LuVerne High School --- LuVerne, Iowa -- Graduating Class of 1959

Gerald Awe

Robert Awe

Peter Besch

Donald Carroll

Betty  Dorweiler

Fred Detmering

Howard Eischen

Marlyn Frost

Geraldine Gregory

David Hobscheidt

Larry Harmon

Sally Hardcopf

Delores Leek

Marvin Maass

Eldon Myers

Judith Naffziger

Richard Oberhelman

Julie Preuschl

Donovan Prior

Sandra Patterson

Judy Rahm

Elaine Rockwood

Eleanor Rockwood

Marian Rusher

Mariann Schade

Janelle Schneider

Linda Swanson

Rebecca Stripling

Gary Thomas

Kenneth Wilhelm


Class Update Four Months After Graduation – September 1959

The 30 LuVerne graduates last spring:

Morningside College:  Linda Swanson.

Iowa State University, Ames:  Peter Besch, Howard Eischen, Eleanor Rockwood, Elaine Rockwood, (twins),
Larry Harmon.

Business Junior college, Mason City:  David Hobscheidt, Judith Naffziger.

Webster City Junior College:  Marvin Maass.

Eagle Grove Junior College: Kenneth Wilhelm.

Buena Vista College:  Donovan Prior.


Employed in Algona:  Delores Leek, Betty Dorweiler, Sally Hardcopf.

Employed in Fort Dodge:  Mariann Schade, Sandra Patterson.

Attending an airline school in Omaha, Neb.: Marian Rusher.

It is reported Judy Preuschl and Judy Rahm will enter nurse training.

Freddie Detmering is employed at Lowell's Standard, LuVerne.

Gary Thomas left for St. Paul, to seek employment.


Rebecca Stripling and Geraldine Gregory are Mrs. Dwayne Tobey, Fort Dodge, and Mrs. Kenneth Stripling, Sioux City.


The future plans of Janelle Schneider, Robert and Gerald Awe, Donald Carroll, Richard Oberhelman, Eldon Meyer and Marlin Frost are not known. The boys are assisting on the farms of their parents now.


Kossuth County Advance  -- Algona, Iowa

September 15, 1959


LUVERNE Iowa High School Reunion ---- 1959 – 1970

The  LuVerne  High  School class  of  1959 held their  class  reunion July 10 at the LuVerne city hall. Activities  for the day were presided over by Donovan  Prior  who read  the  class  history and  class  will.  Comments were  made by each graduate  on his activities  since high  school graduation. Contests  were  held  and prizes  awarded  as  follows: Traveling the  farthest,  Janelle Schneider Gardner; largest family,  Jane  Darby St. John;  fellow  gaining  most  weight, Robert Awe.  Letters  from  classmates unable to attend were read by Mr. Prior  and enjoyed  by  everyone.


 Seven  of   the  eight  original  members  of  the  first  grade that  completed  twelve  years  of  school  together,  returned   for  the reunion. They were Marvin  Maass, Sandra  Patterson  Thomas,  Eleanor Rockwood  Stephens,  Becky  Stripling Tobey,  Linda Swanson Dimmick,  Elaine  Rockwood  Briggs  and Donald  Carroll.  Gary Thomas  was  unable  to attend.


Other  members  of  the  class  to  return were  Robert  Awe, Peter  Besch,  Betty   Dorweiller  Von  Bank, Howard  Eischen,  Gerry  Gregory  Stripling,  Sally  Hardcopf Ludwig,  David  Hobscheidt,  Delores  Leek Bierstedt,   Judy  Naffziger  Lann,  Eldon  Meyers, Donovan  Prior,  Marianne  Schade  Bromer, Janelle Schneider  Gardner  and  Jane  Darby  St.  John.   Those  in the class  not attending were Gerald Awe, Fred  Detmering,  Marlyn   Frost,   Larry  Harmon,   Richard  Oberhelman,  Julie  Preuschl  Goodman, Judy  Rahm, Sister  Judith  Rahm,  Marion Rusher  Haulken   and  Kenny  Wilhelm. The  evening  program  was  climaxed  by  dinner  and dancing  at Crissann's  in  Humboldt.


Algona Upper Des Moines – Algona, Iowa

July 23, 1970


Compiled and submitted by Sarah Thorson Little, March 2017