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1917 Howard County Draftees Second Contingent

Off for Camp Dodge.

Howard County’s second contingent of men for the National Army, a full carload of cheering men willing to serve their country, left on the accommodation Wednesday morning. At Calmar they were met by the Clayton and Allamakee county contingents and entertained by the Calmar people who had two bands out for the occasion. Following are the names of the 55 men who made up the contingent.

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List of Draftees

NamePost Office
Anderson, Charles E.Lime Springs
Baethke, August C.Saratoga
Bastian, CarlLime Springs
Bierkamp, Otto W.Cresco
Blaser, John J.Cresco
Brink, Otto G.Granger, Minn
Callahan, Roy M.Cresco
Clear, FrankElma
Crawford, WilliamCresco
Culbertson, R. E.Cresco
Daly, Philip A.Elma
Derr, Albert W.Elma
Diedrick, Ernest M.Chester
Driscoll, Cornelius J.Elma
Fagner, Charles G.Cresco
Farrell, Eugene E.Elma
Ferrie, Raphael W.Cresco
Fish, Charles F.Cresco
Fogle, JerryRicevilie
Frahm, JohnElma
Geraty, Paul C.Cresco
Glass, Lennis E.Cresco
Groth, Wm. C. J.Elma
Hansen, Francis C.Ricevilie
Henning, Albert A.Saratoga
Hrdlicka, Frank J.Elma
Johnson, John W.Lime Springs
Jones, Frank W.Lime Springs
Komarek, Frank J.Elma
Krueger, Roy C.Riceville
Landa, PaulProtivin
Larson, Hans R.Chester
Leitz, Albert F.Lime Springs
Marhoul, AntonCresco
Martens, Henry A.Cresco
Martin, MathewElma
McAvoy, James T.Elma
Milota, Anton P.Cresco
Mohr, Fred W.Cresco
Osenga, SimonLime Springs
Parry, Evan E.Lime Springs
Pecinovaky, Alois J.Calmar
Pesek, Wm. J.Cresco
Peter, FredCresco
Posphical, Hubert M.Elma
Ring, EmilRiceville
Robison, Gaylord C.Elma
Roethler, Frank S.Elma
Roman, Francis J.Lime Springs
Russell, John N.Cresco
Stokes, Shelby M.Cresco
Swenson, George A.Cresco
Thompson, EdwinElma
Weist, Ernest J.Cresco

Every man included in the call for the 19th reported except Otto C. Macklin, who at registration time worked near Cresco and later went to Rock Island, where he was examined. The vacancy caused by his non-appearance was filled by the last named man on the above list, who was one of the list of alternates selected.

Certified List to Cover County’s Quota On September 15th, the District Board certified a list of seventeen making a total of 143 certifications for the county, five in excess of the county’s quota. Those added to the list before published are as follows:

Those added to the Certified list

NamePost Office
Bigalk, Newton C.Cresco
Bronner, Rudolph J.Cresco
Brown, LouisCresco
Burns, Philip M.Cresco
Clear, Pierce C.Cresco
Dvorak, Thos. J.Cresco
Kacher, AlbertCresco
Kostohryz, JamesCresco
Kubicek, JosephCresco
Lundak, William J.Cresco
McCarville, Joseph P.Cresco
Melvold, JuliusCresco
Miles, ReedCresco
Regan, Joseph E.Cresco
Roe, Lawrence H.Cresco
Warnke, Arthur E.Cresco
Wells, George C.Cresco

The list of Draftees in the second contingent was extracted from Library of Congress Micro-Film using: Chronicling America, transcribed and prepared for the Web by Bill Waters. This Report was published in the
Cresco Plain Dealer Sept. 21, 1917, P-1 C-1, 2