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July 1918 Honor Roll

Another Honor Roll In accordance with a call for Iowa to furnish men for the National Army, the local exemption board has prepared a list of 66 registered men, Howard County’s quota, who will entrain during the five day period commencing July 22nd, for Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Georgia.

We give order of call (#), names and addresses as follows:

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50Aberg, LouisCresco
55Baldner, Leonard P.Cresco
37Banning, Roy H.Cresco
42Barnes, Eugene F.Cresco
9Birtwistle, Leslie E.Cresco
62Bobneman, HenryRiceville
33Buckley, Wm. E.Alta Vista
7Bunston, Edwin G.Riceville
5Buresh, FrankRiceville
32Christianson, Oscar F.Cresco
48Delubery, Laurence T.Elma
41Denier, CecilAuburn, Wash
27Dostal, William C.Protivin
44Dotzler, Henry G.Bonair
6Doyle, John M.Riceville
4Dudacek, CharlesAlma
54Dudacek, ClemElma
53Eschweiler, Wm. G.Riceville
66Evans, Arthur H.Lime Springs
57Evans, EdwardLime Springs
49Flynn, John H.Vinita, Okla
19Fye, Elmer F.Cresco
60Grinhaug, CarlCresco
14Hartung, Arthur LLime Springs
35Hutchinson, Ellsworth RChester
13Johnson, ElmerCresco
24Jones, Eldad E.Lime Springs
46Kauffman, Milton A.Appleton, Wis
64King, HaroldLime Springs
2Lauck, Wm. J.Elma
17Martinek, John F.Cresco
65Mathias, AlbertElma
16McGourty, James S.Jr, Riceville
22Milham, LeoRiceville
21Milota, FrankCresco
43Milota, James F.Cresco
28Moen, Clarence H.Cresco
52Mohr, Vernett F. L.Lime Springs
29Mott, Edmund J.Riceville
8Nelson, Venor L.Carpenter, Wyo
3O’Neill, Patrick H.Alta Vista
63Panek, Henry O.Riceville
1Peacock, LawrenceFrederick, IL
36Perry, Thos. R.Cresco
12Polansky, Alois J.Cresco
39Polashek, Vince L.Protivin
45Prochaska, EmilCresco
58Reckner, HarryElma
30Regan, Francis DanRiceville
23Reinhardt, Herman S.Postville
59Robertson, Severt T.Elma
38Rutsch, FredCresco
31Shimek, John F.Protivin
34Smith, Benjamin M.Cresco
47Sock, JohnElma
40Souhrada, MartinLime Springs
25Taylor, Roy A.Elma
15Thomson, Leon C.Lime Springs
18Underbakka, BertDecorah
56Van Der Heyeden, OkdaafCresco
10Velkingburg, ClarenceAmherst, Colo
11Vocaty, AlbertElma
20Wenthold, JosephCreseo
51Williams, Gordon J.Lime Springs
26Zeller, Emil JohnRacine Wis
61Zobeck, JohnElma

In addition to the above boys several other registrants who have volunteered for immediate induction for special training in various lines will leave soon.

On July 14th, Leo. J. Deiderick, of Chester will leave for Mooseheart, IL. for training in concrete work. On the same date, the following will leave for Sioux City, Iowa, High School for training in various lines, including carpentering, wireless radio work, etc.

Evans, Lloyd E.Cresco
Peters, ErnestCresco
Davis, Ellis GordonLime Springs
Thompson, AndrewRiceville

The last named young man was rejected at his first examination on account of defective teeth, but spent $90 for work on them to enable him to pass a second examination. With such a spirit he will doubtless make a good soldier.

Three registrants have also been selected to leave at a date still unannounced, for the State University at Austin, Texas, to take training in auto mechanics. Those selected are:

Fairchild, JoyChester
Chyle, Frank T.Protlvin
Qvern, Henry A.Cresco

Frank Guyette leaves to-day for Camp Dodge to take the place of a Howard County man included in one of the drafts, but who failed to report for duty and whose whereabouts are unknown.

The above information was extracted from Library of Congress Micro-Film using: Chronicling America, transcribed and prepared for the Web by Bill Waters. This List was published in the
Cresco Plain Dealer July 12, 1918, P-1, C-3