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1917 Rural Howard County Graduates

Chester Public School

Chester Public School Photo
Extracted from David Shedlock Postcards

Eighth Grade Graduation Saturday

Annual eighth grade graduation exercises will be held in the high school assembly room Saturday, June 9th, beginning at 2:30 p. m. At this time sixty students in the rural schools of Howard county who have completed the eighth grade will be presented with diplomas which entitles them to enter any high school. The following program will will be given:

Salute to the Flag. ............Class
Star Spangled Banner.................
Invocation ..........Rev. Will Kirwin
Reading...............Charles Hahson
Song.........Group of 6th Grade Girls
Reading..............Virginia Mitchell
Prof. Chas. H. Meyerholz,
Iowa State Teachers’ College.
Presentation of Diplomas..............
Zina Fessenden, Co. Supt.

Class Roll.

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Barker, LouiseChester
Bird, ArthurVernon Springs
Bunge, EdwinHoward Center
Bunston, StephenAfton
Burns, ThelmaAfton
Christ, EdnaSaratoga
Clynch, Thos.Paris
Daws, MabelVernon Springs
Deegan, WillieJamestown
DeMuse, EdwardAfton
Fitzgerald, NellieParis
Flaherty, JohnParis
Gulinger, MaryParis
Hall, HaroldChester
Hogan, MarieAfton
Hogger, LenaChester
Hruska, JohnNew Oregon
Jennison, BlancheJamestown
Jensen, LaurettaOak Dale
Jonnson, LucileChester
Jordan, SamuelChester
Keefe, EdwardAfton
Kelly, JosephAfton
Keniry, MargueriteAfton
Keniry, RalphAfton
Kruger, VictorAfton
Lappin, DaleOak Dale
Larsen, OlgaOak Dale
Livezy, NellieOak Dale
Malcomson, EarnestChester
Marr, MarcetusAfton
McGrane, JosephAfton
Michaelsen, ElsieJamestown
Michaelsen, LouiseJamestown
Michel, NinaAlbion
Moldenhauer, HenryHoward Center
Naab, LoydHoward
Nichols, OpalChester
Nieberline, EdnaVernon Springs
Novy, BessieHoward
Often, ElsieVernon Springs
Olson, FrancesChester
Olson, LillianChester
Ostrich, BessieJamestown
Petersen, FredaChester
Ralph, MayParis
Regan, VirgilJamestown
Rinn, Thos.Paris
Schrieber, LedaJamestown
Shea, WillHoward Center
Sheets, CaryAfton
Shields, DenisHoward Center
Shimek, LucyHoward
Smith, Jas.Afton
Thorne, DorothyVernon Springs
Torney, MyrtleJamestown
Walters, CharlesParis
Wilcox, LoraOak Dale
Wilcox, NoraOak Dale
Worple, ViolaAfton

The class colors and class motto, which are very appropriate, are:
Colors: Red White and Blue.
Motto: Our" heads, our hands, and our hearts for God and our Country.

The list of graduates and teachers was extracted from Library of Congress Micro-Film using: Chronicling America, transcribed and prepared for the Web by Bill Waters. This Report was published in the
Cresco Plain Dealer 'June 8, 1917 P-1 C-6