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June 25, 1870
Pg. 2
The Portsmouth Times

  From New Orleans to St. Louis  
Fastest Time on Record

    The famous steamer Natchez , Capt. Tom Leathers, which has been making a race against time from New Orleans to St. Louis , arrived at St. Louis a few minutes after 4 o’clock on last Wednesday afternoon.  The following figures are taken from her log.  To Natchez seventeen hours, fifty-two minutes, Vicksburg, twenty-six hours; Memphis, two days, nine hours, forty minutes; Cairo three days, four hours, thirty five minutes; St. Louis, three days, twenty two hours, thirty minutes.

  The race was made to beat, if possible the time made by the celebrated J. M. White, in 1844, which was three days, twenty-three hours, nine minutes, and which has never been  beaten until now, although many of the swiftest boats which have run the Mississippi during the past quarter of a century have attempted  to do it.  There was great excitement among steamboatmen and citizens of St. Louis , in regard in this race, and when the Natchez , touched the wharf she was immediately thronged with an excited crowd, who were joyous over the great victory.  A large amount of money changed hands on the result.


Collected by Sue Rekkas

and Transcribed by

Georgeann McClure


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