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 Definite Written Guarantees Starting type: 18 months Lighting and Ignition Types 3 years

The ONE Battery you can buy with certainly because a LIFE GUARANTEE goes with it

When excess sulphation accumulates In battery plates, the generator's charging action is retarded, reducing the battery capacity and its ability to supply the needed power to “turn over” the engine.

EVEREADY Storage Batteries are entirely free from ruinous sulphadon, the chemically destructive cause of most battery trouble. EVEREADYS withstand the heaviest discharges without “buckling” plates and are fully recharged readily. There's an EVEREADY to fit any size and style of battery box—for every car.

Batteries Inspected FREE

Drive in any time. A free service regardless of the make of your battery.

Only Guaranteed Non-Sulphating Battery

Ahem Bros., Cresco, Iowa

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Eveready Battery Ad

Source: Cresco Plain Dealer Mar. 16, 1917, P-3 C-1, 2