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June 1918 Registrants

In response to tbe summons issued by the Local Board eighty-eight young men appeared on above date and registered. They are persons who have become 21 years of age since the registration a year ago. The names and registration numbers follow: Will be sent to complete the quota and the board has prepared a provisional list, including four alternates. The list may be changed slightly by returns on exemption claims now under consideration by the district exemption and medical advisory boards. Parties whose claims are rejected by either of these boards will be placed in the list in their proper order, which will operate to leave some of those appearing at the end of the list out of the number sent. Just how many will be thus affected cannot be stated until all the returns from the boards are received.

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The list as prepared follows in order of call.

36Anderlik, Charles W.Lime Spgs
88Adamec, Albert F.Cresco
20Billmeyer, Ollie F.Cresco
81Bruger, Fred. Jr.Riceville
5Bigalk, Harry A.Cresco
1Brown, Ray K.Cresco
71Baldwin, FreddieChester
19Blomgren, HenryCresco
18Bickford, Willie M.Cresco
54Borlaug, Olis E.Lawler
47Bockoven, SterlingCresco
44Bequeaith, John S.Lime Springs
43Berekes, Hubert J.Elma
42Breltsprecher, Louis C.Riceville
31Citek, JosephSaratoga
87Cummins, Willie J.Cresco
28Dyer, John W.Cresco
16Driscoll, Charley L.Elma
14Donovan, William L.Bonair
71Dinger, Dave H.Lime Springs
61Davis, Benjamin A.Cresco
86Emery, Claude A.Bonair
62Farnsworth, Noel J.Cresco
35Glass, Emmet W.Cresco
3Hartung, ClarenceLime Spgs
22Halweg, Lawrence F.Lime Spgs
34Hendrickson, Hilman J.Riceville
25Hamann, Henry A.Chester
84Heimerdinger, FloydLawler
77Holt, Edward F.Riceville
74Herzelle, Victor L.Lime Spgs
41Huber, Julius W.Cresco
78Ihns, ArnoldLime Springs
24Jacoby, Raymond J.Elma
6Jacobus, Robert L.Riceville
82Jensen, Harry W.Chester
79Jones, Wilbert E.Bonair
50Jones, Emerson H.Lime Spgs
85Knutson, Andrew R.Elma
21Kleim, Carl H.Lime Springs
32Knutson, AlvinLawler
66Knippling, Edward H.Elma
53Kraft, Ernest F.Lime Springs
49Kruger, WillieRiceville
45Kakac, Thomas J.Saratoga
40Koudelka, VaclavLime Springs
38Kostohryz, LouisCresco
37Kalishek, Ed. F.Protivin
4Lyons, Leonard L.Cresco
27Lohius, Ellsworth E.Lime Spgs
50Lenehan, Wm. C.Elma
76Lienhardt, Walter F.Cresco
75Lewis, Clinton A.Lime Springs
57Larson, Kenneth M.Chester,
48Lange, Reuben H.Lime Springs
29Musel, CharleyCresco
33Marr, Paul C.Riceville
72Mracek, Willie F.Lawler
7Milhan, ArthurRiceville
65Marik, John F.Elma
64Morine, Elmer F.Le Roy
55Meyers, Charlie E.Lime Spgs
51Miller, Ralph J.Riceville
S3McCarville, Michael E.Cresco
39Mclntire, Harry O.Cresco
15Nichols, David L.Chester
10Newlin, Jesse J.Alta Vista
56O’Neil, VernElma
23Panek, Fred F.Saratoga
30Petry, John H.Cresco
70Polansky, JoeCresco
13Rinn, William EElma
12Reinhardt, WalterBonair
60Richardson, Leonard L.Cresco
46Roberts, ArchieLime Springs
11Shimek, JosephLime Springs
26Showalter, Leo F.Elma
63Semerad, Ludwig A.Elma
58Todd, Willard F.Cresco
9Uteach, Louis H.Riceville
69Underbakke, LouieChester
68Vrba, Chas.Cresco
52Volkering, JuliusCresco
2Walton, WilliamCresco
8Watts, WilliamCresco
67Worple, Charley Jr.Riceville
59Woodard, William F.Cresco
17Yarrington, RaymondCresco

The list of Draftees was extracted from Library of Congress Micro-Film using: Chronicling America, transcribed and prepared for the Web by Bill Waters. This List was published in the
Cresco Plain Dealer June 14, 1918, P-4, C-4, 5