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Old Settlers Picnic

The following is the list of those registered at the 1st Old Settlers Picnic, Sep 12, 1899, with dates of their first appearance in Ida County. "Native" means they were born in Ida County. Initials were replaced with first names found in census reports 1880-1905. Read the story of this first picnic below.

Anspach, M. [Milton] 1876
Baird, E. B. [Edmund] May 1872
Baker, Ed March 1875
Baneck, Peter October 1879
Barnes, G. F. [George] April 1873
Barnes, Mrs. Edmun H. [Louisa] September 1872
Barnes, Walter W. May 1872
Benedict, C. E. June 1871
Bicksler, Grant S. September 1877
Bixler, Lulu G. native
Blackman, Mrs. Dudley W. [Minnie] March 1877
Bresnahan, Dan April 1878
Brown, James March 1874
Burgoine, Florence native
Burgoine, Jessie native
Burgoine, Kate E. Fall 1877
Burgoine, William Fall 1872
Burns, Mrs. Anna 1877
Burrows, Mrs. James 1872
Campbell, Birdena native
Campbell, Mrs. Romeo H. [Hattie] October 1871
Campbell, Powell native
Campbell, Romeo H. June 1870
Carr, S. V. [Samuel] September 1869
Chaffee, Mrs. Arnold B. [Cynthia E.] August 1874
Clark, J. L. [Joy L.] May 1874
Collin, Miss Tena March 1880
Collins, Jonas & wife [Johanna] March 1880
Colvin, Mrs. William [Armenia] March 1876
Colvin, Sadie Mae native
Colvin, William April 1875
Cooper, Carrie native
Cooper, George W. April 1875
Cooper, Martha native
Cooper, Mrs. George [Lotta] 1879
Countryman, D. [Dennis] March 1875
Cronquist, S. E. [Emanuel] April 1872
Davis, Ira W. April 1872
Drake, Mrs. Wm. C. [Julia] March 1874
Drake, Wm. C. June 1874
Dunn, A. R. [Amyey] March 1877
Dunn, Miss Maggie native
Dunn, Mrs. Cora March 1877
Dunn, Verlin native
Ferguson, George W. June 1869
Ferguson, H. K. [Henry] March 1874
Fischer, Austin June 1872
Fisher, A. H. [Austin] June 1872
Fisher, Mrs. Austin H. [Eleanor] March 1876
Fobes, Edgar E. 1870
Fobes, L. A. [Leslie] 1871
Fobes, Miss Alice native
Fobes, Miss Tena native
Fobes, Mrs. Leslie A. [Kate] November 1866
Gleason, B. F. 1879
Graham, J. R. [John] March 1879
Graves, George F. 1865
Harvey, George 1871
Harvey, Mrs. Caroline June 1871
Havens, Cora native
Havens, May C. 1863
Hawkins, Mrs. Bell 1876
Hayden, W. C. [Willard] September 1879
Hefner, John March 1874
Henry, J. [Joseph] April 1881
Henry, Mrs. Joseph [Marge] April 1881
Higgins, Allene native
Higgins, George September 1878
Higgins, J. C. [Julius] May 1871
Higgins, John May 1871
*Higgins, Mrs. Julius C. [Betsey] March 1879
Higgins, Mrs. Wm. A. [Selena] March 1873
Higgins, W. A. [William] March 1873
Hitchcock, Anna 1869
Hitchcock, Ellen native
Hitchcock, L. March 1869
Hubbard, George C. September 1880
Hubbard, Mrs. B. C. 1881
Jones, Annie Vina native
Jones, Mamie H. native
Jones, Mrs. Walter C. [Marian] June 1878
Jones, W. C. [Walter] March 1878
Kiernan, John August 1879
Kiernan, Laurance August 1879
Kiernan, Lizzie native
Kiernan, Miss Mary August 1879
Kiernan, Mrs. August 1879
Kiner, F. F. [Frederick] December 1882
Kuhlken, Henry April 1880
Logan, Clarence R. native
Logan, Mrs. George November 1866
Long, Leslie native
Love, Will A. March 1877
Lund, Mrs. Hans H. [Nicoline] Fall 1864
Lynn, John April 1879
McCleary, J. H. [James] March 1878
Miller, Mrs. William E. native
Miller, Mrs. William F. [Lesette] May 1875
Moorehead, G. C. [Giles] November 1856
Moorehead, H. A. [Hammond] June 1856
Moorehead, J. E. 1879
Moorehead, W. C. [William] June 1856
Morey, J. H. [Jacob] May 1873
Morey, Mrs. Jacob H. [Maggie] April 1876
Morrow, Mrs. Hattie 1856
Nicholl, Mrs. Solomon C. [Elmira] 1875
Nicol, Hugh 1881
Noll, Jacob March 1880
Noll, Mrs. Jacob [Elizabeth] March 1880
Noll, Nona V. native
Payne, Mrs. Wm. B. [Malinda] March 1878
Percival, Mrs. M. J. [Mary Jane] Spring 1854
Percival, S. V. [Stephen] March 1872
Piersol, E. C. [Ed Charles] 1879
Pilcher, J. H. [John] 1877
Pilcher, William May 1875
Preston, E. G. [Ellson] 1876
Preston, J. C. [James] 1872
Preston, John 1872
Preston, Mrs. Andrew 1879
Preston, Mrs. James C. [Lizzie L.] 1877
Preston, Mrs. John [Margaret] 1881
Rees, J. M. [John Miles] 1877
Riner, D. W. [Daniel] February 1874
Scott, W. J. [Wm. John] 1878
Smith, A. E. [Alexander] June 1866
Smith, Anna E. November 1871
Smith, George W. February 1871
Smith, Jennie C. March 1878
Spotts, J. F. [John Franklin] 1878
Squyers, H. D. [Horace] November 1860
Stephen, Henry 1876
Stoltenberg, A. [Asmus] May 1876
Stoughton, J. C. [John] October 1874
Taylor, Miss Zetta native
Taylor, P. K. [Peter] October 1876
Taylor, Pearl native
Thompson, John 1873
Todd, Robert A. July 1876
Tourgee, H. H. [Henry] April 1877
Vance, Mina native
Vance, Mrs. Dan [Loretta] November 1877
Vance, Myrtle native
Walsh, L. [Luke] 1876
Ward, Barney March 1872
Ward, Grace native
Ward, Mrs. Barney [Addie] May 1874
Waterman, A. D. [Asa] Fall 1864
Waterman, Mrs. Obed S. [Charlotte] February 1878
Waterman, O. S. [Obed] Fall 1864
Weisensee, Mrs. Peter [Mina] May 1875
Wilcox, L. [Lyman] October 1877
Wilkinson, James F. April 1867
Wilkinson, Mrs. James F. [Elizabeth] May 1872
Wilkinson, Mrs. John [Olive] native
Wilkinson, Robert H. 1866
Williams, George T. September 1871
Yarty, Mrs. Emma 1877

First Old Settlers Meeting
Ida County Pioneer, Ida Grove, Iowa, Thurs., Sep 14, 1899, p.3, col.3 (synopsis of the article)
The first meeting toward organizing an old settlers association was held in the Williams Park last Tuesday.  The audience was larger and more enthusiastic upon the occasion than had been anticipated.  Fully 600 people were present. The program began at noon by the calling to order by James F. Wilkinson, who read the call and nominated Hon. E. B. Baird as chairman, and the exercises began.  The first was a prayer by Rev. A. E. Smith followed by an address of welcome on behalf of the citizens of Ida Grove by Mayor George T. Williams.  Dr. G. C. Moorehead then made the response on the part of the old settlers.  Moved and carried that the association be known as the “Old Settlers Association of Ida County.”  Moved and carried that to be eligible to become a member one must be a resident of Ida County for twenty years. President, Dr. G. C. Moorehead, Secretary, James F. Wilkinson, Vice Presidents, George T. Williams of Corwin, Hon. E. B. Baird of Maple, William Colvin of Blaine, William Pilcher of Hayes, A. R. Dunn of Logan, H. H. Lund of Battle, Henry Ashton of Douglas, William Higgins of Silver Creek, John Heffner of Griggs, J. H. McCleary of Galva, Dave Warnock of Galva, D. Countryman of Grant.  George Harvey was elected treasurer and J. C. Preston, Robert H. Todd and Rev. A. E. Smith appointed as a committee on by-laws.

*Note: Julius C. Higgins’ wife, Nancy Cosner,  died Mar 13, 1898 in Ida Grove.  Julius married Betsey Long on June 16, 1898 in Woodbury County, Iowa, therefore, this 1899 newspaper account of old settlers lists Julius’ current wife, Betsey Higgins.