George Grimsehl's Journal

Rural Luverne

Mini Bio:  George Frederick Grimsehl was born June of 1883 in Iowa to Charles and Josephine Grimsehl.  On the 1900 Federal census he was living with his parents in Lu Verne Township.  George married Rosa M. Blumer.  On the 1920 census George F. Grimsehl, age 36, farmed with his wife Rosa, age 28 in LuVerne Township, Kossuth Co, Iowa.  Living with them was one son, Loren R., 5 months old.

George and Rosa had at least two children but none that lived to adulthood. Their sons were Alfred B. Grimsehl 1916-1917 and Loren R. Grimsehl 1919-1920.  George was a hardworking farmer.  He and Rosa are buried with their children in the LuVerne Cemetery.  George died in 1965; Rosa in 1973.

George's journal was kept by he and Rosa's niece, Sylvia (nee Becker) Elbert.  Sylvia's mother Alvina Blumer was a sister to Rosa.  Sylvia's father, John Becker Jr.'s death is mentioned in the journal.  Sylvia remembered her Uncle George and Aunt Rosa Grimsehl as very special and kind hearted people, forever saddened by the loss of their young children


Typed as written from a Journal

Kept by George F. Grimsehl, a farmer married to Rosa Blumer, of rural LuVerne, Iowa


Dec 5  John Wegner got killed in an auto upset

Dec 21  Lena Hintz got married


Jan 19  Had a surprise on Roses 24 birthday

Mar 20  L.  A. Will was here from Minn

Mar 18  had a surprise party on G. Hansalman

Mar 22  Chet Stoddard was buried

Mar 26  August Wheoto died

April 4  L. A. Will got hurt in a buzz saw

April 10  Amanda Schafer was here

April 9  D. Benke died

May 28  John Weiner went bankrupt

June 10  I broke my arm cranking the car

June 22  Lloyd Zentner got hurt in an auto upset

July 7  I got splints taken from my arm

Aug 24  Mrs. L. A. Will,  Geo,  Dorothy, and Esther came from Minnesota

Oct 4  We had a birthday surprise on Ma

Nov 18  Ma Rose and Baby was to Fort Dodge

Nov 23  Turned the cattle in the 25 acres

Dec 4  I Rose and Baby were at Ottoson

Dec 7  I and H. J. Blumer were at Wesley

Dec 4  June Krause got a new Ford Auto


Feb 10  I Rose and Baby were to Fort Dodge

Mar 8  Hogs were $15.08 in Chicago

April 6  Hogs were 16.00 in Chicago

April 14  Hogs were 16.35 in Chicago

April 6  War was declaired on Germany

April 2  Wilbert Kublys had a little boy

April 14  H. J. Blumer shipped a car of hogs to Chicago

April 20  Herman Groubachs had a little boy

April 28  It snowed today

April 26  Corn was in Lu Verne $1.44 per bu; Oats was in Hanna 65 cts per bu

May 15  Hogs were in Chicago 16.65 cwt.

May 15  Wm Ramus finished building the pump house

May 19  We unloaded our threshing outfit

May 19  Vilma Wingert came from State Center

May 23  Gust Wegner was here

May 19  J. J. Blumer shiped 2 cars of hogs to Chicago

July 24  oats was in Hamma 72 cts per bu

July 23 corn was in Chicago $2.27 per bu

Aug 4  Mr. and Mrs. Blumer went to Monroe Wis.

Aug 18  John Becker Jr. died

Aug 20  I and Rose Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stintz left for Monroe Wis

Aug 22 John Becker Jr. was buried

Aug 17  Hogs were in Chicago 20.00 cwt

Aug 29  the M & St. L. No 2 was wrecked at Livermore 2 killed and about 15 injured

Aug 30  Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Will and dauters were here

Aug 30  Mr and Mrs. H. Hilleman was here

Sept 3  Mr and Mrs. Geo W. Wingert was here

Sept 6  Rosa and I was to Algona Fair

Sept 12  Mr. and Mrs. Blumer came home from Wis.

Sept 14  I and Rose was to Algona got a new Ford

Sept 26  Geo Davis, L. German and Fred Honeg was here

Oct 11  It snowed today

Oct 22  It snowed about 1 inch

Oct 28  It snowed about 3 inches

Nov 19  Nick Tennis and Famly was here

Dec 8  It was 28 below zero 

Dec 9 about 30 below zero


April 18  Had a surprise on Ma and Pa 30th Wedding aniversey

April 16  Alvina and Sylvia (widow and daughter of John Becker Jr., Alvina was sister to Rosa) was here

July 25  Richard Wegner left for the camp at Little Rock Ark

Aug 22  Vet Williams vacaneted 84 hogs for me $72.95

Sept 15  I and Rose visited at State Center returned

Oct 17  Rosa and I were to Algona to the ditch hearing

Nov 11  Armestis was sined fighting stoped at 11 oclock 11 day of 11 mo

Nov 28  Clarence Toilloni died at Des Moines Mercy H.

Nov 29  Mrs. Clarence Toilloni died at Des Moines Mercy H.

Dec 12  corn was in Hanna $1.30 bu

Dec 19  Mr and Mrs. H. Hesse are the parents of a boy

Dec 22  It got cold after about one month of soft weather, the roads are simply auwful rough


Jan 29  I was to a hog sale at Algona

Feb 26  The Corwith school burned

Mar 7  Uncle Henry died was buried Mar 9, 1919

Mar 12  Gus Nissen killed Dewey

Apr 15  It snowed today

Apr 23, 24, 25  It froze the ground

May 1  Had a light frost

May 3 Carl Riddle went away from home was caught at Hardy

June 1  corn is at Hanna $1.60 bu

July 7  corn is at Hanna $1.70 bu

July 3  hogs was in Chicago $22.00 cut

July 5  hogs was in Chicago $22.25 cut

Aug 23  We was to Minn come home Aug 25


Jan 1  We took Loren to Mayo Clinic at Rochester Minn, regestation No. A301176

Jan 2  Loren was examaned by Dr. Archabaold and Dr. Gray afternoon thumb blood test

Jan 3  Loren and Rose got blood test

Jan 5  Loren was examaned by Gray and Woltman Afternoon examaned by Archabald

Jan 6  Final examanation by Archabald and Guffens  Sickness called Spasmophilia  Mayo clinic charges $25.00             medican  $1.50 total expences  $93.00

Jan 6  Left Rochester at 4 oclock for home

Feb 10  I and Rose got the flu was in bed about a week

May 13  I took 3 heifers and 1 cow to J. Zwefile pasture   Marked in right ear.

June 12  Oats was in Chicago $1.22 for No. 2

June 28  The M. & St. L. had a Freight wreck E. of Hanna  6 cars went in the ditch

July 3  The M. & St. L. No. 1 broke through a bridge North of Arnold  9 killed and about 35 hurt

Sept 8  I bought a Fordson tractor with plows for $1015.00 of the Madison Motor Co. of Corwith Iowa

Oct 18  corn was in Hanna 70 cts a bu  oats 42 cts a bu


Jan corn was as low as 37 cts and oats 27 cts a bu

April 18  Fred Livier died

April 21  Mrs. Geo Angle died

Dec 13  Williams and Irons got done tiling along the road


Jan 13  Rev F. O. Lotheringer cut his throat with a razor and died Jan 14 - was buried Jan 17th

Feb 20  Alvin Hardcopfs had a baby boy

Feb 20  the drugstore   quality Store Resterant   harness shop  Furniture store and hotel burned in Corwith

Jan 21  Mrs. and Mrs. Fred Hintz are the parents of a girl

Jan 21 and 22  It rained so all the ponds are full

April 24  they had another fire at Corwith the Hardware store Post Office clothing store Barber shop  Pool hall and quality store was some damaged

July 5-6-7-8  we had some good rains which we needed bad

Aug 29  I bought from S. H. Klossie a Litchfield Manure Spreader for $135.00

Sept 3  We were to Clear Lake with Otto Westlings

Sept 7  We were to the Fair at Algona

Sept 10 and 11  Geo Wingerts and Wife was here

Dec 6  I was to H. M. Stuessy Sale west of Algona


Mar 7  Mrs. Ursula Kubly died was buried the 11th

April 4  Bertha Geotsch and Earnest Beukendorf were married  **I believe      Bertha's last name may be Goetsch. KDJ



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Thank you to Kay Scholtz for sharing her relatives journal.  LuVerne is on the Kossuth Humboldt border and the
the journal has people from both counties listed.  You can reach Kay at  Remove the
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