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Called to Camp Dodge.

The local board received orders yesterday to assemble the balance of the county’s quota for the first draft, on Sunday, Feb. 24th and entrain them the day following. 76 men will be sent to complete the quota and the board has prepared a provisional list, including four alternates. The list may be changed slightly by returns on exemption claims now under consideration by the district exemption and medical advisory boards. Parties whose claims are rejected by either of these boards will be placed in the list in their proper order, which will operate to leave some of those appearing at the end of the list out of the number sent. Just how many will be thus affected cannot be stated until all the returns from the boards are received.

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The list as prepared follows in order of call.

253Anderlinck, John
426Barker, Wm. Earl
236Bayer, George
268 Biwer, John B.
148Bronner, Henry Daniel
109Bronner, Rudolph Jacob
238Brown, Louis
281Bunston, Charles
324Burns, Philip M.
495Chyle, Charles
477Clear, Elmer
382Cray, Winfield
8Dann, Frank Gilbert
432Dean, Lloyd Leslie
33Deegan, Marc Edward
36Dudacek, Edward
144Dunn, Joseph William
85Dvorak, Tom James
499Eddy, Paul
381Elliott, Floyd Evert
311Ferkinstad, Enus
460Flugge, Elmer
319Fogarty, Edward G.
359Friedrich, Ernest Wm.
456Griffin, Howard, Morton
219Grinhaug, Alfred
384Hansen, Edgar Sherman
186Haskovec, James
262Henke, Carl Julius John
57Herpelinck, Geo. William
393Hopperstad, Louis
100Horky, John Louis
118Hruska, Alois J.
280Johnson, Ole
275Kakac, Joseph John
364Koshatka, James
436Kubicek, Frank
4Lambros, Jam.
431Lubbers, Howard Hiram
277Lundak, Robert John
290Lundak, William Joseph
139Macklin, Clell Otto
483Malek, Joseph C.
391McCarville, John Joseph
120McCarville, Joseph Patrick
196McDaniel, Herman
58McGrane, Clarence Francis
310Mealey, Sylvester
295Melvold, Julius
269Meyer, William Fritz
489Michel, Stanley Clinton
480Mohs, Arnold C. C.
304Moldenhauer, John Otto
5Moudry, Joseph Frank
264Mulick, Edmund Joseph
434Naley, Carl Alfred
265Nash, John Farnsworth
198Noonan, John P.
325Parchman, Charles Fred
214Playter, Charles Ray
197Prinz, August Wm.
451Reckner, Joseph Christian
394Ring. John G.
17Roberts, Levi Thomas
336Roe, Lawrence H.
350Roesler, Lucius August
494Schoenfeldt, Emil
307Schultz, John Henry
267Shimek, Joseph
243Smith, Harry B.
401Smith, Michael Raymond
256Smolik, Joseph
334Stuelka, Orville Fred Herma
356Swenson, Fred Osmond
11Volz, Joseph
371Walker, Lester
177Warnke, Arthur Ernest Karl
297Weber, John Casper, Jr.
199Wells, Aaron
417Wilken, Chris

The list of Draftees was extracted from Library of Congress Micro-Film using: Chronicling America, transcribed and prepared for the Web by Bill Waters. This List was published in the
Cresco Plain Dealer Feb. 15, 1918, P-FP, C-3