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EDITED BY John C. Parish

Associate Editor of the State Historical Society of Iowa

Volume I July 1920 No. 1

Copyright 1920 by the State Historical Society of Iowa

(Transcribed by Gayle Harper)


In imagination let us picture the history of Iowa as a splendid drama enacted upon a giant state which extends from the Father of Waters on the right to the Missouri on the left, with the Valley of the Upper Mississippi as a background.

Let us people this stage with the real men and women who have lived here mysterious mound builders, picturesque red man and no less interesting white men, Indians, Spaniards, Frenchmen, explorers, Warriors, priests, fur traders, adventurers, miners, settlers, country folk, and townspeople.

Let the scenes be set among the hills, on the prairies, in the forests, along the rivers, about the lakes, and in the towns and villages.

Then, viewing this pageant of the past, let us write the history of the Commonwealth of Iowa as we would write romance with life, action, and color that the story of this land and its people may live.


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