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Harlan, Edgar Rubey.
A Narrative History of the People of Iowa.
 Vol IV. Chicago: American Historical Society,  1931

p. 52

    FRED WYMAN. In the character and activities of a few men Davenport still carries on in its old traditions as one of the great capitals  of the lumber industry of the Middle West. Mr. Wyman is closely linked with those traditions that at one time represented extensive interests in the lumber business.
    Mr. Wyman's mother was Anna Phelps, sister of John B. Phelps, who with James E. Lindsay in 1862 formed the partnership long known as Lindsay & Phelps Company, with headquarters at Davenport. This firm built a saw mill in 1866, and thereafter for years figured with increasing importance in the lumber development of the Northwest. It is significant that in the publication issued some years ago, entitled History of 100 Prominent Lumber Men of America, two of the names that came in for special consideration were John B. Phelps and James E. Lindsay. The Lindsay & Phelps Company continued as an organization until 1930.
    Mr. Wyman was born at Schroon, Essex County, New York, October 10, 1857, being a son of Daniel and Anna (Phelps) Wyman. He was educated at grammar and high schools at Crown Point and Westport, New York, and also took a course in a business college at Troy, New York. In 1878 he came west to Davenport and began in association and work with the Lindsay & Phelps Company, an association which was continued until the dissolution of the company in 1930.
    He is also president of the Southern Lumber Company, with holdings in Arkansas, is president of the Warren and Ouachita Valley Railway Company, is secretary of the Cloquet Lumber Company, with holdings in Minnesota, secretary and treasurer of the Sound Timber Company, with holdings in the States of Washington and Oregon; is vice president of the Richardson Land & Timber Company at Davenport. For many years he was president of the Southland Lumber Company of Louisiana, whose holdings were disposed of a few years ago.
    In 1887 Mr. Wyman married Miss Lillie Lindsay, daughter of James E. Lindsay. She died December 26, 1905. In 1917 Mr. Wyman married Mrs. Margaret Blair Lindsay. Mr. Wyman has one daughter, Mrs. Edith W. Wilson, of New York and two grandsons, Richard Wyman Wilson and John Oliver Wilson. Mr. Wyman is a member and trustee of the First Presbyterian Church at Davenport and a trustee of the Y.M.C.A., of both of which institutions he has been a large benefactor. he is also a member of the Outing Club, Davenport Country Club and Chamber of Commerce.

p. 229

    JOE R. WHITE as editor, owner and publisher of the Manilla Times at Manilla in Crawford County, is one of the most important citizens of that community. Mr. White was practically born to the newspaper profession, his father having followed it the greater part of his active life.
     Mr. White was born at Emmetsburg, Palo Alto County, Iowa, April 30, 1896. His father is Thomas J. White, who was born in 1870, at Emmetsburg, and has known practically no other occupation or business than that of printing and newspaper work. He is now conducting a commercial printing establishment at Monticello in Jones County. His experience in the newspaper profession could be traced through a list of newspaper enterprises, including the Palo Alto Tribune, The Whittemore Champion, the Boone County Pioneer, and also the Trenton, Missouri, Daily Times and the Jefferson, Iowa, Herald. Thomas J. White married Margaret Branagan, who was born in Fayette County, Iowa, and died in 1918.
    Joe R. White received his early school advantages in public and parochial schools at Emmetsburg and Whittemore, Iowa. It would be difficult for him to recall the exact time when he became familiar with the mechanical equipment of a newspaper office. Mot of his early printing knowledge was given him by his father. He helped his father on the papers at Trenton, Missouri, and Boone county, Iowa. For some time he was owner and editor of the Guthrie County Vedette at Panora. Mr. White since 1925 has been conducting the Manilla Times. He has a well equipped country newspaper office, linotype machine, good presses and he has the industry and the enterprise required for successful work in the field of country journalism.
    Mr. White is independent in politics and a member of the Catholic Church. He married Lillian Norman, who was born at Algona, Iowa. They have three children, Lavonne, Maurice and Joan.


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