mary                   81Y 6M 9D     04 Apr 1932  Indiana                          IOOF                Widow
    White          James A.               72Y           09 Apr 1932  America                          no recoard          Single
    Welch          Albert                 80Y 11M 29D   03 Aug 1932  Vermont                          Yankee Point        Single
    Wentland       Michael Charles        66Y 1M 27D    02 Oct 1932  Germany                          Calvary-Victor, Ia  Married
    (S)Wauters     Grace                                23 Sep 1932  Iowa                             Calvary             infant
    Warren         Edward                 61Y 4M 23D    18 Dec 1932  New York                         Ladora              Married
    Williams       William L.             69Y 9M 4D     20 Jan 1933  Wales                            Oak Hill            Married
    Wyant          Elmer                  8Y 2M 18D     02 Jan 1933  Oklahoma                         Ohio                Single
    Winslow        Arthur B.              no record     31 Mar 1933  no record                        no recoard          Married
    Waldron        Martha Naomi           57Y 7M 14D    10 Sep 1933  Iowa                             Cedar Rapids        Married
    Wagner         Reuel Sherlock         14Y 9M 9D     23 Sep 1933  Marengo                          IOOF                Single
    (S)Willis      Robert N.              no record     21 Sep 1933  Marengo                          Norwegian           infant
    Williams       William F.             78Y 3M 1D     22 Nov 1933  England                          Cedar Rapids        Married
    Wardenburg     Edith Ann              2Y 3M 3D      20 Jan 1934  Iowa                             Emanuel             Child
    Webber         William                about 78Y     06 Jan 1934  no record                        North English       no record
    Whitehill      Blanche                49Y 2M 6D     08 Mar 1934  Iowa                             Victor              Divorced
    Wendel         Christine Lissetta     36Y 5M 5D     22 Apr 1934  Marengo                          Bishop              Married
    Williams       Robert Marcelus        62Y 11M 21D   04 Jan 1934  Iowa                             North English       Widower
    Williams       (female)                             14 Jun 1934  High Amana                       High Amana          infant    stillborn
    Walter         (male)                 no record     16 Jul 1934  Homestead                        St. John's          no record
    Weber          Gerald Lee             6Y 1M 11D     30 Jul 1934  North English                    North English       child     [accidental fall of 10' onto concrete]
    White          Peter Raymond          44Y           02 Jun 1934  no record                        no record           Married

Pg  Surname        Given Name             Age           Death        Where Born     [Where Died?]     Cemetery            Status    Coments
    Wheeler        Willis                 26Y 2M 11D    25 Sep 1934  South Dakota                     Victor              Single
    Wilson         Clarence               24Y           26 Aug 1934  Wisconsin                        Wisconsin           Single    [the above person was shot]
    Wallace        George Washington      82Y 3M 5D     09 Dec 1934  West Virginia                    Oak Hill            Widower
    Watkins        Richard W.             79Y 5M 3D     21 Mar 1935  Iowa County                      Oak Hill            Married
    Wilson         Henry                  83Y 4M 21D    22 Mar 1935  Pennsylvania                     Ladora              Single
    Wheeler        Mary                   68Y 4M 29D    09 May 1935  Poweshiek Co.                    IOOF-Victor         Widow
277 Yates          John J.                81Y 7M 26D    08 May 1929  Wales                            Oak Hill            Married
    York           Mary Mae               55Y 3M 12D    25 Jun 1929  Iowa                             Ladora              Married
    York           Kayrol (female)        6Y 26D        01 Feb 1929  Ladora                           IOOF                Single
    Young          Evelyn Bernita         4D            22 Oct 1929  Iowa County                      Koszta              Infant
    Young          Mary                   59Y 6M 29D    15 Dec 1930  Iowa                             Marengo             Widow
    Young          Cora Lea               41Y 5M 29D    16 Nov 1931  Wellman                          IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Yoss           Elizo Elizabeth        80Y 9M 2D     25 May 1934  England                          Kettle Creek        Widow
    Yearian        Andrew                 69Y 10M 3D    20 Jan 1935  Ohio                             Genoa Bluff         Widower
280 Zimpleman      Louise                 79Y 6M 13D    06 Apr 1929  Germany                          Amana               Widow
    Zopf           Charles F.             49Y 8M 5D     05 Jun 1929  Germany                          IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Zopf           Peter                  74Y 11M 10D   15 Sep 1929  Germany                          IOOF-Marengo        Married
    Zigler         Charles                65Y 6M 11D    14 Aug 1931  Iowa                             Koszta              Widower
    Zahrt          Amelia                 82Y 7M 26D    16 Aug 1931  Vermont                          IOOF                Widow
    Zeller         Hannah E.              83Y 6M 20D    10 Sep 1932  Indiana                          Koszta              Widow
    Zimmerman      Peter C.               64Y 4M 14D    26 Feb 1933  Amana                            Amana               Married
    Zakostelasky   Mary                   85Y           18 Jul 1933  Bohemia                          Solon, Iowa         Married
    Zuber          Anna K.                51Y           27 Aug 1933  no record                        no record           Married
    Zimpleman      Harry W.               13Y 9M 7D     27 Jun 1934  Amana                            Amana               Single
    Zuber          August                 53Y 6M 7D     15 Jun 1935  Switzerland                      Conroy              Widower