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What's New at Howard County

Howard County Obits submitted - Graph by Bill Waters Howard County GPP Submissions - Graph by Bill Waters
850 obits submitted through 2012 1124 IGPP records posted through 2012

December 2012

Posted the 1868 through 1942 Iowa Plain Dealer Index of all the marriages and deaths Published in the Iowa Plain Dealer. This index is mostly a set of scans. The transcriptions of these scans will be posted over the next few months.

Added the transcription of all of the Iowa Plain Dealer Index for all of the marriages and deaths that were published in Iowa Plain Dealer during 1891.

Posted 159 Obituaries for people interred in the Howard Center Township Cemetery . These obits are all scans, volunteers are needed to help transcribe them.

November 2012

Added the 1868 through 1890 Iowa Plain Dealer Index for all of marriages and deaths Published in the Iowa Plain Dealer. Years 1868-1874 were previously transcribed and posted, Years 1874-1890 are newly transcribed.

October 2012, added the biography of James Monroe Phillips.

August 2012, added the Hiram Perkins obit and the Aloysius Dargan biography.

May 2012, added the Thomas H. Kelly biography.

December 2011, added the A. G. Wilkes biography.

November 2011, added the Ellen (Church) Marshall brief bio and link.

October 2011, added the John C. Livingston biography.

August 2011, added a complete transcription of the Howard Cemetery records provided by the Howard Cemetery Association.

March 2011, added the complete Elma Centennial History Book published in 1986.

February 2011, added the Chapel Hill Cemetery page, also added a WPA Index page. Updated the Biographies paragraph with links to the Howard County History books that are now contained on Google Books.

January 2011, added Ira Hawkins obit and John Hawkins obit.

January 2011, added a link to a new book about the Iowa 38th Regiment in the Civil War.

August 2010, added the image of the 1937 Howard County Rural Eighth Grade Graduates brochure.

March 2010, added an article on the Centennial of Chester published in June 1958.

March 2010, added the Maple Leaf Cemetery page along with all of the associated obituaries in the Obituary Section.

February 2010, added the Holy Cross Cemetery page along with all of the associated obituaries in the Obituary Section.

February 2010, added the Frank Urban and Lewis Urban biographies.

December 2009, added the August Milham biography and the 1897 Railway map.

November 2009, added the Phillips Cemetery page along with all of the associated obituaries in the Obituary Section.

October 2009, added GNIS links for all county cemeteries, added a Sigler Cemetery page and an Albion Cemetery page.

October 2009, added the following obits: Juanita Bigalk, Wellington Bigalk, Henry Arnold, Sally Slawson, Smith Slawson, Eben Slawson, Sarah Mintey, Walter Mintey, Alice Hunter, Hamilton Hunter, Mary Oakley, Philip Howe, Charlotte Howe, William Hardy, Mary Hardy, Alfred Smith, George Smith, Catherine Smith, Lillian Smith, Samuel Smith, Theordore Stevens, Alice Swenson. Go to the Obituary Index to connect with any of these.

September 2009, added the Norman Borlaug Family Group Record and Pedigree Chart.

September 2009, added a Reckner Cemetery page.

September 2009, added the John Christian Jacoby , the Myron Converse , the Clara (Frost) Converse , the Samuel Converse , the Ellen Converse , and the Arthur Converse biographies.

August 2009, added the Willard Converse Family Record and the Charles Converse Family Record.

June 2009, added the biography of M. P. Lydon.

May 2009, added the Herman Natvig Family Record.

March 2009, added four photos with comments about Sara and May (McIntosh) Ryan, Winnie (Ryan) Jennings, and Maude Gardner.

February 2009, added an additional biography of Frank Maruska and the biographies of Thomas Perry and Herbert Perry.

December 2008, added the biography of William Wilson.

November 2008, added the Elma Centennial History Book page.

October 2008, added the John Fogarty family photo page and a photo of a play cast in 1926 .

August 2008, added an Obituary Index to the website and added the Marie Falteisek and Adolph Kakac obits.

July 2008, added the Roger Fogarty photo page. Also added a slideshow page of 21 photos of unknown persons who should be related to the Fogarty family.

April 2008, added the Roger Fogarty biography and associated link on the Chickasaw site.

February 2008, added an external website to the History Section that shows the Growth of Iowa Counties.