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A Cousin of Abraham Lincoln and a Pilot and Captain
On the Upper Mississippi River for Seventy-two Years.

From the Diary Kept by Capt. Hanks, and Placed with
The post, to be Published After His death……..

Edited by Capt. Fred A. Bill No 1623 Van Buren-St., St.
Published in the Burlington Saturday Evening Post
March 26, 1921- 1922

Collected and Transcribed by
Georgeann McClure


How it Came About  March 26 Part 1
Family History April 7 Part 2
Family History cont. April 16 Part 3
Family History cont. April 23 Part 4
Family Life cont: April 30 Part 5
Early Boat and Barge Building at Albany   May 14 Part 6
First Adventures with Boats   May 21 Part 7
First River Work in Winter Camp May 28 Part 8
First trip up the St. Croix June 4 Part 9
First Trip into the Logging Regions June 11 Part 10
First Winter in a Logging Camp June 18 Part 11
Taking a Raft Trip Thru Lake St. Croix June 25 Part 12
Long Raft Trip Red Wing to St. Louis July 2 Part 13
Coming Down From the Pineries July 9 Part 14
Incidents Bringing Out the Rafts From the Pineries July 16 Part 15
Becomes a Raft Pilot July 23 Part 16
More Details of Rafting on the Upper River July 30 Part 17
Details of Work in a Winter Logging Camp August 6 Part 18
In an Ice Jam on Lake Pepin August 13 Part 19
Perilous Adventures Taking Rafts Thru Lake Pepin August 20 Part 20
Capt. Hanks First Lawsuit and First Mutiny   Part 21
Rafting on the Upper River in 1848   Part 22
Excursion Voyages up Minnesota River September 10 Part 23
Great Race September 17 Part 24
Changes From Raft Piloting to Steamboat Piloting September 24 Part 25
Has a Busy Season in Anticipation of Matrimony October 1 Part 26
Thrilling Experience in Lake Pepin October 8 Part 27
Burning of the Galena at Red Wing Landing October 22 Part 28
A Review of Early Boats at St. Paul October 27 Part 29
Rough Life of the River October 29 Part 30
Further Details of Burning of Steamer Galena November 12 Part 31
Recalling the Dred Scott Case   Part 32
Some Secrets of the Pilots Profession   Part 33
Tornadoes and Cyclones on the River   Part 34

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