Casualties of World War II from Humboldt County
from Honor List of Army and Army Air Corp

If the person's name has a hyperlink, you will find an email of the relative that you are encouraged to use.

The disposition letters stand for the following:
KIA=killed in action
DOW=died of wounds
DOI=died of injuries
DNB=died non-battle
FOD=finding of death, 

Name Serial Number Rank


Bachman, Vernon L. 37667074 Staff Sergeant FOD
Beers, Louie L. 37438698 TEC4 FOD
Brayton, Lloyd H. 37446467 Private 1st Class KIA
Breaw, Edwin C. 0-723565 2nd Lieutenant KIA
Clancy, Andrew N. 37668840 Staff Sergeant FOD
Devine, Lawrence H. 0-725491 Captain DNB
Edge, Dale A. 37662606 Technical Sergeant KIA
Erdman, Roland H. 37652358 Sergeant KIA
Gist, Charles E. 37678271 Staff Sergeant KIA
Green, Jack W. 37662579 Private KIA
Hanson, Merle B. 37691746 Private First Class KIA
Hoffmann, John M. 0-295836 Major DNB
Hoversten, Robert T. 37677036 Staff Sergeant KIA
Johnson, Armon B. 37691744 Private DOW
Johnson, John A. 17027240 Private DNB
Kelling, Ray E. 37039655 Private First Class DOW
Klassie, Marlin E. 0-720860 1st Lieutenant DNB
Leist, Marvin A. 0-740843 Captain DNB
Nasby, Clinton B. 17068891 Sergeant DNB
Niemeyer, Emmett W. 20702648 Private KIA
Peterson, Gerald A. 37044741 Private First Class KIA
Porter, Jay A. 0-731395 Second Lieutenant KIA
Prechel, James E. 0-662599 First Lieutenant DNB
Rolland, Paul O. 0-766701 First Lieutenant KIA
Seaquist, Albert J. 37675815 Sergeant DNB
Slayton, Clyde L. 17067643 Private DNB
Smith, Harold C. 37191375 Private First Class KIA
Veerkamp, Herman E. 37684759 Private First Class KIA
Watts, Burton L. 0-663467 Second Lieutenant FOD
Watts, Wayne C. 0-811982 Second Lieutenant DNB
Williams, George F. 37044016 Staff Sergeant KIA
Wison, Wilford J. 20743241 TEC4 KIA

 The list of Navy, Marines and Coast Guard can be searched at AccessGenealogy.  The list has not been broken down into county.  The address used is next of kin.