World War I Draft Registrations

31 May 1918


The Humboldt Republican
Humboldt, Iowa
31 May 1918
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More Soldiers off for Camp Dodge.

     Another lot of Humboldt county boys left for Camp Dodge Tuesday of this week.  They were escorted to the depot with the usual display of patriotism, and the leave-takings were especially pathetic.  These boys, as is usual with the Humboldt county draft, are a handsome lot, and a pride to the county that sends them.  The boys answering the call this time are:

Walter L. Strait, Humboldt
Floyd M. Breiner, Humboldt
Fred S. Smith, Humboldt
Soren Sorenson Tjener, Bradgate
Robert A. Pavey, Rutland
William Cathart, Hardy
Harry Lanning, Gilmore
Tom R. Onerem, Thor
Ole O. Halsrud, Ottosen
Carl Knusslein, Bode
Will L. Dougal, Humboldt
Theodore O. Olson, Thor
Jens M. Schultz, Humboldt
Toral Larson, Thor
Otto Peterson, Humboldt
Enoch J. Whitfield, Gilmore
Leo Einer, Larchwood
George E. Debe, Rockwell City
Leo. D. Nellis, Humboldt
Harvey G. Enfield, Hardy
Fred C. Jarsen, Bode
Chas. H. Closes, Livermore
George F. VanDriest, Humboldt
Martin O. Saverude, Hardy
Carl Cuntson, Humboldt



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