List of Pensioners as of January 1, 1883
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Name of pensioner. Post-office address Cause for which pensioned


Date of

Gamble, William Addison g. s. w. of face 4.00 unk
Jones, William Bode g. s. w. of right side 2.00 Apr., 1880
Sample, Mathew I. Dakotah dis. of abd. vis., res. fr. diarr. 4.00 Feb., 1882
Fancher, Elias B.    do injury to abdomen 4.00 unk
Beam, William O.    do wound of rt. hip 2.66⅔ unk
Cass, George T.    do disease of lungs 6.00 unk
Pier, Sidney J.    do wound right lung 14.00 unk
Gilbert, Horace B.    do frac. left leg and inj. of nose 4.00 Mar., 1881
Ellithorp, Melinda    do mother 8.00 Dec., 1863
Stevenson, Abner G. Hardy dis. of abdominal viscera 8.00 Apr., 1882
Parker, Harvey J. Humboldt disease of heart 12.00 unk
Munson, Jonas H.    do dislocation of ankle joint 5.33⅓ unk
Clark, Calvin P.    do g. s. w. left breast 2.00 May, 1881
Hollar, William L.    do chr. diarr. and mumps, res. injury to abdomen 4.00 Aug., 1881
Hewlett, Edward P.    do g. s. w. right arm 4.00 unk
Ratcha, Frederick    do g. s. w. left knee 4.00 Apr., 1873
Ledger, Frances    do mother 8.00 Apr., 1879
Davenport, William H.    do chr. conjunctivitis 4.00 Nov., 1879
Barkley, Lillie F., & 1 child    do widow 8.00 May, 1881
Collson, Andrew J.    do disease of spine 4.00 Oct., 1882
Rassing, Christian    do g. s. w. head 2.00 June, 1879
Tellier, Eli    do g. s. w. left side & back 6.00 unk
Clark, Mary E.    do mother 8.00 Apr., 1865
Pike, John M.    do wound right leg 11.25 unk
Montgomery, Susan    do widow 1812 8.00 Feb., 1879
Dailey, William    do chr. diarr. & dis. of abd. vis. 6.00 Sep., 1880
Preble, Henry J.    do mal. pois., dis. of abd. vis., and dis. of lungs 12.00 Feb., 1881
Baker, Lewis R. Livermore g. s. w. left leg, ?oc. in amp. 24.00 Apr., 1882
Fuhring, Anton    do malarial poisoning 4.00 Apr., 1880
Bickford, Selann    do widow 8.00 May, 1867
Kimble, Elias A.    do paralysis 15.00 unk
Smith, Alonzo B.    do loss right arm above elbow 24.00 unk
Poole, Catharine    do widow 1812 8.00 Mar., 1879
McGee, Theodore    do g. s. w. left leg 4.00 Dec., 1877
Berry, John    do g. s. w. left breast 8.00 unk
Williams, Frank D. Renwick inj. to back, & resulting disease urinary organs. 2.00 May, 1881
Klaesi, Fridolin    do g. s. w. left breast 2.00 unk
Smades, Maria Ann    do widow 8.00 Apr., 1880
Dean, Lorenzo Rutland partial loss rt. little finger 1.00 May, 1879
De Groote, Daniel    do dis. of abd. vis. & rheum. 6.00 June, 1882
Anderson, Betsey Thor mother 8.00 Feb., 1876
Huffam, Elias P. Unique g. s. w. right breast 4.00 unk
Nicholas, Alfred do g. s. w. right leg 2.00 Sept., 1878

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