School District No. 3

Humboldt County, IA

I saw this pamphlet listed on ebay and I am not sure what town School District No. 3 was located in.  The cover lists a Miss O. S. Pederson as teacher.  School officers are G. T. Larson-Director, Charles Raney-Sec. and W. G. Williams as President.  I believe the photo is of Miss Pederson. 

The second photo/page lists the pupils which leads me to believe this is NOT a commencement booklet as was listed.  Mabel Rood; Lillian Rood; Nellie Norem; Thelma Berge; Elmer Larson; Ernest Larson; Harold Berge; Ernest Berge; Elmer Norem; Harold Rood; Donald Larson; Wilbur Rood; Tillie Norem; Genota Norem; Maurice Larson; Martha Rood and Gertrude Norem.  Based on the surnames I would guess this school was in or around Bode.


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