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Tang Family and Home


Left to right sitting:  Mr. Ole Tang, Mrs. Anna Tang. 

Standing: Willie Tang, Bennie Tang, Albert Tang, Miss Mollie Jutland.


(The different colors appear to be light areas in the photo.  Won't be great to be able to view the house in it's original colors?)

This two-story, 11 room house was built in 1892 by Mr. & Mrs. Ole S. Tang.  It was located in Section 31, Norway Township.

The foundation was built of rock and stone hauled by a team of horses and wagon from the Des Moines River near Humboldt.

The exterior of the house was beautifully decorated in six or seven different colors of paint.  The roof shingles were painted with a band of maroon, then a band of gray, and another band of maroon.  Exterior walls were painted buff with the upper half a lighter pinkish buff.  The carved wood decorations in the gable peaks were painted white, yellow and maroon.

Trimming on the windows frames were white and maroon.  The doors had stained glass panels of many different colors.  The house was completely destroyed by fire from sparks which ignited on the dry shingles on the roof, and burned to the ground on a cold Sunday afternoon in February, 1930.

Left to right sitting: Mr. Ole Tang, Mrs. Anna Tang.  Standing:  Willie Tang, Albert Tang, Miss Mollie Jutland of Badger, John Espe, Hahon Espe, Nels Seber, Peter Seber and one is unknown.