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1918 February Draftees


Loyalty meeting, Sunday evening in the opera house. This is given in honor of the departing Howard County boys. The following program will be rendered:

Song : America.. .Chorus and Audience
(Song led by chorus of over 50 voices.)
Invocation....... Rev. E. G. Copeland
Address.........Rev. E. J. MacDonald
Song : Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean................... Chorus
Address.............Dr. George Kessel
Song : Star Spangled Banner ................Chorus and Audience
Parting Greeting ..Rev. H. M. Normann
Chairman of the Cresco Red Cross
Song: God Be With You Till We Meet Again..............Chorus
Benediction........Rev. W. A. Scholar
Following are the 76 boys in whose honor the meeting is held. The list given has been carefully compiled and will probably be unchanged.

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List of Draftees

253Anderlinck, John.
428Barker, Wm. Earl.
236Bayer, George.
268Biwer, John B.
148Bronner, Henry Daniel.
109Bronner, Rudolph Jacob.
238Brown, Louis.
281Bunston, Charles.
324Burns, Philip M.
382Cray, Winfield.
8Dann, Frank Gilbert.
262ADavis, Benjamin Harrison.
432Dean, Lloyd Leslie.
33Deegan, Marc Edward.
36Dudacek, Edward.
144Dunn, Joseph William.
85Dvorak, Tom James.
381Elliott, Floyd Evert.
311Ferkinstad, Enus.
319Fogarty, Edward G.
359Friedrich, Ernest Wm.
373Graham, Francis.
219Grinhaug, Alfred.
384Hansen, Edgar Sherman.
186Haskovec, James.
262Henke, Carl Julius John.
57Herpelinck, Geo. William
393Hopperstad, Louis.
100Horky, John Louis.
395Johnson, Edwin.
280Johnson, Ole.
363Jones, Thomas H.
275Kakac, Joseph John.
364Koshatka, James.
436Kubicek, Frank.
431Lubbers, Howard Hiram.
290Lundak, William Joseph.
139Macklin, Clell Otto.
284Malone, Hugh Alphonsus.
260Malone, Jos. Mathew Alysusis.
391McCarville, John Joseph.
120McCarville, Joseph Patrick.
196McDaniel, Herman.
310Mealey, Sylvester.
295Melvoid, Julias.
269Meyer, William Fritz.
304Moldenhauer, John Otto.
5Moudry, Joseph Frank.
92Moyer, Frank
264Mulick, Edmund Joseph.
434Naley, Carl Alfred.
265Nash, John Farnsworth.
198Noonan, John P.
325Parchman, Charles Fred.
214Playter, Charles Ray.
289Pless, Wm. Charles.
197Prinz, August Wm.
394Ring, John G.
17Roberts, Levi Thomas.
336Roe, Lawrence H.
350Roesler, Lucius August
307Schultz, John Henry.
267Shimek, Joseph.
243Smith Harry B.
401Smith, Michael Raymond.
256Smolik, Joseph.
28Stenseng, Andrew Anderson.
334Stuelka, Orville Fred Herman.
356Swenson, Fred Osmond.
11Volz, Joseph.
180Vrba, Jos.
371Walker, Lester.
177Warnke, Arthur Ernest Karl.
297Weber, John Casper, Jr.
199Wells, Aaron.
417Wilkin, Chris.

The list of Draftees was extracted from Library of Congress Micro-Film using: Chronicling America, transcribed and prepared for the Web by Bill Waters. This Report was published in the
Cresco Plain Dealer Feb. 22, 1918 P-1 C-3