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**Currently these links are slowly being changed to onsite pages since they no longer work properly.  The articles with no link are there because the newspaper deleted it's archive for the time and the article could not be saved.  I am sure it exists at the newspaper.  KD 5 May 2017


Articles of Historical Nature

Livermore School to Close Next Year

Renwick Celebrates 125 Yrs.

Even More Swimming Pool History

Wading At Taft Park

Swimming In the Early Days

Mystery of the "Rathole"

History of Humboldt Jewelers

Golf Courses, The Early Years  

Saul Studio - From Tintype to Digits

One of Humboldt's Early Settlers

Trinity Lutheran Church Moving On

Part One - The Saga of the Sumner Ave. Bridge

Part Two - Sumner Ave. Bridge 

Catholic Church Parish House on Move

Historic Old Barn Succumbs

The Historic Torgerson House

Times Have Changed  

The River!

The History of Banks In Humboldt 1 of 4

The People's Bank  2 of 4

History of Humboldt Banks 3 of 4

Northwest Federal Savings Bank 4 of 4

Down on Broadway

Van Horn & History of Humboldt Service Stations

Bradford Dairy

Dakota City Filling Stations

Humboldt Hemp Plant

Humboldt County Celebrates 150 Years

Popcorn Stand Has Long History

Fabulous Uniques -  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The Changing Face of Sumner Avenue

Museum Keeps Evolving

Dakota City Methodist Church

A Long Journey Back to Her Roots 

GAR Forerunner to Veterans Group 

Dakota City Sesquicentennial -Part One 

Dakota City Fights for County Seat - Part Two

Dakota City, Commerce & Community - Part Three

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