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Willys Overland Motor Cars

Rigid Inspection Insures Better Cars and Saves Thousands of Dollars

Prices Effective May 1917

Light Fours
Touring      . . . $695
Roadster   . . . $680
Country Club . $795

Big Fours
Touring .    . . $875
Roadster . . . $880
Coupe ....      $1250
Sedan ...     .  $1450

Light Sixes
Touring . .     $1025
Roadster .. . $1010
Coupe ....      $1385
Sedan      .... $1585

Willys Six
Touring … $1425

Four Touring     $1395
Four Coupe .     $1650
Four Sedan .      $1950
Four Limousine $1950
Eight Touring     $1950

All Prices f. o. b. Toledo
Subject to change without notice
"Made in U. S. A.”

A rigid inspection system that detects deficiencies in the raw materials or in the first stages of manufacture not only insures better cars but effects large savings at the Willys-Overland factory.

All materials must pass laboratory tests at this factory before they are accepted.

Heat treating, machining and grinding follow, inspection being made after each operation.

Armed with micrometers, gauges and other minutely accurate instruments that can measure a thousandth part of an inch, inspectors make sure that every specification is followed with precision.

In the assembly of the Overland Light Four alone 88 inspectors are employed. Each sees that certain operations are accomplished accurately—no detail is too minute to inspect.

Under this thorough inspection system defects or inaccuracies are discovered before time and money are spent on finishing parts. Thousands of dollars manufacturing costs are saved annually.

Every car in the comprehensive Willys-Overland line shares in these savings, and in the economies of producing high class automobiles in large quantity.

Phone 122 Cresco. Iowa

The Willys-Overland Company, Toledo, Ohio
Manufacturers of Willys-Knight and Overland Automobiles and Light Commercial Cars

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Willys-Overland Auto Ad

Source: Cresco Plain Dealer Aug. 24, 1917, P-5 C-1-3