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The picture, above left, is of the first schoolhouse to be located in Rutland,
and it was built in 1871.  The school was abandoned in 1934 and replaced
by a new two-story brick building.  The brick building is no longer in use,
but still stands in the southeast part of town.

Check Out!!!!   1952 Rutland School Yearbook

Can you name the pupils and teacher in any of these photos?  Please contact me, if you have information to share.

1920 Class


Back row:  (l to r) 

Genevieve Sherman, Edith Erickson, Jack Johnson, Phillip Garren, Alma Ferris, Sarah Maloney, Alma Landmasses, Thelma Howe

Middle row: (l to r)

Lucile Stearns, Earlene Caryl Helen Goodell, Ferne Ferris, Daisy Strachan (teacher) Gwendolyn Boge, Vera Vesterby, Katherine Porter

Front row: (l to r)

 Dale ?, ? Stearns, Red ?, ? Paulson, Corwin Burdine, ? ?



Rutland Class of 1921 

Rutland 1929 Class 

Back row: 

Odgaard, L. Anderson, V. Smith, K. Caryl, Madsen, H. Hansen 

Row 3:

  J. Blomker, E. Nielsen, E Madsen, Prof., Johnson, P Ferris, L Caryl 

Row 2:

W. Smith, E Odgaard, J. Vesterby, G. ?, Neilsen, B. Gregory 

Front row:

 W. Madsen and R. Porter

Arlene Tille provided these names

1931 Class 


1932 Second Grade Class

Back Row L- R:

  Dorothy Saxby, Jennings Nielsen, Darryl Stearns, Gerald Sorensen, Ralph Whipple, Leon Terwilliger, Beverly Romer, Francis Porter

Front Row:

  Every Christensen, Wally Hanson, Elmer Odegaard, Bud Schluter, Miss Iris Elliot, Burton Caryl Beverly Schultz, Vivian Tellier, Leo Christensen. 



1932 Class


School House in Rutland


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