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July 1918 Draft Order

Howard County Registration The following list contains the names of men in Howard County who have reached the age of 21 since registration day, June, 1917, and who registered for military service June 5, 1918. The names are listed in order of liability for service. This list goes at the foot of the original registration list.

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The list as prepared follows with order of call.

Adamec, Albert F.Cresco 8839
Anderlik, Charles W.Lime Springs3665
Baldwin, FreddieChester 7161
Bequeaith, John S.Lime Springs4469
Berckes, Hubert J.Elma 4375
Bickford, Willie M.Cresco 1836
Bigalk, Harry A. A.Cresco 588
Billmyer, Olle F.Cresco 2087
Blomgren, HenryCresco 1962
Bockoven, SterlingCresco 4782
Borlaug, OlisLawler 5437
Breitsprecher, Louis C.Riceville4289
Brown, Ray K.Cresco 156
Bruger, Fred Jr.Riceville 8138
Citek, JosephSaratoga 3173
Collins, Clayton G.Riccvllle 8912
Cummins, Willie J.Cresco 878
Davis, Benjamin A.Cresco 6116
Dinger, Dave HLime Springs7385
Donovan, William L.Bonair 1460
Driscoll, Charley L.Elma 1623
Dyer, John W.Cresco 2811
Emery, Claude A.Bonair 8683
Farnsworth, Noel J.Cresco 6235
Glass, EmmettCresco 3534
Halweg, Lawrence F.Lime Springs2278
Hamann, Henry A.Chester 2543
Hartung, ClarenceLime Springs 330
Heimerdinger, FloydLawler 8420
Hendrickson, Hilman J.Riceville3446
Herzelle, Victor L.Lime Springs 744
Holt, Edward F.Riceville 7748
Huber, Julius W.Cresco 4119
Ihns, ArnoldLime Springs 787
Jacobus, Robert LRiceville 658
Jacoby, Raymond J.Elma 2459
Jensen, Harry W.Chester 8224
Jones, Emerson H.Lime Springs 5081
Jones, Wilbert E.Bonair 7970
Kakac, Thomas J.Saratoga 4514
Kaliahek, Ed FProtivin 3764
Kliem, Karl H.Lime Springs 2179
Knippling, Edward H.Elma 6622
Knutson, AlvinLawler 3221
Knutson, Andrew R.Elma 8567
Kosohryz, LouisCresco 3853
Koudelka, VaclavLime Springs4052
Kraft, Ernest F.Lime Springs5374
Kruger, WillieRiceville 4942
Lange, Reuben H.Lime Springs 4828
Larson, Kenneth M.Chester 575
Lenehan, William C.Elma 8076
Lewis, Clinton A.Lime Springs7580
Lienhardt, Walter F.Cresco 766
Lohuis, Ellsworth E.Lime Springs2755
Lyons, Leonard L.Cresco 49
Marik, John F.Elma 6513
Marr, Paul C.Riceville 3326
McCarville, Michael E.Cresco8368
Mclntire, Harry O.Cresco3940
Milham, ArthurRiceville 754
Miller, Ralph J.Riceville 5117
Morine, Elmer F.LeRoy6431
Mracek, Willie F.Lawler 7215
Musel, Charles J.Cresco 292
Myers, Charlie E.Lime Springs 5525
Newlin, Jesse J.Alta Vista 101
Nichols, David L.Chester 1571
O’Neill, VernElma 5627
Panek, FredSaratoga 2377
Petry, John H.Cresco 3041
Polansky, JoeCresco 7010
Reinhart, WalterBonair 1245
Richardson, Leonard L.Cresco 6084
Rinn, William E.Elma 1329
Roberta, ArchieLime Springs 4649
Semerad, Ludwig A.Elma 6318
Shimek, JosephLime Springs 1132
Showalter, Leo F.Elma 2672
Todd, Willard F.Cresco 5844
Underbakke, LouisChester 6933
Utesch, Louis H.Riceville 986
Volkering, JuliusCresco 5257
Vrba, Chas.Cresco 6866
Walton, WilliamCresco 247
Watts, William W.Cresco 850
Woodard, William F.Cresco 5963
Worple, Charlie J.Riceville 6751
Yarrington, RaymondCresco173

The Registration list was extracted from Library of Congress Micro-Film using: Chronicling America, transcribed and prepared for the Web by Bill Waters. This List was published in the
Cresco Plain Dealer July 12, 1918, P-2, C-5,6