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Riverboat Men of Dubuque, Iowa

~ Researched, compiled and transcribed by Georgeann McClure and Sue Rekkas

Deggendorf-Dolson Farley- Parker Ryder- Specht Tibbals- Webb Wellington-Young

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History of Dubuque County Iowa 1880 page 894


W. E. WELLINGTON, capitalist, residence corner Madison and Seminary Streets; is a native of Massachusetts, and was at Arlington, now West Cambridge, Middlesex Co., July 8, 1834; after reaching manhood he came West to Iowa, and arrived in Dubuque March 29, 1855, with only 15 cents in his pocket; he began driving a dray; in 1856, when he was appointed agent of the Northern Line and the Minnesota Packet Co.; in the spring of 1863, he bought the steamer Pearl, and during the season ha and four others became joint owners of the boat, he having the entire management; in November, 1863, he, with three other persons, formed and organized the North-Western Packet Co.; they bought the stock in the Minnesota Packet Co., and Mr. Wellington was appointed Superintendent and General Manager of the line, and ran it until 1866, when he resigned; from 1863 until 1870 he acted as agent here for different lines, all the boats on the river, and during a portion of the rime there was fierce opposition among the rival lines; the difficult complications caused by this oppositions and conflicting interests, he managed with consummate skill and ability to the entire satisfaction of each line; during the war, the Government transportation under his charge mounted to nearly $2, 000,000, and he never had but one voucher returned for correction; the amount was for $4, and he had omitted his signature to the voucher; Mr. Wellington built the first bulk barges for carrying grain on the river to New Orleans; he signed the first through shipping bill of lading for cargo to Liverpool via New Orleans; In 1873, he was appointed by the Board of Directors to settle the affairs of the Merchants National Bank, and he afterward bought the assets; Mr. Wellington has invested largely in land, and is now a full-fledged granger, and is a carrying on seventeen farms in this State. Mr. Wellington was united in marriage to Miss Addie Jackson, a native of Wooster, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1866; they have one son - Harry S., born May _0, 1867.

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History of Dubuque County Iowa 1880 page 895-896


G. R. WEST, retired, Bluff Street, West Hill, Dubuque; is a native of Cayuga Co., N. Y., and was born April 21, 1809; he grew up to manhood there, and removed to Huron Co., Ohio where he was engaged in the mercantile business for some years; in September, 1844, he came to Galena and bought an interest in a mining claim with a Scotchman named Gilbert; Mr. West came over to Dubuque one Saturday, and that night his partner was murdered in his cabin; upon the return of Mr. West on Monday, he was advised for his own safety to give up his claim and not return to it; he came over to Dubuque and bought an interest in diggings here, and engaged in mining, which business he has continued more or less ever since; he engaged in the forwarding and commission business, and built up a large trade, and was also steamboat agent. When the war broke out, Mr. West was actively engaged in securing recruits for the army, and was appointed recruiting agent; he afterward enlisted in the 37th I. V. I., and was elected and commissioned Captain, and was in the service about three years; after the war he returned, but since then has not engaged in active business, except buying grain at times when the market is favorable. Capt. West was united in marriage, April 12, 1832, to Miss Phebe V. Mortimer, a native of Locke, Cayuga Co., N. Y.; they have two sons - Orlando L. and Orville T.; they have lost one daughter - Lizzie W.


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History of Dubuque County Iowa page 905


CAPT. W. B. YATES, captain of the ferry-boat, Key City, Dubuque; is a native of Chambersburg, Penn., and was born Sept. 9, 1825; when quite a lad, he came to Ohio, and lived there until 1848, when he came to Dubuque. In 1850, he was united in marriage to Keziah Cox, a native of England. Went back to Ohio, and in May, 1856, returned to Dubuque; on the 7th of June, he commenced running on the ferry-boat as collector; the following year, he had charge of the boat, and since then, for a period of twenty-three years, he has had charge of the ferry-boat, and, with the exception of two weeks when he was called away, he has run on the boat every day during the season. Capt. Yates and his wife have six children - Walter G.; Mary E., Anna Belle, William Herbert, May, Eve. The parents of Capt. Yates are both living in Ohio; his father is 82 years and his mother 76 years of age.

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History of Dubuque County Iowa 1880 page 905 


ALEXANDER YOUNG, capitalist, residence corner of Main and Fifteenth Streets, Dubuque; is a native of the city of New York, and was born Feb. 24, 1814; he is of Scotch descent. His father was in the war of 1812; he was a merchant in New York City, but failed in 1826. Alexander grew up to manhood in New York City, and left there April 8, 1833, with his father's family, and came to Quincy, Ill.; his mother died a month later, and his father died May 6, 1841; Mr. Young was the oldest living of seven children, six of whom grew up to maturity, and upon him developed the care of the family; in March, 1834, he came to Galena in company with Capt. Nathaniel Pease, on the steamer O'Connell; he came to Dubuque March 22, 1834, and got employment at $20 a month; Feb. 20, 1835, he went to Galena and remained about twenty-five years. He was elected Sheriff of Jo Daviess Co, in 1840, and was re-elected in 1842, and was again re-elected in 1844; in April 1845, he resigned the office and engaged in steamboating for a short time in company with Smith & Carter, bankers of Galena, taking charge of the steamer Monona; Nov. 19, 1859 he returned to Dubuque, and since then has resided here; he was largely interested in lumbering until 1868, and since then has not been engaged in active business. When he first came here, he only had $7.30, and his success in life is owing to his own efforts. Mr. Young was united in marriage, Aug. 8, 1847, to Miss Elizabeth Bates, second daughter of Nehemiah Bates, one of the earliest settlers in Galena; they have two children - one son, William A., and one daughter, Mary E., wife of Dr. Albert H. Hoy, of Racine, Wis.


05-30-1860 Murley, James _ deckhand on War Eagle killed near Hastings by Jack Doran.

06-27-1860 Flanagan, Tim, Dubuque. Left 3 weeks ago for Memphis for work. Scalded to death in boat accident.

09-12-1860 Warner, Edward, 24, brother-in-law of Osmond Baily. Unmarried. Died Steamer Lady Elgin disaster.

05-14-1867 White, George, killed in Steamer Lansing explosion. Pilot from LeClaire.

05-14-1867 Collins, Robert - killed in Steamer Lansing explosion. From Rock Island.

05-14-1867 Wassegerber, William, killed in Steamer Lansing explosion. From Rock Island.

05-14-1867 Powell, Isaac, killed in Steamer Lansing explosion

02-12-1868 Black, Jas. T at Cairo, Ill., 30. Steam boat pilot. Lived in Dubuque

01-23-1868 Crosby, F H, 32. n/o NY. Died in explosion on Steamer D.W. Hewitt.

03-31-1868 Carroll, Martin _ fireman employed by the Ferry Company drowned.

05-03-1868 Carroll, Michael _ Body found. Had been a fireman on the ferryboat Gregoire.

05-22-1868 Saunders, Joseph, deckhand on J C Gault, drowned by Savanna, age 20.

12-03-1868 Prim, John S _ boatman _ died in St Louis.

07-28-1869 McKee, Silas _ inquest notice. Run over by Steamer Addie Johnson.

08-01-1869 9 men killed on Steamer Dubuque. (repeat) Article.

07-10-1869 Karrick, Capt. George Ord, 69.

06-01-1870 Johnson, William, colored deckhand employed on Steamer Dubuque. Stabbed by Matt Joyce.

06-23-1870 Schett, F., mechanic _ drowned.

08-10-1870 Barshaw, Joseph, a pilot on a raft drowned near Galena.

08-20-1870 Webb, Capt. N.F., Buried Linwood. Died from injuries on Steamer Montana.

08-21-1870 Webb, Capt. N.F. (repeat)

08-23-1870 Webb, Capt. N.F. (repeat)

08-24-1870 Webb, Capt. N.F. (repeat)

11-19-1870 Bingham, Capt. Samuel R., s/o Rev. Dr. Joel Bingham, pastor of Congregational Church, age 31. Died OH.


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