World War I Draft Registrations

03 May 1918


The Humboldt Republican
Humboldt, Iowa
3 May 1918
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New Soldiers Depart For Training Camp

Friday Morning of Last Week -- Large Crowd Out.

Squad Twenty Men

Depart for Training Camp With Flying Flags and Cheering Friends -- March to Depot.

     Another squad left for Camp Dodge Friday morning of last week.  The men in this consignment were:

William DeWalter, Humboldt
Orville H. Miller, Gilmore City
Boyd L. Miller, Gilmore City
J. V. Stoddard, Des Moines
Ralph E. Walrod, Fulton, Kansas
Arthur H. Reeves, Livermore
J. F. Rippergen, Ottosen
Peter Carl Nielson, Minneapolis
Carl A. Petersen, Granada, Minnesota
Peter J. Aliman, Livermore
Rasmus L. Pedersen, Homer, Nebr.
Pedro Abila, Bode (Never reported)
Walter Jensen, Humboldt
W. H. Hammersly, Gilmore City
Walter Schultz, Dakota City
Omer A. Anderson, Thor
Olaf Lee, Bode
F. F. Rassmussen, Renwick
Martin Bergum, Livermore
Lars N. Bathum, Humboldt

     The procession that marched to the depot was about a mile in length.  The morning was one of great enthusiasm, and a finer bunch of men never left Humboldt.
     Of the men named last week, Phineas C. Kite, Walter Strait, Louis W. Rolow and Albert Fake did not go.  They will be in the contingent to go May 13.  Walter Strait has sent in papers requesting exemption, that will be acted on by the district board in a few days.
     The men called for in the next draft are:

Charles E. Eswine, Gilmore
Rasmus L. Pederson, Homer, Neb.
Lewis W. Rollow, Clare
Albert Flake, Humboldt
Carl Christensen, Chicago
Ole Mandsager, Thor
Phineas C. Kite, Desoto, Mo.
Enoch M. Hanson, Washington state
Thomas H. Tackaberry, Pioneer
Earl Leland, Humboldt
Andreas Anderson, Humboldt
Roy B. Jacobson, Ottosen

     Of these men, ten will be taken, and the others left for a succeeding draft.



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