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Grant Six $875 fob Cleveland

Grant Six Service Costs Least

BECAUSE of its remarkable economy the Grant Six costs very little to run. Owners average over 20 miles to a gallon of gasoline and 900 miles to a gallon of oil. With standard tires 7000 miles or more are not uncommon.

This low operating expense and low initial cost of the Grant Six give you all the pleasure and service of a motor car at the lowest cost.

Yet there is no sacrifice of anything worth while. Your Grant Six is a good sized, good looking, dignified car, splendidly built. In size, appearance and performance, it compares favorably with cars costing several hundred dollars more — in fact you cannot buy appreciably more than the Grant Six gives you in power, speed, comfort or appearance until you add at least $500 to the Grant Six price.

This statement will be verified by your comparison of any or all other cars. In its own field— Sixes priced under $1000 — the Grant Six is so unquestionably supreme that no argument is necessary.

Cunningham & Rice


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Grant Six Auto Ad

Source: Cresco Plain Dealer Oct. 5, 1917, P-3 C-1-3