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You Can Satisfy Yourself It Is Better to Buy Saxon “Six” Than a Car Costing $200 or $300 More

You can follow any one of three different ways of judging motor car values and prove conclusively that it is better to buy Saxon “Six” than a car costing $200 or $300 more.

For instance, if you are going to the car you buy on the basis of its quality consider these facts:

Saxon “Six” has a Continental motor of six cylinders, Timken axles, Timken bearings, Stromberg carburetor, Remy ignition, Fedders radiator. Spiral Bevel gear. Semi-floating axle, Exide storage battery, Wagner starting and lighting system, and Warner Steering gear, as eleven of its important features.

You will find two or more of these features on 14 cars, ranging in price from $3000 to $10,000.

You will find two or more of these features on 22 cars ranging in price from $1350 to $3000.

You will find two or more of these features on 24 cars ranging in price from $1150 to $2500.

That census shows the quality of the Saxon "Six". It is a fine car thruont—down to the last detail.

But it may be you are more directly interested in performance—what your car can do on the road.

Saxon “Six” is an unusually powerful car It pulls smoothly at all speeds “on high" or “in low."

It rides the road closely. You feel no sidesway when the speedometer needle pushed up to the racing speed mark.

Big, strong springs of cantilever type muffle the road shocks and make your ride easy and fatigue-less.

Saxon “Six" handles lightly, turns nimbly, picks-up fast, and is uncommonly flexible.

If you make your decision upon performance ability Saxon “Six” will be your choice.

But of course the economy of a car is a big thing to consider. Economy may carry weight with you. And it should.

Because it is light in construction Saxon “Six” a tire-easy. You get from 1000 to 2000 extra miles per set.

Saxon "Six" is sparing of oil and gas. It forces each atom to deliver its full mileage. With the ordinary care it deserves, your Saxon “Six” should give you twenty miles or more to the gallon of gas.

Because it is strongly constructed of high-quality materials, Saxon “Six" is a long-tired car. It has the stamina to face the pounding of bad roads, and rough usage without flinching.

Repairs and replacements are but rarely necessary. Saxon “Six" will perform at lower cost per mile than any car in its price-class, or at $200 or $300 more.

So—from the standpoint of quality, performance, and economy it is plainly evident that Saxon “Six” is a better investment than a car costing $200 or $300 more.

We will be glad to give you some further interesting information about Saxon “Sir" if you will drop in. The price b $935, f. o. b. Detroit

Wentworth & Burr Cresco, Iowa

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Saxon Six Auto Ad

Source: Cresco Plain Dealer Aug. 17, 1917, P-5 C-1-3